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Casey Anthony's Lawyer


1/11/2012 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony is on her own ... 'cause the attorney who got her off murder charges has decided to REMOVE HIMSELF from Anthony's legal team.

Anthony first hooked up with Jose Baez while she was in jail -- and heard other inmates raving about his work.

It's unclear why Baez tendered his resignation ... though it's rumored the two were having a falling out after Anthony's private video diaries surfaced online.

Story developing ...


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cha cha    

Hey Bozo do you really think we are going to believe this Bullchit ... and did you pay the tax on the $225,000 for the sale of Caylees pics or on the $70,000. that Todd Macaluso gave you to be on your defense team as a "donation" LOL and then after you blew thru that the state of Florida paid for everything you asked for compliments of the DOJ, SOF, and Judge Perry, bet you even submitted bills for toilet paper under the guise of copy paper, wouldn't put it past you you lying freak, hope you rot in hell soon with your commrades the OJ Defense Team,

978 days ago


Your an idiot if you think that the recent video blogs, attorney firings, etc are all happening at once by cir****tance people!
She has begun the process of "marketing" herself to the public trying to make herself relevant again, thus driving up the price!
A third video will be released soon showing herself with her probable new boyfriend Rob Hensley. Then she can spend her time talking in her interview about, her time in jail, the trial, her hiding, and her new relationship. Pretty much anything except the murder.
It's all a setup for cashing in folks.
Rob Hensley, who sold the second video to ABC for 50k, is none other than her attorney Jose Baez cousin!!! Yet, according to Baez, the videos weren't supposed to be released to the public. Her computer was "hacked" .. I don't believe that for a second!! It is possible Baez did not know about the video until after the couple released it, making his job that much harder, certainly making himself appear involved, thus causing him to remove himself as her counsel.
Rob and Casey may or may not be dating, but the fact that Baez is connected to both of them proves that the videos were, in fact, meant to be released!
Like I said before: Expect a third video to be sold soon, followed by the sale of nude photos - Hensley is supposedly in possession of those as well, to conclude with a paid interview and book.
She'll definitely need to make as much as she can now because who in the world would ever hire her!
Talk about a distraction in the office!
Enjoy the Casey show!

978 days ago


He's angry because she is talking on the videos and not getting paid for it, therefore she is cutting into his action because he's trying to peddle her talking for big bucks.

978 days ago


No one with any sense at all will ever believe one word that comes out of that psychopaths mouth ever! Does it surprise you at all that JOE/ is offering her money for an interview. What a joke!

978 days ago

Diana - OH    

Karma is finally rolling. I hope the whole crew get hit by the rolling train. Baby Killer got away from justice, but Karma will take it's place. They ALL disgust me. And why does TMZ put anything up on her? She is NOT a Celebrity!

978 days ago


Who in the Hell would be stupid enough to buy any of his books either?? He is as Big A BS'r as Casey is! He wouldn't make 10 cents! NO ONE is interested in hearing any of his Lies or Casey's! He's Done! He F**ked himself from the beginning with his lies about his client - and since then - for defending, protecting her, etc. and trying to profit from her with books and interviews and such. His Ass is Grass in the Legal world! NO ONE wants to be associated with him in any fashion - except for Geraldo or a handful of others perhaps.

978 days ago



And I hope that - that Dorothy Sims suffers back lash also for putting her up and caring for her, and doing all the things she did - to try and help and protect her client! Even she had sense enough to bail out when she saw there was no profit in remaining and continuing her support! She too will feel the wrath of the people - just as the jury will for letting this Socialopath Lying Baby Killer go Free! Everyone around Casey has protected her, supported her, cared for her in every manner in the hopes of landing that big interview or a book deal or something. And they have taken Orders from the B**ch from the get go.

Now that - that is all in the toilet. Sims has left, and now Baez. The only one who remains is Flip Finger Cheney. And he isn't going to support and care her too much longer either. Then Casey will be at the Mercy of the Taxpayer's and Public in general. That is when, I truly pray, that Justice will finally happen to her!

978 days ago


Perhaps this is the only way Casey and Jose can make money. He gets the bucks for the dirt on her and she gets half without anyone knowing.
I think it might be another move from the trixters.
Fake fight fake break-up .

978 days ago


Lin: 4 hours ago

And who will listen or believe her, Jen? I truly believe you are correct.This is another PR stunt so one of them can make money .What a bunch of horrors they are....


Lin & Jen:

Totally agree with you both! I too would not be the least bit surprised to learn that it is just another PR Stunt! Especially when you look at the timing of the release of the video's and the release of the Pre-Trial Doctors Reports! Way too consequential if you ask me! JMO

978 days ago


Hey Joe, what? You get her off and told her not to do stupid **** and she didnt..and now youre thought you would be the only person in the world she wouldnt stab in the back? Pshh look at her dad and brother she threw them under a bus the whole time she was on trial (yes, b*tch, I watched the whole damn thing) its called Karma Joe, and dont forget the wnole"having to answer to God thing" because you know she did it..your life will always be dark and complicated, he is waiting for you. Good luck with that! Haha!
Casey, hon, your brain is f@&$%$ up. Please get yourself some impatient treatment. Dont be ashamed we all have some sort of demon inside of us..but yours is real bad.. Its never too late. You are not a celebrity, the United State*****es you.

978 days ago


He quit because she's not the money train he expected. They thought she'd earn high dollars for an interview, but nobody will give her a red cent.

978 days ago


Was Baez involved in the 'leakage' of the videos ? A calculated risk ? order to test the waters of Public sentiment.. The videos that compromised the value of a "First interview..the first spoken words of a controversial dullard. Either way, pubic reaction has been overwhelmingly negative, a harbinger of a future failure to thrive, in terms of a financial point of view. So why wouldn't Baez or Simms abdicate ? Fostering this adult 'child' has not proven lucrative, thus far. Time to make a decision...Gamble...or cut one's losses.
It is apparent that Anthony has been a non productive, financial burden. And I would imagine that she has also become an emotional burden...

978 days ago

bj brigham    

his house is in foreclosure and he didnt make any money because he couldnt sell any books or interviews to anybody...keep it up and boycott casey forever......she probably was teasing him all through the trial..i guess he didnt get any from the biggest liar in the world

978 days ago


He should have never taken her on as a client. The ********s she was giving him when he picked her up to return to his private office to "go over her case" cough cough was too tempting for this slimeball to resist. How do people like him sleep at night? He thought he would make millions on his own book deal on his brings out the evil in people, now doesn't it? How about stop defending criminals and defend people who are actually innocent that end up doing time in prison? You know he only took this case because he thought she was an attractive girl. If she had been overweight and ugly or black she would have been given the death penalty and been behind bars as we speak...No lawyers like Baez will show up for these people to work pro-bono...thats a certainty.

978 days ago


Casey and her entire team make me SICK!!! And I am sure, that everything that is happening now is well planned out! Either to gain attention once again to Casey, or to secure a book deal and/or interview or something! Wouldn't put anything pass these yahoo's!!

976 days ago
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