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Casey Anthony's Lawyer


1/11/2012 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony is on her own ... 'cause the attorney who got her off murder charges has decided to REMOVE HIMSELF from Anthony's legal team.

Anthony first hooked up with Jose Baez while she was in jail -- and heard other inmates raving about his work.

It's unclear why Baez tendered his resignation ... though it's rumored the two were having a falling out after Anthony's private video diaries surfaced online.

Story developing ...


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Both Baez and Casey Anthony should rot in he'll together. They deserve each other.
They both sicken me.

1017 days ago


And so, Dorothy Clay Simms is reportedly, also abdicating....ah well. 'Burden oppressive', Anthony emotional and financial drain. Was the Pretense team really so arrogant as to believe that they would save and rehabilitate her.. ? While Casey Anthony's own family failed.. Is the defense team folding, as reality presents outlay exceeding financial income.
I doubt that the abdication is as sudden as it appears...No doubt that the incestuous... figuratively speaking.. alignments and bonding, have rearranged, as a result of the the usual.....Finances, power, and ego.
The cash cow, I believe, was not producing milk.... and 'tempus fugit'....The stragetic holdout for the coveted price, was compromised by the release of the video diaries.... But really ! ..Why pay for the cow, when one can drink the milk for free.?.. A clash of Ego and Greed....
Whomever in this Defense Team remains, what is its angle ?
I would hazard a guess that as Anthony fails to fulfil the needs of those who 'support' her ...each and everyone will abdicate.

1017 days ago


Now he can "hit it" legally. The state was paying Jose and his dumb legal team as her attorneys for her trial. Then he was accepting P_____y payments right after the 12 village idiots from Pinellas County found her not guilty. He got tired of that and/or he wants to pursue a "real" relationship with her.

1017 days ago


Who cares what Bozo Baez does. This isn't news TMZ. C.A. dies a horrible and painful death is news. Until that happens, who cares.

1017 days ago


He's upset she wouldn't have sex with him after her release. Just saying the obvious.

1017 days ago


how do you register "like" or dislike"? nothing happens when I click on either of them ????

1017 days ago

Pete Beau    

she's hot.
and desperate prolly
I'd do her

1017 days ago


This translates into he is done screwing her. Nasty skank!

1017 days ago


I really believe Casey put those videos out and bozo got mad, cuse they were made in his office. Look behind her talking and see a photo of Baez's wife ND Dughter, in his paneled office, with leather chairs (office furniture)

1017 days ago


I'd like to kick Jose right in the balls and watch him writhe....I really despise his smirking stupid ass!
He knew Casey was a lying, murdering whore and all he wanted was to be in the news. What a waste they both are...Karma Bitches.....KARMA!!!!!!

Casey, you will die a lonely, miserable, lying, unloved murderer...WE ALL HATE YOU!!!!

RIP Caylee Marie. You are in our hearts and we will never forget your precious little face!

I am Just one voice but my message echoes along with all the other loving mommies in the world.

1017 days ago

KC SUX Dongkey Dix    

Don't forget dat raincoat Pete Beau, unless you like pain as in a crud oozing penis sore. Herpes isn't curable, ask that Baby Killer, she knows all about keeping those herpes sores under control, but she can't cure them. You get to carry the sores with ya for the rest of your life - unless you cut off your dik - HEY! maybe she'd like to do that for you, cut little Shawty off.

1017 days ago



1. Observe the person in his day-to-day life to assess her interactions with others. Sociopaths may be charming, but their actions are calculated to manipulate others. Common behaviors include scams, fraud and deception and may include feigned emotions to appeal to the victim's emotions.

2. Watch for indications that the individual pursues anything they want at the expense of others. According to Austin Peay State University, the sociopath's life revolves around meeting his own needs without regards to others. (Reference 2)

3.Verify stories and information provided by the suspected sociopath. Sociopaths typically concoct elaborate backgrounds, inflate their worth and experience and simply lie to convince others to give them what they want.

4. Look for lack of expression of guilt or remorse for wrongful actions towards others. Lack of emotion and failure to express remorse typically signals sociopathic tendencies. Sociopaths convicted of violent crimes typically remain expressionless and exhibit a cold exterior.

hmmmmm...this describes Skanky Anthony to a tee!!!!!!

Read more: How to Tell If Someone Is a Sociopath |

1017 days ago


Maybe, just possibly he recused himself because Casey has no cluckin' money.

Just how long did any of you dorks think he was going to work pro bono? He's got other fish to fry/free...

1017 days ago


These videos were not leaked. Casey Anthony needed some attention so she released them herself. Baez probably figured out he is not going to make any money from her publicity and promotions etc. If he wrote a book --no one would read it.

1017 days ago

Tiredofthe BS    

Its because he realized he can't make money off of her.

1017 days ago
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