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U.S. Marines

To Investigate Video of

Soldiers Urinating on Corpses

1/11/2012 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

U.S. Marine Soldiers Urinating on Dead Bodies

The United States Marine Corps is launching an investigation into a video which appears to show Marines in full combat gear urinating on several dead bodies ... TMZ has learned.

In the extremely graphic video, which appeared on various websites this morning, at least 4 male Marines expose their genitals and urinate on the bodies.

The mystery person who posted the video included a caption that reads, "scout sniper team 4 with 3rd battalion 2nd marines out of camp lejeune peeing on dead talibans."

Now, Captain Kendra N. Hardesty -- a Media Officer for the USMC -- tells us, "While we have not yet verified the origin or authenticity of this video, the actions portrayed are not consistent with our core values and are not indicative of the character of the Marines in our Corps."

She adds, "This matter will be fully investigated and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions."

In the video, one of the urinating men can be heard saying, "Have a great day, buddy."

Another guy jokes about the situation ... saying, "Golden like a shower."


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show the GD woodpeckers of the donkeya*****if they're brazen enough to do that then why blur the woodpeckers out????

981 days ago


We weren't there and don't know what transpired before this video was recorded. It appears they were just in a life or death situation. Until all the facts are out you can't judge these soldiers.

981 days ago


Where are the "Bad" guys guns? A knife? Possibly a stapler ( Can. RCMP reference)? My guess is they will says there was a wheelbarrow full of weapons.

981 days ago


Stand behind your troops or stand in front of them! Buncha' pansies around abhoring this kind of conduct and conveniantly forgetting that you're the one fighting for or freedoms...Good on ya' boys!!!

981 days ago

Mike C    

I have no issues with this footage. Have you seen what Taliban & Al Qeada does to American soldiers, they drag their dead bodies through the streets, cut of their heads and sometimes cut off their penis and shove it in their mouths.

981 days ago


whiteboys being white!

981 days ago

hassan nasir    

very very shamless if the soldier doing like this to do with dead body.

981 days ago


******* noobs....

981 days ago


this is AWSOME! we should be peeing on them when they are alive! c'mon people they get ahold of americans in iraq and cut our heads off, while video taping it and putting it on the internet, we can't pee on them after they are dead and put it on the net, then everyone gets pissed?? wtf is that? think about it people, they play a game, we play it right back. duh.

981 days ago


These Soldiers are just like the Taliban. what's the difference?

981 days ago

Mob D    

Thanx TMZ u shouda kept this one in the vault. U just recruited 100 more sucide bombers for the terroist..

981 days ago

B Wat    

Harvey, I saw your show tonight, thank you for standing up for the soldiers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT LET THE PRESS AND POLITICIANS DESTROY THOSE SOLDIERS LIVES. PLEASE TMZ STAND FOR THOSE SOLDIERS, I am a army veteran, I served in all three rank structures and those soldiers do not deserve to have their lives utterly destroyed and I can smell the raunchy politicians coming in for the kill trying to ruin those soldier's lives, THE UNITED STATES HAS NO BACKBONE WE ARE PUNKS, DESTROYING OURSELVES FROM THE INSIDE, THE ENTIRE WORLD IS WATCHING US SELF-DESTRUCT, EVEN ANIMALS DONT TURN ON THEIR OWN!

981 days ago


I pee freely.

981 days ago

len carr    

i don't see anybody pissing on anyone. it is fuzzed out. i don't even see a urine stream. why can't i view an un-edited version. did any of you bleeding heart liberals hear what Black Jack Pershing did to muslim radicals in the Philipines? look it up. so they got pissed on, big deal. they cut our soldiers heads off but thats OK with you bleeding heart libs.

981 days ago


Would of meant a lot more to me if they would have taken a **** on them instead. The taliban pieces of **** don't deserve liquid refreshments on such a hot and humid day. Someone please tell the government to give the elderly a pay raise in their social security check or something instead of wasting an excessive amount of time and taxpayer money on this crap!

981 days ago
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