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Peeing On Enemy

Least of Soldiers' Problems

1/12/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


U.S. soldiers urinating on dead bodies is wrong -- no doubt -- but vilifying the Marines who did it is so hypocritical. Harvey, Charles and the whole staff out the the real issues soldiers face during combat ... and when they come home.

Plus, how a cute and cuddly dog triggered a MASSIVE debate in the newsroom -- what's the more iconic movie ... "Batman" or "Flashdance"? And you gotta hear why we're giving Rihanna props for dissing the People's Choice Awards.


(0:00) Everyone's rushing to judge the peeing marines  -- we'll tell you why you should think before you speak.
(2:15) Itay -- a former Israeli soldier -- says there's a big distinction between killing in defense and desecrating a dead body.
(8:05) Does Montel William's theory hold weight?
(10:00) Amazing caller ... Pat -- who served the U.S. in Iraq -- attempts to describe the impossible ... what goes through the mind of a soldier. Don't miss this.
(22:00) Changing gears -- Was Rihanna wrong for snubbing the People's Choice Awards to see a Clippers game ... which was being played a mere 200 feet away from PCA venue?
(24:00) Max says awards show hold celebs hostage.
(32:00) Producer John Peters accused of abandoning his adorable dog at a kennel for a year ... how is this possible?
(39:35) Screw the dog ... it's time for a raging debate about ... is Flashdance more iconic than the first Batman movie?


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i agree with the soldiers. theres no lines that can be crossed in war. if they can cut our heads off and and display them on our chests when they kill us then i have no problem peeing on them. people who complain about this crap are just oblivious to reality. compassion will get you killed out there.

978 days ago


"Flashdance" was also iconic in the clothing industry. We didn't have ripped clothing prior to this movie.

978 days ago


The Marines were probably doing this as a stunt,actually pissing on dummies,no pun intended.

978 days ago

Thomas K.    

We aleady have an image problem occupying multiple Muslim countries. How do you expect any of these governments to cooperate with us with this splashed all over the media? Most of the enlisted military truly believes we're there to help the people break free of the repressive Taliban. A sixty second video unravels years of work. On the other hand, the best thing that could happen would be to be thrown out of the country. We shouldn't have been there ten years in the first place.

978 days ago


Never call a Marine "soldier".

978 days ago


test test

977 days ago


Why can't I view TMZ Live on my google browser...I have to use the Explorer browser for it to work.

977 days ago


Piss on all of them. There crying over pissing on bodies? They should spend time on killing more or em to piss on.

977 days ago

Nazim Nizam    

Harvey Levin is officially the most incompetent and delusional man in America. Some moron named Pat called to say that he was taught to dehumanize Iraqis so that it would be easier to kill them, AND YOU NOD YOUR HEAD IN AGREEMENT? He continues to say that he's seen Americans doing 'pretty bad stuff' to war victims, AND YOU DID NOT BOTHER TO INVESTIGATE FURTHER? He even mentioned soldiers getting 'slaps on the wrist' for killing civilians, AND YOU FAILED TO ACT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST BIT CONCERNED. Harvey Levin, wake up... Americans are the antagonists in Iraq and Afghanistan, the locals are acting in DEFENSE. These Marines belonged to a Battalion 1,000 strong that lost 7 people in a year. There were 3 dead Afghanis in this video alone. You were a bad lawyer, and are now an even worst journalist. I DARE YOU TO CALL ME AND DEBATE ON TMZ LIVE. Or you can just continue to accept calls from people who are pre screened to agree with you and your twisted views. Rgds., Nazim.

977 days ago

Proud Army Wife    

Maybe that shouldn't have occurred but I am married to a soldier and these Taliban have done far worse to even there own people. The middle east ha*****ed us for a long time and they tried to kill millions of us. I think to say these guys need serious punishment is unfair. Why do we have to be so politically correct when they aren't an eye for an eye. Try to better understand that these soliders see the Taliban kill little kids and unless they feel threatened they have to stand by and watch these people do this. I say this is mild compared to what they have done to us and themselves.

976 days ago


The Marines in the video should be held accountable for the actions. Lookin' around and giggling like a bunch of little kids; they knew what they were doing was wrong.
Marines are not just a bunch of schmucks off the street, we are Professional War Fighters, we are supposed to be held to a higher standard. There is no excuse for this stupidity.

975 days ago


After pissing on them, they should go rape their children, burn down their homes, drop depleted uranium on them, steal their land, occupy their homes, take their oil. Harvey is 100% right: you can't just expect them to turn it off.

975 days ago


Peeing on the enemy. OK. Bad taste. But, I do not think the soldiers/marines that did this should be punished any more than a slap on the wrist. The reason. Taking the pictures. Yes. that was what, in my mind, bad taste. I dont hear much about them (the enemy) cutting off the heads of non-milt, or draging a milt man half dead naked thru the streets so he can be spit on and kicked..etc.. FORGET IT... and if ANY Seneator, congress person, or any other government and
civilians like you guys (charlie #15 and Charlie Sheens watch #13) official takes ANY other stand than this... I will be the first to make sure I dont vote for them and also to do all in my power to consider them the enemy of the USofA. VETERAN VN

971 days ago
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