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Pic of Human Head

For Sale

1/18/2012 11:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood crime scene where human head was foundThe human head that was found in a Hollywood park Tuesday was photographed by a passerby ... and guess what -- the photo is being shopped around.

We've seen the pic -- no, we're not buying it.  But it appears to be a male's head with the hair still intact.  There's a lot of blood at the base and it does not look like it was cleanly cut off. 

The skin is very red and there is some decomposition. 

The head is laying on a bed of leaves, with several leaves covering a portion of the face.

The dog walker who found the head didn't have a phone to call the cops, so she asked a guy walking by if she could use his phone.  After he obliged, he took a pic of the head.

Cops are investigating.


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pleease, im surprised the pic isnt on youtube or already. Gurantee it will be posted within the next 24 hrs. For all of you puting the guy down who took the pic....gimme a break, most of you would have taken a pic of it too. Not everyday you come across a friggin head on your morning jog. Quit treating the gut like hes theone who did it. Apparently everyone is PC today. This guy will get paid for the maany websites to gain from it. not sayin its not sick people, but it is what it is.

977 days ago


Snap a picture of a shocking crime = Disgusting Douche Bag... Piss on corpses you just killed = Perfectly Fine

977 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Mark Wahlberg just said he would have wrestled the phone from the passerby and taken two photos instead of just one... then would have given the camera safely back.

977 days ago


When I started to read this article and saw the photo of Snoopi(Snooki, whatever) right above it, I thought that they were announcing that it was her head that had been found. I got so excited because I thought someone finally snapped and started killing the cast of that horrible, horrible show, one at a time until we were finally rid of that garbage. And, I was hoping that a serial killer had decided to kill all reality show stars, thus returning TV to the simple garbage that it was before these nasty people came along. So disappointed to find out it wasn't her(Sob!)We can only hope that happens someday.

977 days ago


You took two words right out of my mouth: sick fvck!

977 days ago


How is this guy any worse than TMZ paying the monster Casey Anthony for staged photos? And let's not forget the idiotic TMZ employee who thought it was cute to dress like a murdered Caylee Anthony on Halloween...complete with a trashbag, duct tape and heart sticker...and giggled and said 'too soon'? Fat pig.

977 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Look for the nearest Mooozlems. They and the MEHICAN drug terrorists behead human beings or anything for that matter. It takes a particularly heartless animal to behead another living creature. MOOOOZLEMS are about the only ones on planet earth who use it as a tool.

977 days ago


TMZ is not going to post the picture BUT they did post an article about it and describe it in detail. HAHAHA Price must have been too high and since the head isn't a celeb they passed.

977 days ago


Newsstand magazine Girls and Corpses is a front runner in the bidding! Talk about a headshot!

977 days ago


All you whiners wailing about the insensitive nature of taking a picture are hypocrites. You are the same people who pay $15 a ticket and line up a a theater to see the latest 'action' movie where heads being blown apart are watched while you munch on popcorn and swig down some pop. Look in the mirror before you post next time.

977 days ago

bring back recent posts    

.....GOSSIP SITE....geeeeeeeeez..smarten the hell up!..what is wrong with tmz the past year????? really suxs!...anyone of suggestions of a site out there that can give you a laugh???? ..cause this one sure doesn't anymore!

977 days ago


Thank you for not buying the picture. Harvey, loved your story at the end!!

977 days ago


Thank you TMZ for not buying this lowlife sicko's picture.

977 days ago


Univision will buy it. I'm going to watch the Noticias tonight

977 days ago


"We're not going to post it, but we will describe it in great detail." LOL, nice going.

977 days ago
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