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Boycott Kim K Website

Run By Convicted Con Man

1/20/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
The man behind is a convicted felon with a history of conning people -- and ... SURPRISE!!! ... there are serious questions over whether he's grossly exaggerated the number of people who have signed the petition to rid the world of all things Kardashian.

Frank Basti -- the man behind the movement -- is freshly off parole for a mail fraud conviction.  Basti was nailed for sending notices to 5,000 California car dealerships, telling each of them they owed lots of money to the DMV and this was their final chance to pay ... or else. 

Basti served federal prison time and was on parole until last July. Several months later Basti launched the Kardashian website.

Basti claims roughly 650,000 people have signed his petition.  But according to -- a prominent website traffic estimator -- only 24k unique visitors went to the site in December and 20k in November.

Basti tells TMZ it's not a scam and he's counting a previous petition and his Facebook page connected to his Kardashian website to justify the 650,000 number.  He insists he's not making any money off the site

As for why Basti wants to Boycott the Kardashians ... he says he's offended that mainstream media is covering them like a serious news story.


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Interesting that no one is bashing "Jersey Shore",the most disgusting,vulgar, people on the planet,and those "wifey"shows etc.I do not watch those shows,but clearly some people do.I am not particularly defending the K.s,however,many others are raking in the millions for these shows,just as the K.s do.The politicians in Washington, are equally guilty of becoming rich ,through reprehensible means.And "they" are running the country.So,let's look at the broader picture,people.

976 days ago


TMZ you are just as disgusting as that KarTRASHian family who hired you to try and destroy our boycott movement. Clearly this is yet another scare tactic to intimidate us to leave that fake plastic surgery money mongering whore and her family alone. You know what this article shows me? That they are a family of rats cornered and ready to be exterminated but try oh so desperately to attack since there is no other alternative left for them. SHAME ON YOU TMZ FOR TWISTING THE VALOR OF OUR MOVEMENT! You both are merely just puppets dancing on a string...GET REAL JOBS!

976 days ago

Big D    

I can't believe all the Kardashians hater's. I mean seriously, why dog people who found a good way to make a living. These people are just upset that they didn't "sell" an idea and make millions themselves. If I could come up with some idea, sell it to a network if I have to act a fool on TV for millions of dollars so be it.

976 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

TMZ gets paid by keeping this trick relevant..

976 days ago


harvey you will lose more fans every day, i find it funny how all celebrity sites bring up about kim & kris faking their show not tmz. i hope this story worth it TMZ...

976 days ago


Who cares TMZ?! What's your point? Everybody, after we get rid of the KarTRASHians, let's get the ex-convict to get a boycottTMZ petition going! They've clearly sold their souls to the devil (i.e., The KarTRASHians). I remember the days when TMZ was legit.

976 days ago


Con Vs. Kon

976 days ago


Maybe it is time to boycott TMZ.

976 days ago


I signed it.

976 days ago

Annie Banks    

WHO THE HELL CARES!?? At least he didn't spread em and let the whole world see! The world is full of people who have made mistakes. I'll bet you have people on your staff who have too! Just a quick and short note to Kim K and PIMPMAMA.......F _ _ K OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats what I say to your stupid little article! Doesn't sway my feeling in boycotting you and yours whatsoever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLLOLLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

976 days ago


So what?! The KarTRASHians are a bunch of thieves and scam artists as well, just with really good lawyers!! I'd pick Frank Basti over this useless annoying family ANY DAY!

976 days ago


Funny thing is I still support the convicted con man over the Kardashians.

976 days ago

Melissa lee    

Tmz your raising my blood pressure. Wtf do u guys keeping posting dum **** about these kardashians. Are they paying you guys to kiss there asses. Bring back the real tmz

976 days ago

Melissa lee    

I agree let's boycott tmz . Stupid ass kardqshian stories as if there family are saints. I almost slammed my iPad on the floor when I seen this retarded article

976 days ago


Could care less who is behind it, the message is still the same, we are so sick sick sick of all things kardashian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

976 days ago
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