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Jay-Z's 40/40 Club

Shut Down

for Health Code Violations

1/21/2012 4:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in New York City was shut down following a health code inspection that uncovered a slew of violations.

The violations, listed below and first reported by the NY Post, range from hot food being left out on the counter ... to a refrigerator being kept at 60° rather than the required 41° ... to a worker seen mixing salsa with his bare hands. 

The club was scored 69 violation points, according to New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's website. A score of 28 or higher results in the dreaded C grade.

According to the paper, the club was closed Thursday night and new patrons were not allowed in -- the ones already inside were allowed to stay.

The Department of Health's website lists the restaurant as "closed by Health Dept." ... but the NY Post says it was open for business last night.

A rep for the club tells TMZ it was a busted fridge that led to the violations. Click here for the full story.


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To the 40/40 Management Team:

If you've got a Dude like Jay-Z.

A Major Player and Genius.

And if the Dude is good-enough to give you a job.

Pay you well.

You're responsible to make Jay-Z look good at all times.

Cuz now it doesn't look like you're grateful.

For what the Dude ... tried to do for y'all.

Now HE gets -- humiliated -

To the nth.

Cuz y'all took advantage of his Generousity/Kindness.

Also Jay-Z's trust - because he was trusting y'all.

To takez care of buh-iness.

1005 days ago


What's Jay-Z supposed to do?

- Cut short a Tour or a Concert?

...Where he's thrilling/inspiring thousands of people?

To make certain the Salsa's being made -

And per Health Code dictates?

1005 days ago

you know who    

i suppose it was not jz fault for using all that non union help to remodel the restaurant and I'm sure it wasn't his fault either when he closed that wing down so his wife's surrogate could deliver the baby. please he is the boss I'm sure he has enough rats running back to him ratting into his ear about the things going on at his business. people are not stupid they know he is greedy and now he is getting what he deserves. remember the buck stops here. he is the owner and he alone is responsible. they should have made him eat his own food.

1005 days ago


BeYAWNce must have sat down on something without wearing panties.

1005 days ago


I wonder if he sang "Big pimpim sprading the cheese".

1005 days ago


I meant "Big pimpim spreading the CHEESE".

1005 days ago


and....What do you expect from someone who calls himself. "Jehovah (God)".
The 2 of them (beyonce and Jay) are the most arrogant celebrities that we have right now. They believe their -ish don't stink... Lol, these two are the most UN-educated couple around. Not a good role model for our children.
Not to mention the EXPLICIT sexual content of beyonce's music. Any mother worth her tittle would NOT let her daughter listen to this porn! And no perverts, it's not cute when little girls are being overtly sexual.

1004 days ago


WTF, are you asking (Jehovah) JayZ to follow the rules that everyone else has to follow? Are you out-of-your-minds? Why he's special like. He lives by his own rules, you low lifers need to grab a seat, or so he thinks.... lol

1004 days ago


Maybe JayZ should hire PROFESSIONAL and stop being so damn cheap. You get what you pay for. So my guess is JayZ don't know Jack $$-it about the food industry/business.

1004 days ago


jayz and bee may be rich (good for them) but they are the most classLESS common mofo's I've ever seen make news these last 2 years.
beyonce is an average singer with an average voice, so why do they hype her up so? Is it her blatant porn like action when she performs?

1004 days ago

jac smith    

ok maybe their rep can explain how a broken fridge relates to hot food not being hot, a food service worker with dirty clothes cooking, cooks using their bare nasty hands to handle food. his restaurant is as nasty as he is

1004 days ago



954 days ago
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