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Kristin Cavallari

Knocked Up in the Rain

1/23/2012 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Just one day after announcing her pregnancy, a freshly knocked up Kristin Cavallari ventured out in the L.A. rain this morning -- grinning with pride over the embryonic cells rapidly splitting in her uterus.

25-year-old Kristin and her 28-year-old baby daddy Jay Cutler broke off their engagement in July -- but rekindled things shortly after in November ... with a vengeance, apparently.

Just a bump in the road -- even if it's not showing yet. 

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I agree with some of the comments - this is horrible description of a someone who just found out they are pregnant - just plain NASTY

974 days ago


So many people get irritated over the wording of this article it's hilarious. These people just don't understand what the staff at TMZ is all about. Many of TMZ's staffers are a bunch of disgruntled bi-sexuals who are totally clueless about relations with a woman or pregnancy in general. These staffers probably had little, or no, participation by their father in their development & probably blamed their mothers for the situation. As a result they grew up with little guidance or morals and ended up being bi-sexual. I would use the term homosexual but we all know there really isn't such a thing since most will pork anything with less than 6 legs and it doesn't matter whether it has a penis or a vagina. So taking into consideration what the staff at TMZ is all about the wording of this article makes perfect sense.

974 days ago


That poor baby is gonna be cursed w/her 3D chin! YUK!!!

974 days ago


First of all, she is an ugly loser, money grubbing biatch who should not be allowed to procreate. Just what the U.S. needs - her spawn running around - that's our future? Second TMZ can say what ever they want - if you don't like it, read another site! Third - she clearly trapped him and she deserves whatever she gets and I hope it's bad!

This person is not famous and should not even be on here. But it's these F list "celebrities" who will talk to the "media".

974 days ago


For all the readers upset by the “knocked up” comment get over yourself. This is supposed to be a funny, mind-numbing site that serves as a distraction, which talks about celebrities - if you want news go to a news site.

Kristen is a tramp who has done nothing but parade in front of a camera “dating” a bunch of loser men in fake relationships so why should TMZ show her any respect – she doesn’t deserve our respect. Her biggest accomplishment is stealing her fake best friend’s fake boyfriend in return for a bunch of money. Her second biggest accomplishment is having bulimia and getting a nose job, breast implants and botox.

She’s a loser and it’s fun to make fun of her!

974 days ago


Why does this used up trick thinks she's newsworthy?

974 days ago

just me    

I've got to tell you; I like this girl. Besides being beautiful, she's strong, independent and speaks her mind. This is not a girl who got pregnant to trap her man!

974 days ago


As much as I dislike pregnancy, the word KNOCKED up is disgusting. I am sure whoever wrote this tried to be CLEVER but it sounded RETARDED and low class. IDIOTS.

974 days ago


Why does anyone give a crap about this nobody and that she's pregant? Big f'n deal...she didnt get enough attention from the 1st engagement so then she gets knocked up by him? Whatever. Personally if I never see another story about this chick, my life will be that much more enriched. She is not famous TMZ...no matter how much you try and make her famous. Over it!

974 days ago


OMG...I am a female and I am more offended by the idiots on this site freaking out about the term "knocked up". Good lord people! There are much more important things to worry about than the wording of an article about another blonde bimbo trying to get attention. If was the title of a stupid move for crying out loud! Like someone else said...GET OVER YOURSELVES ALREADY.

974 days ago


Too many graphics on your site, it takes forever to load all the ads and tags.

974 days ago


Harvey and his staff are a bunch of sexist pigs!!!

974 days ago


why does TMZ feel the need to write such tacky wrods in headlines. They make themselfs look to be so sknaky.
why say utturess and knocked up.
It doesnt get any more posters to sound so nasty.
TMZ needs to hire new staff.
Boynce peol had to call and have you remove the word vagina from your birth anoncement.
The way your writng doesnt make it pleasnt to read.
You can still be scandlous without the skankyness.
Try reverse and saying the lovely newly pregant hills star walks in the rain. Youll get 500 posters who say shes not lovely.

974 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

I bet she had fun making that baby, if you know what I mean. She probably got pregnant while gettin' slammed doggy style. Isn't she the slutty blonde who loves snorting coke and getting hammered in public. Yeah, I think that's her ha ha.... Classy mommy.....

974 days ago


Oh hunnie...using the oldest trick in the book to trap a man who dumped you is so unfair to the child. At 25 this girl is WAY too immature to be a mother.

I thought Kristin was so proud of being an Alpha man eater, and here she gets pregnant to keep a quaterback who dumped her sad azz.

I'll bet all those ex-Laguna Beach'ers are laughing their azzes off at how pathetic this girl is.


974 days ago
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