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Lindsay Lohan

New Year, New Assistant

1/23/2012 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan gets a new assistantLindsay Lohan is all about fresh starts in 2012 -- not only is she close to wiping the slate clean with her legal troubles, she's got herself a new assistant ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Lindsay tell us she recently, and amicably, parted ways with her long suffering assistant Eleonore. We're told Eleonore couldn't keep up with Lindsay's hectic life.

Lindsay's new assistant -- a brave soul named Alexandra ... made her public debut at LiLo's probation hearing last week (above). We're told, at this point, she feels confident she can keep up with Linds.

Godspeed, Alexandra.


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Yeh !,
your're right TMZ she was getting pretty beat up on that other tidbit and the phoney photos were pretty well bursted from the lets try this Spin. .......Except this one ain't going work either your audience isn't as gulliable as you think and they have memories..this is Alexsandra the girl who has been running behind Lindsay for years begging for attetnion...or is her real name Nicole.......
You must have got another payment from Lohan Inc...cause your're back on the promoting Lindsay instead of ignoring Lindsay wagon....
But why don't you really give us the scoop....whats the big shake up in Lohan Inc ? how many rats have jump ship ? Were is Ali and Were is Patrick,her ***got friend who was attached at the hip ?....those are the news we want...
They ain't a straight guy in the world who would take the risk of dipping it in that cesspool of STDs that she has.....unless he is completely warped in the head...or his wick does his thinking for him your case I believe...

968 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I am just hoping the Eleanor really did escape. Not just "disappear".

968 days ago


I cant wait till Red Cloud comes on here with Pom Poms swinging say Lindsay has 3 million followers.....Hahahahaha!

No talent reality stars have more than poor Lindsay

Kim Kardashian 12,732,172

Paris Hilton 5,965,946

Snooki 4,173,767

Doesnt say much for Lindsay

Even Kendall Jenner is gaining up on Lindsay, Kendall has 2,278,527Followers
Even Samantha is pushing 2 million

Poor Red Cloud, so sad for you and Lindsay

968 days ago


With this new hire Lindsay has created more jobs than Obama!

968 days ago


Methinks there's a far more interesting tale to tell. Lindsay's life isn't really hectic. She hardly does anything. She does need a driver, though - even sober, she's not very good at it. If she's still on Adderall- the effect it has on her isn't conducive to good driving. Plus she's a prime candidate for road rage. Best to stay in the passenger seat, at least until off probation.

968 days ago

help this young woman    


Your DOOMED, "Alexandra!!!


968 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Ok, who freed Eleanor? You deserve a great big medal and a party!

968 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Delmar, I'm sorry to say it, but I don't think TMZ cares where Ali is. Tracking her down would not be worth it, she is not a big draw. That is a good thing, she is not a flake like her sister and most people would pass her up. No money in running stories about that Lohan!

968 days ago

big bamboo    

so her new assistant/marder...looks like a skinny impaired(fat) slam ronson.
wonder if when lielo hires these they have to disclose where there mother lives?

968 days ago


Heres a tweet from another Blohan fan

Eli Manning has seen three sacks so far tonight! That's the same amount that Lindsay Lohan fondled just this morning.

968 days ago


There she goes again, trying to act like shes somebody.

968 days ago


Lohan Inc must be as fustrated as hell right now....Nobody's bit on anything they have been selling at all...the planted shopping with gal pal Kim K didn't get picked up at all .....what a bummer..they could have rode that one for a couple of days at least...
Least look on the list of spins and see what they havn't used in a while. ? the popular thing going in hollywood is devorices..hummmmmmn nope can't use that have to have a hubby....
baby !! hope like hell old Vikie's wore his overcoat..!!!!! or she will be announcing a baby in the not to distance future..../
Taxs..... Oops already used that...GC whats trending this week ?

968 days ago


No worries for Lindsay, she has Eleonore stashed away under the stairs of her condo under lock and key. That way there is no escape and she can't write a tell all book. Can you imagine the tales that girl could tell. Even TMZ would blush.

968 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

amicably, parted ways = Eleanor is on the run and Lindsay couldnt find her. RUN ELEANOR RUN!

968 days ago

big bamboo    

its hard for lindsay to find an assistant with the qualities lindsay desires.
Must be homely (so she doesnt look better the lielo)
must lack integrity (would work for osama bin laden if the money was ok"
must be able to follow directions(dont care if it imoral or illegal)
must know when to speak (deaf mute..or only kissing ass words.
can type "untitled" on blank pieces of paper

968 days ago
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