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Joe Paterno

eBay PULLS Funeral Tickets

Over Policy Violation

1/24/2012 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Paterno
Don't count on buying a ticket to Joe Paterno's funeral on eBay -- because the auction site just pulled ALL Paterno funeral ticket listings, claiming the tickets violate one of the website's policies.

A rep for eBay tells TMZ they don't "allow the sale of tickets to events in which all tickets are free to the public."

The rep adds, "In accordance with the policy, eBay will not allow the sale of tickets to Joe Paterno's memorial service."

Multiple tickets flooded the auction site this morning after they were made available -- for free -- to the Penn State community.

The bids for the tickets POURED IN. One auction for a pair of passes even reached $99,509 before eBay pulled it.

Paterno's memorial service is scheduled for this Thursday at Penn State's 16,000-seat
basketball arena.


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Paterno deserves a proper goodbye and a proper funeral. President Obama it was reported sent his condolences to the family of Paterno. People who knew him have been doing the same on TV saying he wasn't just about football. He loved all the students, children,family,friends,and his Penn State. All the students called him JoPa because he was like a grandfather to all of them and treated them as such.

1001 days ago


i'm surprised ebay cancelled it.. they could have made bank with their crazy fees.

1001 days ago


Is this a joke?

1001 days ago

Tom Jones    

Moral coward and child-rape enabler. These words should be spoken at his funeral and carved into his headstone.

1001 days ago


I can't imagine anyone wanting to attend the funeral of a man who allowed children to be raped just so he could continue coaching football. "He loved all the students, children, family, friends, and his Penn State." Yeah... that's only the catholic version of love. Rape the kids so you can keep making your millions! It's very, very sad that people consider him a great person... he should have been in jail. Enablers are just as guilty as the rapists!

1001 days ago


All you F'ing idiots bringing up the rape enabler ****. YET Im willing to bet, if you were Joe paterno and someone came to you and said " I think this person is raping kids " 95% of you wouldn't have gone to the cops either just by what some one says to you. YOU know F'ing well you wouldn't get involved unless you saw it first hand. F'ing Hypocrites!!

Why dont you go after the rapist and the witness instead of being ******* and taking cheap shots at a guy who only knew by word of mouth.

1001 days ago


Burn in Hell, nonce!

1001 days ago


BTW all you cheapshot idiots out there. How many of yous past by a car accident or someone needing help or medical attention? How many of yous witnessed a crime on the street and just passed by cause you didnt wanna get involve?

SO EASY to point fingers without taking a look in the mirro at your faults.

1001 days ago


These ticket prices were inflated by people trying to bring it to the attention of eBay. No one was really bidding that much for them. The real prices were around $200... Even still, it was illegal to re-sell free tickets.

Joe Paterno was beloved by the community he created at Penn State. Penn Staters feel as though he's a part of their collective extended family. It's something you can't really experience unless you were a part of it.

1001 days ago


Whether people have an opinion about the scandal or not, it is a moral precept to respect funeral services and what it entails to surviving members. To cash in on someone's funeral is unthinkable (also those people bidding!). What is happening to society?

1001 days ago


tickets to a movie,tickets to a circus,tickets to a play,tickets to a funeral,are you kidding?

1001 days ago


I got tickets. And I am going. One of the greatest coaches of all time. Also hoping to kick some Westboro Baptist butt! If they got the guts to show.

1001 days ago


Leave the kiddies @ home folks.

1001 days ago


What a joke. How can so many continue to show support for this enabling piece of garbage? After what he did, there shouldn't be a soul at his funeral short of family. It truly amazes me the way everyone can continue to ignore all the skeletons in this guy's closet.

Oh, he helped more boys than he allowed to get raped, so he's still a hero... Really? JoPa was not a good man. He was a selfish monster who decided to protect his rapist friend instead of a child.

Not reporting is the same as supporting...

1001 days ago


The bids that got up that high were done by trolls trying to disrupt the auctions. No one actually had any intentions of paying that kind of money. I saw one person brag on PSU's facebook page that he put down a $150k bid (again, to disrupt the auction).

1001 days ago
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