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Kim Kardashian

On Alert ... for Herself

1/26/2012 6:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian Google AlertsKim Kardashian likes to keep up with the latest news ... about herself -- actually subscribing to Google Alerts for her own name.

Kim was spotted Tuesday in Santa Monica -- BlackBerry in hand -- as she received the Google Alert. In case you don't know what that is ... it's a news service that alerts you by email when an article pops up on the Internet about a subject -- in this case, "Kim Kardashian."

In fairness, Kim's name is her business ... literally -- so it's in Kim's best interest to keep track of who's saying what about Kim and Kim's family.

Y'know ... in case Kim wants to sue.


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I wouldn't even let her slobber on my knob in a car date, might catch something!

999 days ago

That's Right    

She has a better relationship with her blackberry better then with any black man.....BYOTCH BE-GONE!

999 days ago

Oval Beach    

Who uses a Blackberry anymore? I'm surprised that she isn't still using a flip phone. LOL

999 days ago

No comment    

Clearly she has narcisstic personality disorder. How much are the KarTRASHian's paying TMZ. Why would any company want to be associated with her, for as many people who like her thousand more dislike her.

999 days ago


She is also probably using Google alerts to notify her about the next rich black athlete getting divorced or breaking up with a girlfriend, so she can get her nasty claws into her next victim...

999 days ago

Who Knew    

What else would you expect from a narccissistic attention grapping whore.

999 days ago


Didnt her husband kris h. say she smelled

what was it

like oh yahh he said she smelled like a comdo between - fish and hott garbage. TRASH!! she smells like what she is.
It was intrestig he used the word HOTT befor garbage.

That is the way hookers smell like something has been rotting in the sun. Its more of an intese nasty smell of
BO. he picked her up and putt her in the shower.
To try and clean her proerly but to no advil.

Thats a common problem with hos they never
smell clean. Ther *** catcher is permantly poulted,
and stinks to high hell!

No problem for her she well just re-write her fairy tale.
Find a man who has lost his sense of smell !
Its heart breaking to think of all the kids who are
being abused to pay for her purse.
The purse cost more than she paid all the kids
to work for 15 bucks a month than they well make in thier lifetime.
Hungery tired children working in 100 plus degree heat with no breaks. and if they have to take more than 4 min for a potty break they are beatn.
The human rights actviest said kims sweat shop was one of the most brutal ones in the area that is known for
the worst working condtions in the intire world.
If that isnt true kim would be there givng a tour of the conditons of her sweat shop!
enstead big pimp mama kris just threatns lawsute but never files one., beacuse its true.
Kim is making her money off the backs of poor and,abused children and people.
The purse she carrys well be tossed away after this season.
so all the hard work of the children is in vain.
They work 80 hours plus a week in horrible conditons for basicaly nothing. Yet kim could careless its all about her.
Go home and warsh your adult toys get the sticky off
of them and enjoy cuz no decnet man well ever touch you again!
stinky child abuseing whore.
a smart bissness woman wouldnt have to use child labor to make a buck!
a heartless woman would though and thats kim.
when the kkk goes to hell they well be in sweat shop condtions for eterinty,, forever and ever.
shoe dazzel is made by abused kids not to metion countless adults who suffer
boycott it.

sears sucks!!

The peopel who are being abused to make her crap are REAL people.
who are Being abused horribly.
If kimw ants some good pr mybe she could give them a riase to 30 bucks a month at least.
can never be apart of any chairty as long as she is making
the poorest people in the world suffer under crule conditons and barely paying them anything at all.
Just cuz she can get away with it, and then not pay taxs on top of that.
she is the most selfish LOSER in the world.
goggel that old hag!


999 days ago


How much did the Kartrashions pay you to print that article??? I read at a couple of other sites where Kim was replaced by a dog in super bowl ad and in the UK her line is being pulled because of low sales. Why don't you print that?? That probably falls in the same catagory as the boycott did. You are pathetic!!!!

999 days ago


Does she do a Google alert for "infamous skanks"?

999 days ago


that bitch is so balding. like all the bald spots we can see. thin ponytail

999 days ago


Does this surprise anyone?

999 days ago


Check out her hair in this picture. It looks thin and there's not that much of it. Now check out her hair in her interview with Kelly Rippa. Her hiar is much longer and it's full. This chick has layers of hair clipped on before going on TV. She is deceiving in every way.

999 days ago


She is only concerned about one thing and thats her image. she hired a new pr person because the last one didnt save her or make her look good enough. She must at all cost make her image look innocent and sweet, espcialy after her fake divorce. She is addicted to fame and cameras. Never have I seen anyone pose for cameras as her. She was on tv with Kelly Rippa, her pr set that up, wow the show made her look sweet huh? Its all fake ladies and gentlement, she is fighting tooth and nail to appear wonderful. Vain in the hightest form.

999 days ago


if we want to get rid of the kardashian then we must stop commenting on these stories, stop buying magazines with them on the cover, stop reading stories about them and stop watching their shows. people say they hate them but you're still showing interested by partaking in anything related to them. i personally despise them and will not be paying ANY attention to them anymore. i hope everyone else does the same.

999 days ago

TLuV *U*    

shes hot ........

999 days ago
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