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Sued Over Karaoke Disaster

1/26/2012 12:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Steve-O has just been sued over a karaoke performance gone horribly wrong -- in which a woman allegedly slipped and fell, breaking practically every bone in her lower body.

The woman behind the lawsuit is named Susanne Ohman -- who claims she recently participated in a singing competition for the upcoming show "Killer Karaoke" ... which Steve-O hosts.

According to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, the show sprays water at the contestants while they sing as a form of distraction. Susanne claims she got soaked ... and as she was stepping off a platform, she slipped.

As a result, Susanne claims she "fractured and damaged her tibia, patella, ligaments, knee, leg, bones, and injured her muscles, bone, circulatory system, and body."

Susanne claims she has since been required to undergo surgery -- and expects to undergo even more surgery in the future. She's suing Steve-O and the show's producers for unspecified damages.

But Susanne isn't the only alleged victim -- her husband is also suing Steve-O for "loss of consortium" ... which means he's pissed he can't have sex with his wife.

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No Avatar


Is “Susanne Ohman” a pseudonym for Kim Kardashian?

968 days ago


Oh brother. I'm sure that they had her sign something before she could compete anyway. HAHA!

968 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

The producers should have known this was going to happen. They didn't have her sign one of those forms that protects them from lawsuit? Similar to FearFactor which has them sign a paper saying that it isn't their fault if a contestant dies or whatever.

968 days ago

D. Potter    

Susanne Ohman - Don't go away mad, just go away...

968 days ago


DAMN....I know people who have totaled their car and not broken that many bones. Not buying it!

968 days ago


And why the hell is this news you guys just did something so awesome with the micheal jackson tribute and now this is #1 come on tmz boooooooooooo

968 days ago


The husband is suing because he can't have sex with his wife??? What the hell is wrong with people?

968 days ago


The show was called "Killer Karaoke"! What did she think was going to happen? I personally think she's lucky to be alive! The lawsuit is a joke.

968 days ago


Absolute proof these people filing these stupid lawsuits are only after money - venues carry insurance for exactly this type of thing. Sue them, not the performance itself.

968 days ago


She was knowingly wet on her feet, yet she took a chance stepping off a stage anyway. It's called the "open view" law, in which a person sees a risk ahead, yet proceeds anyway. It's a real thing judges consider......It's not like a supermarket slip where the liquid wasn't seen, this lady knew her feet were wet.

968 days ago


In other words, she pretty much busted her ass.

968 days ago


...and now we've heard of 'killer karaoke'

968 days ago


Wow, I've never seen a stage 50 feet above the ground before. I assume with that list of injuries it had to be at least that high up, right?

968 days ago


Loss of Consortium doesn't just mean not being able to have sex with your spouse; that's the old-school definition. It now includes just about anything related to a marriage, i.e. taking the garbage out, feeding the dog, cooking, and being reminded not to get so drunk at the Christmas party this year.

968 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I don't know about the woman, but the man can bone Steve-O to his hearts delight for all I care.
BTW, what kind of moron would watch a program like this week after week?

968 days ago
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