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Manly Mani-Pedi's


1/28/2012 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0127_manicure_pedicure_launchCan you guess which metro-men have let down their guard and gotten themselves a little pampering on their hands and feet?!

There's nothing a fresh coat of paint can't take care of. 


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NOT cute at all!!!

896 days ago


Is this a JOKE? It looks horrible on all these men. I hope this trend is going away fast.

895 days ago


There is nothing "metro" about men painting their nails and toes.
It's just plain gay.

895 days ago

Steve W.    

Remember when tattoos were "for men only" and any woman who got one was derided as 'probably gay'? Guess what? Nail polish is JUST PAINT. It's actually not much different than tattoo ink - and it has nothing to do with masculinity or sexuality. I'll admit, some COLORS are symbolic of femininity... and other colors are masculine. (Just as, in tattoos, a unicorn is feminine, while a sleeve of flaming skulls and handguns is masculine.) The only thing that stopped me from wearing nail color for 44 years was my FEAR of the disapproval (I mean... the prejudiced, bigoted intolerance..) of others. Then I realized that my masculinity is MINE to define, and it is secure enough that it is not threatened by a spot of paint. And, it makes my toes look good, it makes women notice and admire my feet, and it gets me laid - often! BUT - I know that most men don't have the BOLDNESS, CONFIDENCE, INDEPENDENCE, ADVENTUROUSNESS and DEFIANCE (I mean... masculinity..) that are necessary for a man to wear nail color. Nobody says they have to. If you're one of those timid men who surrenders your masculinity to the opinions of prejudiced strangers, who cowers like a sheep in the safety of the herd and fears doing anything that might stand out or be noticed... then you CAN'T wear nail color, all you can do is hurl insults at men who threaten you because you recognize that they're MORE manly than you.

895 days ago


Some of these are obviously done by children. Kudos to them for being stand up dads! My dad used to let me put bows in his hair! Some are obviously not done by each their own!

894 days ago


Interesting article! Also interesting are all the bashers with their negative comments about it. Like, where have these people been the last 10 years or so? Men have been sporting polished nails for years, what's the big deal anyway? I guess it could be lumped in with other styles or fashion statements, like earrings and mohawks. But, for some here to be making such a quantum leap implying it means gayness or something, they have no idea what they're talking about. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who has worn polish for like forever now, he's probably had more women in any given week than some of these people have had in their lives! Tons of musicians have worn it for over ten years now, in all sorts of colors. Extreme sports people wear it as a badge of 'hyper-masculinity.' It's not for everybody, but then again, I don't think those bold enough to do it care what the critics think anyway. By the way, I'm a married man, my wife and I get pedicures together now and then, and we've found that out of a thousand people that see it, 997 don't care, maybe 2 really like it, and only 1 maybe grumble, but who cares about that 1 anyway. What's important is that WE think it's cool looking. If you have an issue with that, then it's you with the problem. I don't see how some imply that it's more 'manly' for a man to be standing there in flip-flops with crappy nails showing, than for a man who takes pride in his appearance by wanting to get creative with some colors, as men wear colored socks, shirts, and ties already anyway...

810 days ago
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