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Gabriel Aubry

Agrees to Anger Management

1/28/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry
and Gabriel Aubry met for hours Friday with representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services ... and social workers concluded Gabriel needed to work on his anger issues ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told DCFS recommended that Gabriel take anger management classes and our sources say he agreed to enroll.  

As one law enforcement source told us who is connected to the case, "Gabriel has a little bit of a temper, but the good news is that he realizes it."

The recommendation stems from an incident earlier this month in which Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny while she was holding Nahla.  Our sources say Gabriel told social workers he never touched the nanny and she was making the story up to curry favor with Halle.

Our sources say DCFS is not making any recommendations on changing the custody arrangement.  That will be left to the judge on Monday morning ... when Halle and Gabriel square off
again in court.

As we first reported ... there's also a criminal investigation focusing on child endangerment and battery.  Our law enforcement sources tell us they are confident Gabriel will NOT be prosecuted because it's a "he said she said" case. We're told the matter will be referred to the L.A. City Attorney next week but it's expected the Office will decline to prosecute.


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NY Post dog euthanized top story

910 days ago


Seal, this Gabe.

910 days ago


I'm glad Gabriel realizes he has anger issue and agree to take anger management classes, and of course he not going to admit to pushing the nanny. That would stupid on his part. If he renege on this agreement as well, it will all Halle Berry fault as well. Put little Nahla first. Please!

910 days ago

noreen huggins    

where you there

910 days ago


It's crazy how some of you assume you know all the facts about this situation. Is it because he's good looking you feel he's incapable of being angry and aggressive??? If this was about an angry black guy and a gorgeous white woman the comments would be so different..... Wait .... That was the Seal and Heidi post..... GTFOHWTBS it's 2012 #somethingswillneverchange

910 days ago


All you racist haters are just mad because DCFS got all the facts. That loser knows he pushed the nanny. I hope he loses custody because he is constantly breaking the rules. Broke A** model. When is the last time he worked? LoL

910 days ago


He agreed to the anger management classes because it will go a long way towards smoothing this whole thing over. Halle, amazingly enough, didn't get her wish to terminate Nahla's relationship with her father. No doubt in the future she'll be looking for other infractions or making some up to try and nail him to the wall, and take Nahla away from him for good. I sense though that the courts are starting to realize her motives.

910 days ago


He may have yelled at the nanny, or raised his voice at her, but I dont think he shoved, or pushed her. He said he didnt lay a hand on her. My guess is, that since the nanny is (was) working for a celebrity, the nanny threw in the "he shoved me" for good measure. It's called pushing buttons. She may very well have pushed his buttons as directed by nut job Halle to see if he would get angry. Then again, none of us know this guy, or anything about him, so we dont know if he does have anger issues, or if the Media / Halle / Nanny, are portraying him this way to get him out of Nahla's life.

Look at Kim Bassinger, and everything she would do, to push Alec Baldwins buttons, with their kid. She would purposely set up scenarios to make him angry, and to keep thier kid away from him. Anyone, celebrity or not would get angry if they are confronted by a nanny, who works for you, tryng to call the shots, and questioning why you made a decision about YOUR own child. The nanny didnt have a say, she is an employee of theirs, she does not have a say in their day to day decisions of how that child is raised.

Im pretty much thinking, Gabriels lawyer made him agree to anger management classes to shut nut case, Halle up.

Ya gotta hand it to the man, he's doing everything he can to stay in his daughters life, and be a part of her life. He could have walked away at any given time, and he chose not to. Nahla is just as much his child as she is Halles.

910 days ago


I thought you meant he was gonna be on Charlie Sheen's new show.

910 days ago


So Halle said to the maid, ok, this is the plan, you accuse him of pushing you, and then you lose your job....Umm...does this make sense? No it doesn't. And to some other poster, please stop lying, she left HIM, not the other way around, because he kept milking her for money for his Fuego restaurant and for other things. The man's a gold-digger. Halle may not be perfect, but he is most certainly a gold-digger, and he's using that little girl to get more money out of Halle...Remember when he wanted child-support, even though he makes 6 figures if not more in one year? Remember, when he tried to prevent Halle from taking her own daughter with her on movie-sets? Remember when his previous girlfriend said how he was a racist? Did Halle pay her off as well? Remember when before they even started fighting, there was an article claiming he wanted to take his daughter away from the mother, and file for SOLE custody because he didn't like Hollywood? Come on, you people just spew delusional stuff, but you completely erase the past. This guy is not an angel with wings, just because he's white and he's modeled for Louis Vuitton...Bunch of racist, misogynistic people on this forum who like to forget, erase, and then recreate the past.

910 days ago


Do any of you people actually know Halle or Gabriel to even
comment on this situation, you all should get a life and worry about yourselves instead of living on computer? I read your comments and think your all the sick ones. I am sure you all have Dirt on your Doorsteps so start sweeping and get a life!!!!!!!!

910 days ago


THIS EVIL WOMAN knows exactly how to play the "game" because Aubry is NOT a fighter and the so-called LA justice system, especially, the idiots behind the bench, usually side with the celebrity. So, what else is new??? Someday, Halle Berry's life and underhanded tricks will come back to bite and, when it does, she will fall faster than a tick on a June bug and no one will care a lick. She has been riding pretty high, for years, by getting away with her designed tricks, but, her balloon is bound to burst when she least expects it. Count on it!!!

910 days ago


So much for you idiot's blaming Halle and the nanny for this. It's this dummy's fault for touching her and calling her the N-word , which he called Halle too. He is a piece of work. If he keeps it up, he will lose contact with his daughter.

910 days ago


He better be careful...Berry is his meal ticket. Hate each other all you want but don't take it out on the baby.

910 days ago


Halle Berry seems to have a negative effect on men. Men run from her, after spending just alittle time with them.

910 days ago
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