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Gabriel Aubry

Agrees to Anger Management

1/28/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry
and Gabriel Aubry met for hours Friday with representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services ... and social workers concluded Gabriel needed to work on his anger issues ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told DCFS recommended that Gabriel take anger management classes and our sources say he agreed to enroll.  

As one law enforcement source told us who is connected to the case, "Gabriel has a little bit of a temper, but the good news is that he realizes it."

The recommendation stems from an incident earlier this month in which Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny while she was holding Nahla.  Our sources say Gabriel told social workers he never touched the nanny and she was making the story up to curry favor with Halle.

Our sources say DCFS is not making any recommendations on changing the custody arrangement.  That will be left to the judge on Monday morning ... when Halle and Gabriel square off
again in court.

As we first reported ... there's also a criminal investigation focusing on child endangerment and battery.  Our law enforcement sources tell us they are confident Gabriel will NOT be prosecuted because it's a "he said she said" case. We're told the matter will be referred to the L.A. City Attorney next week but it's expected the Office will decline to prosecute.


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Halle also needs to go to counseling and parenting classes! It appears Gabriel is the only one who has some sense and truly cares about his child. Halle is using the child as a pawn.

1001 days ago

SC Girl    

To Entry #59
Since your scrolling through all of the comments it must mean you don't have a life're no different than the people you are criticizing...think maybe you are the one that needs to get a life since for some reason you think you are the TMZ blog patrol!

1001 days ago


Of course he's not like he had a choice. Besides, he has every reason to be angry!

1001 days ago


when Halle broke up with black men, they were called dogs and losers. Now that she breaks up with a white man, suddenly there's something wrong with Halle. White people, especially white women, think black women are at the bottom of the barrel...what's he doing with her. I believe Halle 100%, he's nothing without her.

1001 days ago

brenda davis    

It was not that long ago when she was talking about how Black men was measuring up for her.I guess white ones don't either or is it that she's no more high society slut who'd rather be anything but black.The way she bounce around for man to man she's no more than the common whore hopper.

1001 days ago


I've worked on sets with Miss Berry over the years, and I can honestly state that she is 100% batsh*t crazy. She's a nightmare. I feel very very sorry for her daughter. Her parents need to have an amicable relationship! No amount of money or presents can make up for any emotional trauma Nahla will suffer.

1001 days ago

brenda davis    

Just a little while ago Black men weren't good enough for her now the white man isn't good enough.I think it reflects just how big of a whore she is,you know sluts bounce around from one man to the other that's just the way they are.You can tell the tree by the fruit it sprouts.

1001 days ago


THERE HAVE BEEN SOME COMMENTS that Halle Berry is Aubrey's "meal ticket." How can that be, when another commentator posted, "Remember he makes 6 figures if not more in one year." When did these statements and, similar ones, become public knowledge? Also, DITTO to SC Girl!

1001 days ago


JEM # 56 :

The nanny did not Lose her job. She quit, the day after Gabriel supposedly pushed / shoved her. Ya guys need to make sure you have the facts down before commenting.

1001 days ago


Trace #59 :

1 - Gabriel never called the nanny a N****r. Where did you get this information ?

2 - I do not believe the nanny is black. Who came up with that ?

There are lots of white nanny's out there. Just because Halle is black, doesnt mean the nanny is black.

But I'm fairly certain Gabriel did not call the nanny the "N" word.

1001 days ago


I feel really sorry for Halle. Being beautiful, rich and famous doesn’t come easy. How can she look so good while her private life is in the media constantly?
A stalker in her garden three times, a broken foot, wearing sunglasses all the time, a relationship with a French womanizer, no movie hits and the whole history with all the bad exes. Eric Benet had to be treated for a sex addiction. And now the man she once called the most sincere person she’d ever known and best daddy in the world has to go for anger management training!!!!!.
What a drama. This is the best script for her to make a comeback.
Maybe that is why people love to read about her all the time. The role she plays in real life is her best.
Poor people; Gabriel, Halle and most of all the little girl. And don’t forget the nanny who is now unemployed. To be continued I guess…

1001 days ago


Don't you think it's a bit curious that social services slipped in a recommendation to HIM [in the hopes that he wouldn't comply] before the court date. There should be a call for an investigation into the agency's operations and sex bias based decisions.

1001 days ago


jujubee: 47 minutes ago
Lily i agree w u..i havent worked with her but there are so many stories of her being a neurotic psycho...all these people cant be wrong!

@ sincerity... last time i checked its 2012 there are no more disadvantages for blacks, they have all the same advantages as white people especially in the entertainment industry so don't even try to play the race card on this one


Then explain "WHY" did George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, receive no funding from the major movie studios for his current movie release, "Red Tails"??? Mr Lucas used his "OWN" money to produce this picture which highlighted the Tuskegee Airmen's historic contribution to World War II. This movie is essentially an all Black cast in the starring roles but "NO ONE" in Hollywood wanted to invest in it because their excuse was "WE DON'T KNOW HOW TO MARKET THIS MOVIE"!!! Considering their response, RACISM SEEMS TO BE "ALIVE AND WELL" IN HOLLYWOOD!!!

1001 days ago


halle berry is a bitch!! she only wanted to be with him because she wanted a light skin baby! she is racist towards her own race this is a fact that came from her family

1000 days ago


It would seem that Halle Berry would do anything to keep her baby away from its father.

1000 days ago
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