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Gabriel Aubry

Agrees to Anger Management

1/28/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry
Halle Berry
and Gabriel Aubry met for hours Friday with representatives from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services ... and social workers concluded Gabriel needed to work on his anger issues ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We're told DCFS recommended that Gabriel take anger management classes and our sources say he agreed to enroll.  

As one law enforcement source told us who is connected to the case, "Gabriel has a little bit of a temper, but the good news is that he realizes it."

The recommendation stems from an incident earlier this month in which Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny while she was holding Nahla.  Our sources say Gabriel told social workers he never touched the nanny and she was making the story up to curry favor with Halle.

Our sources say DCFS is not making any recommendations on changing the custody arrangement.  That will be left to the judge on Monday morning ... when Halle and Gabriel square off
again in court.

As we first reported ... there's also a criminal investigation focusing on child endangerment and battery.  Our law enforcement sources tell us they are confident Gabriel will NOT be prosecuted because it's a "he said she said" case. We're told the matter will be referred to the L.A. City Attorney next week but it's expected the Office will decline to prosecute.


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Every time I see this sleezy douche-bag's face I want to pour gallons of donkey semen down his throat, straight from his sister's vagina.

1000 days ago


He wouldn't be human if he wasn't angry about the crappy way he's being treated by his ex. Didn't she cry child abuse because he fed their daughter pizza on a non-indulgence day?

1000 days ago


He wouldn't be human if he wasn't angry about the crappy way he's being treated by his ex. Didn't she cry child abuse because he fed their daughter pizza on a non-indulgence day?

1000 days ago


Why are they saying he "needs" to take anger management classes if he maintains that he did nothing wrong? Dude wasn't found guilty of jack sh*t, so legally he doesn't have to take the classes. I'm just tried of the political correct garabage that they make fathers go thru just to see their kids. The nanny is a "POS" who is being paid by Halle to do whatever Ms. Diva wants her to say and do.

1000 days ago


Why doesn't anyone talk about her well do***ented temper?
She doesn't give a damn about that kid she just wants to use her as a means to punish Gabriel.

1000 days ago


How very sweet!!! Ole Clueless knew he couldn't "AVOID" counseling and he decided to go along with the program to get DCFS off his back. Of course, he's not going to admit to shoving the nanny. That would give Halle Berry too much "LEVERAGE" to petition the court for a "REDUCTION" of his custody. I suspect he'll be much more "RESPECTFUL" to the next nanny Halle Berry hires. I doubt if "ANY" well-to-do "sugar mamas" will be interesting in this "FOOL"!!!

1000 days ago


There we go, the stupid Dingle Berry c.u.n.t is driving the poor dude crazy. I hope they have a copy of the report where she rammed into a pedestrian with her car then just drove off.

1000 days ago


What bitch ass social worker decided that HE -the man- needs anger management because another psycho bitch dared to get in his face YELLING at him as to what HE chose to do with HIS child. Right, it's HIS fault... IT'S BECOMING A BITCHES WORLD... and it's not pretty at all. Bye, Bye America.

1000 days ago


Halle is all kinds of sizzling. Grates on me that somehow, she has the misfortune of ending up with a certain brand of men.

For example; E. Benet. When they happened, i really thought she was finally on the final approach to a descent relationship.

Almost swallowed my tongue when he did what he did. What took the biscuit though was; he asked for spousal support. Huh? You are going to do her wrong and then ask her for spousal support?

This guy ain't no Carry Grant. For the first time probably in his existence, things are not going the way they should and - well, i'm sure he to shall wake when she's gone.

Now we got that out of the way, that is one beautiful child! I hope life is good to her.

1000 days ago


i believe his pushed the nanny but of course he's not going to admit it!! i think he got whiped in his interracial swirl affair and hate to see someone else with Halle raising his child! It's never fun on the outside looking in!! Don't forget this same slime ball was trying to date Kim K!! Even tho Halle might be a bitch i think it's both of them causing problems for each other!! He's should've just kept boning her w/o the baby because things usually change when a baby is involved!!

1000 days ago


I'm glad Gabriel realizes he has angar issue and agree to anger manegent class, and of course he not going to admit pushing nanny . that would be stupid on his part. I would think there going to be another nanny,so he had better deal with it. If he renege on this agreement as well, I'm quite sure for some of you it going to be Halle Berry fault as well. Please for once put Nahla first.

1000 days ago


You'd get angry too, if you had to deal with a nanny bossing you around on orders from your biotch of an ex. This has Halle written all over it. She got the sperm she wanted, now she wants him to go away. I have no respect for her at all.

1000 days ago


"Anger Management" is code language for "ego reduction".

1000 days ago


Seems Halle has gotten every man ever involved with her to lose it, she's a manipulative, controlling witch, her new boyfriend better run for the hills, FAST! You can tell Gabriel loves his daughter to pieces, but I sure bet he wishes he'd never gotten involved with nutcase Berry in the first place, she will make his life hell forever, because he left her and she is still p!ssed over it, that's the problem. This new guy is only a front, a rebound. She has a kid with him and they break up, she'll make his life hell too!

1000 days ago


Sure, the maid made it up to lose her job on purpose.

1000 days ago
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