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Katy Perry

First Big Night Out Since

Split with Russell Brand

1/28/2012 5:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry and Markus Molinari
Katy Perry made her first big public appearance in the U.S. since her split with Russell Brand last night ... posing on the red carpet with her BFF, jewelry designer Markus Molinari, at the grand opening of 1 OAK Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel & Casino.

Even though Katy was on the flyer for the event, our guy inside says Katy never addressed the crowd and stayed in her booth (behind a wall of security) for the entire night.

Baby steps.


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I wouldn't be too surprised if Katy has smoked some weed and tried cocaine a few times at parties. She grew up in Santa Barbara, California you know. I bet about half of the people in their 20s in college have tried cocaine a few times if they have plenty of money to throw around.

I think Katy should just stick to the wine and other booze if she wants to keep her career going in high gear. If Katy is a cigarette smoker, she should quit ... they're just a nasty habit in general and they make you age faster.

Hard drugs like cocaine have been destroying the careers of Hollywood actors and musicians for about 50+ years ... especially crack, meth, heroin, etc. I bet Katy is smart and doesn't want to be YET ANOTHER big star who throws it all away because of freakin' drugs. It's just stupid to mess with that stuff and hang around hardcore drug users. The hardcore druggies will just put her into a DOWNWARD spiral. Katy is in an UPWARD spiral now. I hope she spirals high for another 20 years in the music business and as an actress, etc.

1002 days ago


So sick of her ridiculous hair. If you have talent you don't need to go around looking like a freak to gain attention. There you have it. How about not dressing for shock value and actually showing some talent?

1002 days ago


I hope I don't get bitched at by a bunch of people for saying this and don't get me wrong because I love Katy Perry and her music even though I'm not too in to pop but I have to say this... I dont know if its just me or what but doesn't Katy Perry look like Casey Anthony? Idk why everyone was saying Kristen Stewart looked enough like her to play her. If there ever was a movie made I think Katy Perry could pull it off without ruining her own reputation in the process.

1002 days ago

Dominique Daniels    

She def. did not stay in the booth, she took plenty of pitures with our friends who are twenty one and over.. simple as that

1002 days ago


Her right leg is missing!!

1002 days ago


peoplearesilly ...

A LOT of the music stars these days have crazy looking hair and outfits. It's all a part of their "act". They do it for their image and all that. Just look at the theatrics of rock stars like Kiss, Elton John, and Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper even had his snake on stage. Britney Spears had a snake too.

What do you think about Lady Gaga in her "meat dress"?

Gaga wore that to get people talking about her. It's all for publicity. It gets people to show up at her concerts out of curiosity about what she might do.

1002 days ago


This skanky little no-talent whore needs to go away. Damn teeny boppers and their bad taste in music. This no-talent hag stole a look from people who have been dressing the 50's/rockabilly style for YEARS before she came along & she doesn't even "sing" the music. GO AWAY, whore!

1002 days ago


brad: I think it's all ridiculous and usually follow stars who are actually not into Shock value by are actually musicians. Look at Adele. And she is kicking everyone' ass.

1002 days ago


peoplearesilly ...

Adele isn't NEARLY as popular in the U.S. as she is in the U.K. Katy Perry just had nearly SIX #1 hits from her "Teenage Dream" album. That's as good as any single Michael Jackson album. It's better than Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album. I'd say that Katy Perry is pretty darned successful and kicking just about everyone's ass. I'm looking forward to Katy's 3rd album. I hope she works with the same people as she did on "Teenage Dream" and they keep cranking out those hit songs.

Katy's a "queen of pop" to me and millions of other people ALL AROUND THE WORLD ... including the UK where Adele is from. Katy plays guitar and other instruments and she is the lead writer of all her songs. She's a "real musician". She's not some dumb bimbo "pop tart" at all.

Katy's a heck of a lot better than some of these people doing rap music and can't play any instruments. I don't see how some of these rap guys get so successful and have #1 hits. SOME rap music is good. Most of it sucks and really isn't music at all to me. I'm glad to see some REAL musicians like Katy who are making it big in the music business these days. Hopefully, Katy will spark a new renaissance of high quality "real music" like they did in the 1970s and 1980s.

1002 days ago


If Katy wants to go back to blonde or her natural (light brown?) hair color, I think she looks good with the hairstyle in this picture.

It probably takes her more time to do this hairstyle, but I think it's worth it.

1002 days ago

Madam Obvious    

The hair colour is awful but she's looking hotter than ever.

1002 days ago


She looked great with the blonde hair and bubble gum pink highlights. I had a crush on her that week.

1002 days ago


She has a knack for picking creepy looking guys. This one looks like he'd be comforatble hanging upside down in a barn. I'm thinking she doesn't want to be one uped by who she's with. She's actually a very good looking woman.

1002 days ago


no-talent whore looks like a raccoon dressed up as a CLOWN

1002 days ago


she leaves russell and this is who she steps out with omg eww

1002 days ago
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