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Michael Jackson's Kids

Taking In Cirque du Soleil Show

1/28/2012 5:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris, Prince, and Blanket Jackson hit up the Los Angeles premiere of the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil show "IMMORTAL World Tour" at Staples Center last night.

As TMZ first reported, Dr. Conrad Murray filed legal docs asking a judge to release him from jail pending appeal. He is asking to be released on no bail pending the appeal.

Murray says that if he is released, he plans to live with his baby mama Nicole Alvarez -- and would be willing to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.



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I just realized that when you click on the profiles for some on the more "insensitive comments", lol
Tmz just refers to the party as a "member"
I wonder in what context they are using that word??LOL

anyway.... hope everyone is doing well..
not much going on on these boards anymore now that Murray has been found guilty and MJ estate is raking in the big bucks, getting his glove and loafers put in front of the Chinese Theater was a brilliant move ..
Now he is not only a music legend but a Hollywood legend along with all those old stars that admired him so much..
He is just so tremendously popular these days ..
people just cant get enough of him ..
His estate must be very pleased ..This is just the beginning of what they have planned I am sure..:)

998 days ago


isnt this sweet ..they are even including mj sweet potato pie in a dead celebrity cookbook..naturally they feature his recipe..they knows what sells..
people just cant get enough of Michael.
He really is missed by millions

998 days ago


have a good night everybody:))

998 days ago


This is just one more I thought I would put up to put a smile on your face before you go to bed..
Its Michael Jackson being given another honor in 2006, after he was vindicated in court of those ridiculous accusations and left Tom Sneddon with 14 proverbial pies in the face..
By the way , we now know in hindsight that Sneddon knew that kid was never given a deadly diagnosis.Parents knew all along his illness was treatable and they were just using it to bilk people out of money..:(
Sneddon knew that before he ever set foot in the courtroom and yet he still tried to railroad mj..
I am hoping with all mj surge in popularity that more mainstream media will be looking at that story..they will eventually because they can make PLENTY of money doing so..
but i digress..
here is the clip of just a few of MJ adoring fans showing him the love they feel for him ..
here ya go !

998 days ago


here are some mug shots of other innocent people that were forced to fight for their civil rights.***ents/crime/heroes-civil-rights-movement
Michael Jackson was targeted by a few greedy families that were enabled by a bigoted ambitious prosecutor who wanted to show the world how powerful he was and put Jackson "in his place"Just like he did when he told Chris Tucker to "be a good boy"in open court..
and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what this power crazed d a was capable of doing to other citizens as well, to get his way and salve his ego..
As I said the truth will be coming mainstream soon enough ..
Michael has always presented an opportunity for some one to make a fortune , this will come to for all to see...
It already came out in court...just a question of time..

997 days ago

nan is one for you..Its Chris Tucker at the Chinese theater talking about what a wonderful guy MJ was..
Always love Chris ...such a funny guy

997 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

duilama: 9 hours ago
Funny how Sandusky's mug shot and MJ's mug shot have the same expression. I would coin it "Pedos caught on the head-dlight" face.
Please don’t compare the two because by the rabid fans logic, all victims of abuse would never try to repress what has been done to them. They would immediately report a respected and charitable person subjecting themselves to ridicule, the press and even death threats. They would willingly make themselves and the horrible things that happened to them public knowledge. Even a disadvantaged boy that has been abused should stand up to a team of multimillion dollar legal teams and further be persecuted publicly destroying any possible future they may have. For them to wait years to reveal their scars and try to salvage some sort of normal life, does not happen. It’s not my logic, but theirs.

Back on topic
Get those kids out of the spotlight. If they want to, they can seek it out when they are adults. For all the damage fans and MJ himself say came with child fame, why would anyone support it?

Also, you really can’t compare the looks of the kids to MJ. They had egg donors that gave them half their DNA and no one knows what MJ looked like after 1982. Also, I’m sure they are using MJ’s makeup team.

997 days ago


Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.
Albert Einstein

997 days ago


Russians about Michael - interesting speeches on youtube Title of this movie on youtube: Michael Jackson The Moscow Case - Trailer.

997 days ago


Those kids are hostages. Those trustee attorneys are making sure they are surrounded by black "Nation of Islam" bodyguards watching their every move. Stealing childrens money, just another page off of MJ's book. May Joe and Katherine and the rest of those leeches rot in hell.

Hostages. Plain and simple.

997 days ago

black or white    

omg, oh well.

that is so true about the fans. dont forget that stupendously, stupid missy/luz..

humannature with her computer blue "network".

ha ha ha ha ha ha!

997 days ago


I understand Michael molested someone just last year and they have just now decided to bring a civil suit, because they were so fearful. ....pfft

After all , the three families , that some people think were afraid to speak up, had no problem hotfooting it to a civil atty , Larry Feldman, before the police, too.
A civil atty only deals in getting you MONEY..
As a matter of fact, it was Mr feldman who went looking for Blanca Francia ( the second family) after she sold her story on Hard Copy.(She admitted in 2005 testimony that Feldman told her to destroy her contract with Hard Copy before the police came to speak to her.
I understand it was Atty Feldman that suggested police contact Ms Francia and her son also.hmmmm...

Its funny how half the population in that town is Hispanic and the only interpreter the police and Larry Feldman could locate , to interpret for Ms Francia ,worked for the National Enquirer.yes ...seriously..

BTW the police had a complaining witness in Jason Francia ,they just didnt go forward with it because his mother had already taken money from tabloids ,he had denied it over and over on tape while the police pushed him hard....
OH and at the time he was supposedly being molested, Jackson was on tour on the other side of the world...Its interesting that all three families mustered up their courage , as fearful as they supposedly were...when MJ had a album/tour/ endorsement deals about to take place...I bet that took alot of gumption..LOL...and evidently the same lawyer too..LOL
Gavin changed the time of his ORDEAL TWICE before he and the prosecutors decided on a date they thought would fit, since MJ was out of town then also.. and added a conspiracy charge to tie a nice ribbon around it, as a half azzed explanation for the timeline change..Of course that was 6 months after the initial complaint..pfft...when they found the tape of the entire family praising MJ as a gift from know... before they saw the gravy train pulling away from them..
And we all know the deal with he Chandlers , each parent looking for millions and to be set for life as soon as they met mj.
Evan went to civil attys before police too..said it was all in place,told Junes husband, it would be a massacre if he didnt get what he wanted ...
Mrs Chandler used that tape against Evan to try and get custody of her son back after the settlement, she said it was nothing more then extortion, that she was a good mother..but that was after they got the cash in hand..
Heres something interesting..
If Larry Feldman sent Jordy Chandler to Dr Gardner , an expert on childrens false allegations, and then purposely didnt get results from this doctor ( I am just guessing, that he wanted to prevent the Jackson team from using him), why did he go and use stanley Katz.
You remember Dr Katz who trained the staff that helped send a lot of people away on what turned out to be false allegations of sexual abuse of children...
The same Dr Katz who was getting referrals from Feldmans wife for clients...
The same one who was on the stand in 2005 reviewing his papers that accidentally had notations from prosecutor Zonen in Zonens own handwriting on embarassing
The same doctor that would call Larry Feldman before and after he gave grand jury testimony and appeared to testify at the 2005 trial..
Anyway , back on topic..
why would Katz then tell a detective investigating the Arviso case that he did not believe Michael Jackson was a child molestor when he was the one that interpreted Jordan Chandlers statements to Dr Gardner?
Answer: because he didnt know he was being taped LOLOL..
By the way Jordan , Evan and Ray never made a statement to anything under oath.. only to police and his statement was written in Feldmans office and signed J Chandler ??? who is that?Would not come in and testify under oath in 2005 either.I understand Frank Cascio is going to try and speak to him ..
I know Roger Friedman and Randy T expect him to finally come clean also now that Evan blew his brains out..
time will tell..

997 days ago
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