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Lyssa Chapman

I Was Drugged on the Night

I Got Arrested!

1/29/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Baby Lyssa Chapman mug shot
Baby Lyssa Chapman says she has a good reason for highly-publicized arrest last year -- and she plans on revealing that and more in a new memoir about the family ... TMZ has learned.

Baby Lyssa's arrest was a big deal when it happened last March -- and a big part of a recent episode of "Dog the Bounty Hunter." Sources close to Lyssa tell TMZ in her planned memoir, she'll reveal she was drugged on the night in question.

According to our sources ... Lyssa, who has had substance abuse issues in the past but has clean and sober for years, even visited a doctor in the months after her arrest who deemed she did not have a substance abuse order.

We're told the book -- which is being repped by Martin Literary Management -- will also detail problems with Leland and Duane Lee. According to our sources, they've left the bail bond business and severed ties with the rest of the family ... putting next season of the show in jeopardy.

Our sources say the production company behind the show have even sent the two a letter demanding their return to production or face being kicked off the show for good.

Calls to A&E have not been returned.


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Johnny Handsome    

I'd hit that

999 days ago


They are all a bunch of hypocrites. Its like watching a train wreck you just can't look away.

999 days ago


I actually root for the criminals the three minutes I've watched these dirtbags on TV.

999 days ago

Canada Guy    

I agree with everyone that says Beth is the wife from hell.
She rips into everybody with her foul language, provoking everyone in sight, and the droopy Dog jumps in to back her when the person shouts back. What a frickin hypocrite! He preaches love and respect and he maries THIS?
What kind of trash wears leather gloves with 2 inch fingernails?
I watch the show because of the boys and Lyssa.
Without them the show goes down the toilet.

999 days ago


OMG give me a break. We lived in Hawaii for three years and this was when all of this happened the whole way back to when Tim was busted. He did what he did also. This girl is a drunk and cannot handle her liquor. She tried that being drugged crap already. It was in the news in Hawaii when it happened and noone not even her family believed her. They very plainly stated she HAD a drinking problem. If you just watched the new show out it is very clearly stated in their by her family, her and the story being given to her family by her friend who was out with her. I saw all the news in Hawaii on what she did and was saying. She also hit a police officer so I do not understand why she was never charged for that. She is a drunk that cannot handle her liquor. As for the boys leaving, it also was in the news. They are fighting because the boys made their own t shirt line with bounty hunter logos and stuff like that. Well Beth and daddy didnt like that so that is why they left. It actually turned to a legal fight. Oh and just fyi, right before we left Hawaii in november Dog opened his own store to sell stuff with their logos on it so now you know why they were so angry. Its all money. Noone respects them in Hawaii, they are a joke, past criminals, and letting the criminals out in the first place so they are not doing anyone any favors.

999 days ago


I had to look her up to find out who she was. There are to many minor celebrities.

999 days ago


Exactly WTF kind of pigeon English is "has had substance abuse issues in the past but has clean and sober for years," "HAS"?? and "who deemed she did not have a substance abuse order."??? WTF is a "substance abuse order"??? I thought writers had to be able to write to get the job!

999 days ago


okaaay.....who gives a s#!+ !!!

999 days ago


Didn't she say in the show that she was drinking that night? maybe I'm wrong, but "drinking" doesn't mean "clean and sober"? Don't watch that much, and she seems pretty cool,....but I'm just saying?

999 days ago


Half this family resemble white apes or white rats. Take your pick. It must be their inbred father's lineage. They need to go away quietly.

999 days ago


I think she was drugged that night. I think she seems like a good person not a f*** up. Dog the Bounty Hunter is a awesome show. Beth is hilarious and if Dog looked like everyone else the show would be boring.

999 days ago


in a related story, i hate rachel elmer

999 days ago


tmz first reported months ago that she was arrested AT HER HOUSE CAUSE SHE WAS FIGHTING WITH HER HUSBAND but now she was drugged in a bar ??????? **** A&E FOR THINKING WE ARE STUPID

999 days ago


this whole family is disgusting. long hair went out in the 70's. not to mention that fat slob beth. they are so pathetic when they "suit up" with their vest, pepper spray, and cheap boy scout badges. when dog was locked up in mexico he should have never been let loose. when a&e cancelled their show, it should have stayed cancelled. this show, and a few others need to go and go now.

999 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Who's shorter?
[ ] Dog (without 5 inch heel lifts)
[ ] Harvey Levin (without his soapbox)
[ ] Beth (lying on her back)

999 days ago
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