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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Counseling for Everyone

1/31/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been urged to get some serious counseling for the benefit of Nahla, but their marathon court hearing today was contentious and largely unproductive ... law enforcement sources connected with the case tell TMZ.

We've learned the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services submitted more than a dozen recommendations to the judge, including mediation ... in which a 3rd party would sit with Halle and Gabriel and try to figure out how they can peacefully raise their child.  We're told Halle was receptive but Gabriel wasn't.

And our sources say ... Halle agreed to continue her individual counseling, which will help her deal with what has become an impossible situation.

As for Gabriel, he's agreed to counseling for his anger issues.

And, as we first reported, both parties agreed today to send 3-year-old Nahla to counseling.

We're told the judge did not make any decision on the fate of the nanny, whom Gabriel wants fired.

And the judge hasn't ruled on Halle's request to keep Gabriel from Nahla until the child endangerment investigation runs its course.

Sources say Gabriel has objected to most of the recommendations and the judge is on the verge of holding a full hearing -- similar to a trial -- so he can firmly call the shots.



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With Halle Berry's crazy azz reputation, I don’t buy it.
This story has the tone of Steve Honig.

965 days ago


Gabriel needs to submit the photos of Halle on the beach with her beau kissing Nahla, just to show Halle is already found a replacment, and this is what this is really all about, oh, and she wants full control and wants to rip someone her daughter loves out of her life. Gabriel has not been abusive one bit to her, kinda ironic she did a film called "Losing Isaiah" because shes about to be "Losing Nahla" Everyone sees how she is and she is not fit to be raising a child, there is something really wrong with her. Why is no one bringing up the court do***ents Gabriel submitted where Halle told him, thanks for the donation?

965 days ago


How much is TMZ taking from Halle's PR advisers or have they offer future stories. Eonline is the Kardashians and now TMZ publishes everything Halle says. Not a smart move for the long term.

965 days ago


You people are not asking the correct question. The correct question is this - Why is it that every man she deals with either beats her, leaves her, cheats on her or tries to get their child away from her? What is it about her that elicits these types of reactions. Why is it that every man that you've gone through is now happily married or with someone? Obviously she is a sociopath and if she doesn't get her way she tries to destroy the man by any means necessary (wouldn't suprise me one bit if she put tht nanny up to her claims). I hope they give Gabriel full custody because she should not be allowed to raise a child

965 days ago


I think most commenters who are hating on Halle without any facts needs to check themselves. It's almost as if they are mentally unstable themselves and wouldn't look out of place at a klan or tea party rally

965 days ago


You remember the saying 'cheaper to keep her' well ladies and gents THIS IS THE MALE VERSION ! !

He goes through mediation to establish his rights in the first place and the MOMENT she had to go overseas for a film he took her to court and she had to pass on that part BUT luckily was able to pick up another role THE SAME WEEK.

He agreed to the nanny. Now he doesn't. He is refusing most of the recommendations. WAIT ! i know. Next Halle Berry will be paying off her judge and the California children's services.......

OH! AND-AND she is having to pay her fees AND his legal fees also. Though he is causing the problems, he feels that if 'she would do what he wants than she would not have to keep paying.'

BTW: Calling someone derogatory and belittling names is a pitiful show. We have digressed to calling females b's??

I do like reading the comments though, because some points of view actually make sense while others are sadly pitiful and entertaining.

965 days ago


Kaine, its FACT that every man shes been with cheats and leaves and she accuses them of terrible things. She cant accept she has to deal with Gabriel knowing she decided to create a baby because lets face it, time was running out for her. What she is doing is so disgusting and embarrassing. When I see her on those make up commercials, I just want to gag, knowing what I know about her, via HER ACTIONS. The last straw was her "one drop" rule- to boot shes racist, her child LOGICALLY, and STATISTICALLY is more white than black, and who really cares or would even bring that up, shes ATROCIOUS! Gabriel really will win if she does not knock off her crap.

965 days ago


Halle is not thinking about what is best for her daughter but what is best for herself. She is totally selfish, fame and money obsessed and vindictive. Now with yet another new man in her life, she needs the ex out of the picture. Same old story, woman wants new life with new man/new dad and wants real dad out of the picture. With all this going on and we see pictures of her out at the beach with her new beau who is kissing Nahla on the lips no less.

965 days ago


From the day she gave birth,Halle intended to keep Gabriel Aubry away from his child,why else would she leave the name of the father off the birth certificate?

965 days ago


I honestly don't believe Ms. Berry is an honest, decent person. She hit and ran and that speaks volumes. Most people would simply not do that. She had the money to get her off and people like OPrah to help prop her up. People do make mistakes but that was a big, character- exposing incident. I think a lot of her 'I'm being victimized' stance comes from guilt over that incident. She needs serious therapy to do that. I hope she has no more children.

965 days ago


While Gabriel may not like this ruling because he feels like he's being shafted by Halle, I think it is a good idea for them to be going to counselling. It will at least give him an opportunity to have his say and to try to resolve issues peacefully as opposed to running to court every other day. If he firmly believes that Halle is the problem then he should welcome this. People that are counselling them will see where the problems are. Right now I'm sure he's feeling like he's taking a kicking from her and being forced to do things because she's being a hag but this will only help him in the long run. I do hope for Nahla's sake that these two can get it together and raise that little girl without all the animosity between them. She deserves to have a life where she is free to love both parents without feeling guilty!

965 days ago

I think most commenters who are hating on Halle without any facts needs to check themselves. It's almost as if they are mentally unstable themselves and wouldn't look out of place at a klan or tea party rally

965 days ago


I have a suspicion that Halle is the biggest part of the problem here. Just saying.

965 days ago


When did "counseling" ever REALLY help anyone? Just another myth that the medical profession shoves down our throats.

965 days ago


What happened since Sept 2010? Is her head spinning 360... degrees and vomiting bile? or did she meet her new boyfriend?

This mental case gave Vogue an interview, and said Gabrail (sperm donor) "was absolutely the right person to have this child with because she is going to have an amazing father." ...........

On her relationship and breakup with Gabriel Aubry: “It’s just that you realize you are not meant to go the distance with everybody. We were meant to bring this amazing little person (daughter Nahla Aubry) into the world. And I think that’s why we came together. And because of that, we are going to be together forever, all three of us. We are a family until we are not here anymore… We have always been friends, we’re still friends, we love each other very much, and we both share the love of our lives. And we are both 100 percent committed to being the best parents we can be. And while it was not a love connection for us, he was absolutely the right person to have this child with because she is going to have an amazing father. And that was really important to me. We’ll make sure we always do what is right for her and put her first. And she will see as she grows that we have a lot of love for each other.”

965 days ago
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