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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

Counseling Recommended

for Nahla

1/30/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry's custody battle royale with Halle Berry has taken its toll … the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is recommending their 3-year-old daughter Nahla go into counseling … TMZ has learned.

There have been no allegations of Halle mistreating Nahla, but the nanny claims Gabriel screams at the child and has even violently yanked Nahla out of her arms.

Both Halle and Gabriel are scheduled to be in court today. Sources tell us Halle wants the judge to prohibit Gabriel from having any contact with Nahla until a criminal child endangerment investigation targeting him is resolved. The nanny accused Gabriel of pushing her while she was holding Nahla ... which is what triggered the investigation.

And speaking of the nanny … we've learned Gabriel is also asking for a restraining order ... asking the judge in effect to fire the nanny because Gabriel believes she is making up stories to curry favor with Halle.

TMZ also previously reported that Gabriel has agreed to enroll in anger management classes to control his temper.



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Halle is a control freak of a woman and that is the reason no one wants to wife up her fine butt...sick azz woman she is, Halle, its called just can't purposely have the man's baby and then deny him is parental rights when your done with him...

997 days ago


Control is temple???

But honestly, I would not be surprised if another story came out saying that Halle Berry paid the maid to say this. She seems like such a horrible person. I feel bad for the kid.

997 days ago


Why don't these so called professionals talk to the child? She is old enough to say what happened. Wild and crazy thought I know for L.A. justice. You know what they say about the truth coming out of the mouth of babes. I bet she would have more negative things to say about Halle then her dad. She looks miserable when she is with Halle and her latest squeeze and happy when she is being held by her father.

997 days ago


Wow, poor kid. It's no wonder most biracial kids grow up identifying and associating with black people, including myself. Look at how the white side treats them. If he didn't want a black kid then he should have stuck with white women. I wish her and Halle the best. Hopefully she doesn't grow up with a ton of issues because of his violent tendencies.

997 days ago


And this is what happens when your mother is a nutjob, a three year old in therapy. The judge in this case really needs to put a screeching halt to all this BS.

997 days ago


I find it interesting that everyone is badmouthing Halle but, not Gabriel for his violent behavior. It must have been proven if he was ordered to take anger management classes! White people always stick with their own. Her black daughter will learn this too when she gets older.

997 days ago


The judge needs to step in and stop this nonsense. Halle needs to stop running to court all the time trying to push Gabriel out of her daughter's life. She's going to end up hurting her daughter far worse than Gabriel. They should all be made to go to counselling together to learn how to effectively parent after a split! What Halle is doing is asinine! She needs to grow up and realise her spite and hatred for Gabriel is going to damage her child. Think of the child!!! I can't stand selfish parents like Halle! She's trying to hurt and control Gabriel by using her child. Bitter b*tch!

997 days ago


Nutjob Halle please go away

997 days ago


If anybody is a psycho nut, it's HIM. He's your typical white trash. Hopefully, Halle can keep her daughter away from this violent nut! He'll be calling his daughter the N-word before you know, just as he did Halle and the nanny.

997 days ago


Weren't they together for five could St. Halle have been so wrong about Gabriel? They break up and he is this angry abusive monster? It doesn't add up...hopefully the judge will put a stop to this nonsense.

997 days ago


Why is everyone accusing Halle of being the bad one here. This is probably the kind of White guy who shouldn't have kids by a Black woman because there's appears to be an underlying hatred of Black people!

997 days ago


I'm praying for Gabriel the world needs to see how vindictive some mothers can be. Any false allegations which I believe him I do think the nanny set this up to help Halle try to strip custody. She just needs to let the drama go and let him do his parenting its his daughter too. I hope Nahla does get counseling since obviously no telling what Halle wants her to believe and I'm glad even though it may not be the best choice but at least Gabriel is stepping up to the plate with the anger mgmt classes, and for anyone out there going thru this knows that if someone uses a child against you YES you will be angry and upset and hurt by that person resentment builds. But I hope in the FUTURE Ms. Berry falls into her own vindictive trap kids get older and realize the truth that resent turns to the parent that caused it.

996 days ago


I still cannot believe the crimminal courts and the child protective svcs are taking the nanny's word for it. Thankfully, if it werent for the papps, we'd all take the nanny's word for it too, because with the random photo's of Gabriel and Nahla, one can clearly see the child is not upset when she is with her father, and you can clearly see she is happy and content when she is with her father. If Gabriel yelled at his daughter all the time as this nanny states, and if he pushed the nanny with his daughter in her arms, as the nanny claims, Nahla would not look even the slightest bit happy when she is with her father. Nahla would be crying, and look unhappy. Children know when they are being abused, and children who are yelled at on a daily basis, would not look happy when they are with the abusing / yelling parent.

The nanny is full of s***, and it's looking more and more like Halle is in on this, since she has been trying to strip Gabriel of any custody, and from seeing his daughter since the day she and Gabriel parted ways.

Im not buying the nanny's story for one second ! CPS, and the courts will find out from Nahla first hand, during her counseling sessions if Gabriel yells at her, which I seriously doubt he does. We also dont know what Halle feeds into the childs head, when she is with Halle.

Looks like Halle Berry has Kim Basinger syndrome.

996 days ago


Don't forget to report that CPS also recommended that Halle and Gabriel take parenting classes together so they can co-parent Nahla. How about the fact that they also recommended that no change in custody happen at this time.

996 days ago


rubbish,maybe the 3 year old needs help ,so she can cope with her crazy mother,halle berry is the nut job here ,so that means everyone else is crazy except her,also at there this guy named vincent hanna who insulted me,so I left a reply,both posts mysteriously disappeared ,he can dish it out but he cant deal with the truth when you give it back to him,several other people left posts to and there not there,so dont bother posting about anything ,because if vincent hanna doesnt like it ,its gone.hes a plant to stir things up ,then when you do write back and it makes him sound like the ass that he is.he leaves the post he wrote to insult you ,but he wont let you defend yourself,NOT FAIR MR.COLLEGE MAN ,NOT FAIR.

996 days ago
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