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Katherine Heigl

Mom's All Shook Up

1/30/2012 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Heigl's mom had some serious shaking going on during a day of beauty -- and the cause of her faux seizure may or may not be Katherine's new movie.


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i'm #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
katherine is a charlene theron wanna be.

999 days ago


It was number 3 at the box office for the week. She did a decent job playing Plum. If you are a fan of the books go see it

999 days ago


Wow. A new low for TMZ. Nothing funny here, only an attempt at a salacious story. Just how immature are you guys?

999 days ago


This piece is terrible! Have you ever witnessed a
Person have a seizure? This is not a laughing matter, I watch my infant daughter have multiple seizures daily and we never get a laugh out of it. Hollywood does not make fun of other diseases but Epilepsy seems to be the brunt of jokes constantly. If you want to see how a real seizure looks email me and I can send you a video. Epilepsy is a very serious issue and affects the diagnosed and their family every day of their lives. If you want a glimpse of what is is like go to and read Caties story. Every day I watch my baby have multiple seizures and worry how it is effecting her already delayed development. I am appalled that you would run a segment like this. I will be using social media and every avenue I can to tell people to stop watching your disgusting show.

999 days ago


How disgustingly horrible, you *******s!

999 days ago

Shirl Morris    

I cannot even read the books now with the thought of Heigl as Stephanie Plum. She is not and never will be right for the part. I will not see the movie. I have all the books to last year when I got the news about her. No more. I am so disappointed. Stephanie is not Heigl and Heigl is not Stephanie.

999 days ago


This is horribly insensitive, and you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm not a fan of Katherine Heigl, but to mock her mother like that because she has seizures? ****ing sick.

999 days ago


You filthy pieces of Sh$t. As an epileptic I feel I am entitled to say that. I am offended that you would run such a story. I have nearly died from seizures had, recently had a seizure while driving due to a medicine mishap and you just think it is hilarious to make fun of people with a disability. Well go f%$k yourself. I hope you get diagnosed and have to live like my kids and husband does, in fear of when the next 6 hour long pedi mal/grand mal/pedi mal only able to be stopped by valuim seizure may come on again.

999 days ago


I'm an epileptic. You people are douches. I hope all of you get to experience those seizures that you think are so funny.

999 days ago


Seizures and Epilepsy should NOT be poked fun at, no matter who you are TMZ. That is exactly what you are doing with KH's mother.
KH doesn't need Grey's Anatomy due to her anatomy. She is a hottie with a body and I'd do very bad things to her that would make her beg for mercy. #TruthWoman

999 days ago

Epilepsy Is Not Funny    

Thanks for further proving how you guys are the biggest s***bags on the planet.

999 days ago


Liked her in Roswell and thought she was so beautiful; now I think she's a skank.

999 days ago


Not that I expect a certain level of class or dignity from a social media website that recently headlined a top story about donkey semen, but you've hit a new low in my book by making light of a very serious struggle many of us face called epilepsy. Like many others who commented, epilepsy is a daily struggle for my family as my three year old daughter has seizures multiple times a day since she was 16 months old. This is a very frustrating and oftentimes debilitating neurological condition for the patients and their families. I am sickened at this pathetic attempt of your staff at finding humor is this serious medical condition that turns peoples lives upside down where there may not be an end in sight.

999 days ago


Obviously no one at TMZ has ever been to the Vietnamese to get a mani/pedi. They have vibrating massage chairs, retards! TMZ - putting together silly stories like this because you have nothing better to report on a Monday is immature and ridiculous.

999 days ago


I'm a big fan of TMZ. My wife and I watch it everyday. However, I was kind of caught by suprise with the seizure reference in the story. Not really funny. My wife suffers from Dystonia and has had seizures the last 9 years or more. Making fun of people with disabilities or comparing to a disability for the sake of a joke isnt funny. Make fun of someone based on something they can change...!

999 days ago
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