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Kim Kardashian

Moving After Trespasser Scare

2/4/2012 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian mad
Kim Kardashian
was so freaked after a strange man rang the doorbell at her Beverly Hills home last weekend -- she has decided to dump the property entirely ... and find a new house ... in a gated community.

Sources tell TMZ, Kim's currently house shopping in several exclusive gated communities in the L.A. area -- including Bel Air ... and Mulholland Estates, where both Charlie Sheen and Paris Hilton own houses.

She hasn't made up her mind yet -- but we're told Kim now refuses to live in any house that doesn't have round-the-clock gated security.

TMZ broke the story -- cops were called to Kim's home late Saturday night, when a man showed up on her property with a bunch of luggage and rang the doorbell ... insisting Kim invited him to stay with her.


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Jessica Ramirez    

Wow cant they just leave her alone, just cuz shes kimberly kardashian doesnt make any difference she is still a regular human being who acoomplished her dream . . .

958 days ago


Packing up and moving because someone knocked on your door.. refusing to live in a house without 24 hour security.
It would be real interest to see that family loose all their money and have to work and live like the majority of us.

958 days ago


This is just a fake attempt to make people believe someone would be interested in stalking her. Where' the photo of the Stalker? There is none because there was no stalker. Prosecute KK for making a false police report.

958 days ago


The Kardashians put their entire life out for public viewing...They show their homes on TV and then get upset because someone seeks them out...If you want privacy stop showing your entire life (and everything else) on TV...Are not their 15 minutes of fame over yet??????

958 days ago


Do any pictures of her without her p(pie)-hole wide open exist?

958 days ago


No one is stalking this bitch she just wants attention. This so called man didn't sound like a stalker to me I believe she probably even set the whole thing up without him realizing it was a scam and tricked him into coming to her house, then plays the game like someone is stalking her. She is a very sick and sad woman, she has no real friends and 95% of the public hates her and her family. Ive never seen someone whose so desperate for fame and attention she wants her plastic, ugly face everywhere like shes someone special but shes really a nasty, dirtty, skank, whore whose only famous because she got pissed on. Not even Pari******on or the Jersey Shore cast are so desperate for attention like she is. Her 15 mins are over that's why her and her family keep making up stories about themselves so they can keep in the public eye. You made all that money which btw you dont deserve at all now just **** off and live a quiet life. I dont give a **** about her or her nasty, vile family but when I open a newspaper, magazine, or go on every channel and there faces are everywhere that what pissing me off, I cant watch or read anything without their ugly mugs there. Enough is enough.

958 days ago


It has been announced that the Kardashian-Humphries divorce, is likely to be televised.You can bet everyone will watch.This will serve to only increase her notoriety and infamy. Although the connotation will be negative in nature,the publicity will be a money maker for Kim.She will never salvage her tarnished reputation,but will continue to make money through her notoriety.America's scarlet woman!
The public always enjoy a great scandal~

958 days ago


Are we sure it wasn't Kris Humphies

957 days ago


I dont blame her, BUT if it was Me, I would Post signs, all trespassers will be Shot and If they Came on my Property, BYE BYE B@$T@RD...............I see a lot of Haters on here, LMAO. You people are so Unhappy in your Lives that you have to Dis on others, You are PITIFUL and Need to Get a Life!

957 days ago


Remember when Kourtney and Khloe prank Kris H,pay is a bitch,I'm just saying.Things have away of coming back to you.

957 days ago


Payback is a bitch.

957 days ago


it was probably kris humphries asking to move in.... you know he can only bring 2 bags lmao!!

957 days ago


You may call people haters or what ever but sometimes you just have to reap what you sow,look what her sisters did to her husband Kris they made his life a living Hell,a snake in his bed.Did you really think his Higher Power was going to let that go unpunish.He was frighten of the snake on his bed,and she was frighten of the stranger at her door.

957 days ago


Essie,so profound!! Love your observation. The harpy sisters,were so nasty ,rude and annoying.Karma,indeed!

957 days ago

not surprised    

firefly post#175: You are so right about your comment. I wish those few people that worship the K-Trash clan would wake up and realize that we are NOT jealous of the NOTHING that they have to offer to society, and that we do have a life that is much more fulfilling than being a Katrashian.When you go into a grocery store
and their discusting faces are plastered all over every magazine you pity them. When you see them attending functions that E-listers don't belong at, you pity them. When you see them doing charitable work with cameras in their faces you pity them. When you see them fake every aspect of their lives for greed and money, you pity them. When we post negative comments about them it's because we are trying to get the message out to their tween fans that they are toxic. Yes, I do dislike them and I did take the time to post this comment, because children are vulnerable and I don't want to see a child follow the path that the K-trash clan has chosen.This family is what is wrong with society today and the more they spread the message that it is o.k. to pimp yourself out for the mighty dollar, the more hatred they will endure, and the more children they will hurt. Oh. and when their tween fans say we don't know them, I'd like to inform them that we know EVERYTHING about them because nothing is sacred in their lives, every breath they take is in a book, magazine, or on tv. They need to take the money they have scammed and go away, I'm sure their pr team is ready for a well earned rest like the rest of us, those poor people must be exhausted!

957 days ago
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