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Kim Kardashian

I Will NEVER Date

Another Football Player

2/6/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian isn't secretly dating Mark Sanchez ... she's not interested in Tim Tebow -- in fact, sources tell TMZ, the reality star is completely DONE with football players in general ... all thanks to Reggie Bush.

In case you haven't heard -- there were reports Kim and Mark were seeing each other on the DL whenever she was in New York. There were other rumors Kim came on to Tim Tebow because of his old-fashioned values. But we're told ... it's all BS.

Sources close to Kim tell us, her break-up with Bush in 2010 was so rough ... she has lost her taste for NFL players entirely -- and has no plans to play the field in the near future.

Now that she's moved on from NBA players too ... she's only left with baseball, hockey, soccer and golf. Hey, Tiger's available!

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No Avatar

Its me    

@ Laurin:
You are SO RIGHT, Tim Tebow would NEVER, give her the pleasure!!!!!!! Tebow is a REAL MAN, and does NOT want a ho!! He wants a LADY, a REAL LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not TRASH!! That girl is all USED up, and really needs to get over herself, she ain't $%!t!!!!!

999 days ago

two cents    

Such a stupid woman. She will never learn. Yes, let's group ALL men together. A true dingbat. She will never find anyone, she's too damn selfish, self centered, egotystical, superficialy and downright idiotic. Let's hope she never breeds for the sake of all mankind. She's turn out to be a spinster like Paris Hilton. Thank goodness. Save some other poor sap from 72 days of misery.

999 days ago


Who cares? She's a filthy money grubbing pornstar. All the football players out there just breathed a sigh of relief...

999 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

She already slept with all of them. This is the only reason why she is moving on. She wants some new fresh meat. She shouldve known that Reggie Bush was not going to give her nasty *ss a ring! I'm sure it was embarrasing enough when he went into the locker room and all of the players compared notes with him. She needs to close her damn legs! Oh wait, her mouth too!

999 days ago


Surprised she hasn't gone after A-rod, both are selfish and perfect for each other. There are always pro bowlers too. What a skank.

999 days ago


It's time for the early Monday Morning forcast.
Today will be another nasty day of kardashian fall out. With a lot of hot air, blowing at a high rate of speed. It will be wet later in the day so be sure to wear your rubbers. Have a good day everyone, stay dry!


999 days ago


WTF, who cares please tell this skank to stay off of the air waves. What makes people care about idiots like this.

999 days ago


Go away you cheap slut the only reason you wont date a football player again is because none of them want your nasty ass. Your used goods. No man in their right mind would want her she is a very selfish and nasty person who only cares about herself and money. She will end up a very lonely, bitter, old woman with lots of money and nobody to enjoy it with.

999 days ago


TMZ-- another story!?!?!?! How much are they paying you and your staff.

Kim----never say never.

999 days ago


Hearing her say that is very comparable to Idiot Lindsay saying she's never stole before pleading guilty to theft. It's hilarious to hear two Idiots spewing nonsense to stay in the media. I'd love to kill both of them. They're a waste of societys' time. Cheap, used up tampons are more interesting. I'm surprised Khloe the Man-Cow hasn't just eaten her sister from another father. Kim needs to go on Jersey Shore and let loose. At least those IDIOTS just admit to being pathetic. Kim is in denial and thinks america loves her nasally voice and idiocy. Sorry Kim. America is sick and bored with you and your family. You are a washed up neverwas been like Lindsay.

999 days ago


I have never disliked a person so much that uses the "LIKE" word like it is going out of style. Have you ever heard her utter a sentence without the word like in it? It's like driving me crazy.

999 days ago


She's done half the NFL & Sanchez wanted NOTHING to do with her - hey kim you are a JOKE hahaha.

999 days ago


But I will screw him....

999 days ago


Any athlete who values their reputation and bank account will stay clear of Kim K and her family.

So tired of hearing about her and the rest of her slime ball family.

999 days ago


The players of the NFL says "THANK YOU AND THANK GOD".
TMZ, you HAVE to be on the Kardashian payroll.Does Kim call you every morning with an update??

999 days ago
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