Kim Kardashian Quiero estas características en mi próximo hombre ¿Estás escuchando, Odell?

Mi hombre ideal
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El matrimonio de Kim Kardashian con su ex marido Kanye West no funcionó, pero ella está abierta a encontrar el amor de nuevo ... Solo que esta vez tiene una lista muy estricta de requisitos que desea en su próximo hombre.

La estrella de los reality shows, que se rumorea está saliendo con Odell Beckham Jr., compartió lo que busca en su próxima pareja en el podcast de James Corden el jueves y dice que hay algunos rasgos que quiere en cualquier chico con el que vuelva a salir.

Solo una muestra de lo que ella espera en su próximo compañero: que sea responsable de sus acciones, que asuma sus responsabilidades, que la contenga, que no tenga que cuidar de él y, por último ... que tenga buenos dientes.

Kim le dijo a James Corden que no es tan ilusa como para pensar que alguien va a tener todos y cada uno de esos requisitos, pero asegura que es una lista bastante seria, ¡así que parece que Odell tiene mucho trabajo por delante!

En cuanto a si va a pasar por el altar de nuevo, Kim le dijo a James que no está segura. Sabe que se necesita a alguien muy "especial e único" para hacer frente a su épica y enorme vida. Sabe que es un gran compromiso y no lo toma a la ligera. Pero no hace falta decir que quienquiera que sea se divertirá mucho, o así es como Kim lo describe.

Ahora, Kim dice que no está desesperada por encontrar el amor, señalando que no se siente sola con sus 4 hijos, su trabajo y su familia. Por supuesto, también explica que sería bueno compartir su vida con alguien.

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Kim añade que aunque es una romántica empedernida, sabe lo que es una relación real, sobre todo porque se ha casado tres veces ya, por lo que está siendo cautelosa respecto a los rumores de que está saliendo con Odell Beckham Jr.

Dicho esto, ambos fueron vistos por última vez en la fiesta Fanatics en el Marquee Dayclub en el Cosmopolitan el pasado fin de semana. Aunque intentaron pasar desapercibidos, los pillamos en una fiesta donde Kim y OBJ se estaban dando un abrazo, aunque leve.

Cada vez más cercanos

Supongo que Odell tiene trabajo que hacer para asegurarse su confianza en el largo plazo, suponiendo que eso es algo que él quiera.


This Life of Mine with James Corden / SiriusXM

Kim Kardashian's marriage with ex-husband Kanye West didn't work out -- but she's open to finding love again ... only, now, she's got a super strict list of qualifications for the next one.

The reality star -- who's rumored to be dating Odell Beckham Jr. right now -- shared what she's looking for in her next man on James Corden's podcast Thursday ... and she says there are a few traits she wants in any new guy she starts dating seriously.

Just a taste of what she wants in her next fella ... being accountable for actions, taking accountability, holding her down, not having to babysit him and finally ... good teeth.

Kim tells JC she's not delusional enough to think that someone will check every single box ... but nonetheless, that's a pretty serious list, so it looks like Odell's got his work cut out for him!

As for whether she'll walk down the aisle again, Kim tells James she ain't sure ... and knows it'll take a  very "special, unique person" to deal with her huge, epic life -- 'cause she realizes it's a massive commitment and doesn't take it lightly. But, it goes without saying .. whoever comes along will have whole lotta fun, that's how KK puts it here anyway.

Now, Kim says she's not desperate for love -- noting she isn't lonely with her 4 kids, her work, and family. Of course, she explains it'd be nice to share her life with someone.

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Kim adds that while she's the biggest hopeless romantic out there, she knows what a real relationship is, especially since she's done the marriage thing three times now -- so as for the rumors she's dating OBJ, it looks like she's being cautious and taking it slow.


With that said ... they were last seen out together at the Fanatics Party at the Marquee Dayclub in the Cosmopolitan the past weekend. Even though they were tying to stay on the DL, we peeped them at a bash ... where Kim and OBJ went in for a hug, albeit a slight one.


Guess he's got his work cut out for him to try and secure her long-term trust -- assuming that's something he even wants.

Kim Kardashian 'Hanging Out' with Odell Beckham Jr

Kim Kardashian has started up a new friendship with NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. ... hanging out thanks to a group of mutual friends, TMZ has confirmed.

Sources connected to the pair tell us while Kim's not seriously dating anyone at the moment, she's absolutely open to finding love again if she finds the right person. However, the source insists OBJ is strictly a friend, and they've got a few mutual friends in common.

People was first to report the pair was "hanging out" ... noting OBJ and his longtime girlfriend Lauren Wood split. Our sources say the two actually broke up at the beginning of this year. Beckham and Wood welcomed their son, Zydn, in February 2022.

Unclear who the group of mutual friends consists of or how Kim and OBJ linked -- Beckham is currently a wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens. He played for the L.A. Rams in 2021 -- Kim went to a couple of the team's games -- at one point taking her son, Saint, to celebrate his birthday.

Kim's been publicly single since she and Pete split in August 2022 after about 9 months together ... and of course, she's been super busy as of late, balancing her life as a mom, and owner of a multi-billion-dollar brand in SKIMS.

That's a damn good looking friendship.

Kim & Pete We're Not Still in Touch ... Rekindling Stories Are BS

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have moved on -- at least for the time being -- from being a couple ... and are not still in communication, despite some recent reports.

Sources close to the former pair tell us stories that Pete's been reaching out to Kim in light of Kanye's latest episodes are flat-out false. In fact, we're told the two have not seen each other or been in communication at all lately.

Our sources say Kim and Pete would remain friendly if they came face to face, there's no bad blood, but each has their own things going on right now ... Kim with her work and kids and Pete with various movie and TV projects.

As for whether or not the two will ever get back together as a couple -- we're told that scenario is "highly unlikely."

It was back in August when we reported Kim and Pete were calling it quits after dating for 9 months. During their relationship, we saw them date bi-coastal while Pete got closer to Kim's 4 kids, they attended big events together and shared cute pics through social media.

Kim has not been dating anyone, at least publicly, since the split ... and we're told her attention has fully been on her kids while Kanye West continues to fall from public favor after his antisemitic rants, dragging of George Floyd and his family as well as wearing a "White Lives Matter" shirt.


Kim and Kanye's divorce is still going on, and if they can't come to a custody and property settlement by next month ... it'll go to trial, where Kim will almost certainly get everything she's asking from the judge.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Call It Quits After 9 Months Together

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are calling it quits on their relationship after 9 months together ... TMZ has confirmed.

Sources close to the couple say the pair decided to end things, and according to E!, who first reported the split, the pair's constantly busy schedules and distance apart made it really hard to keep up their romance.

As we reported, Pete had recently been spending lots of time down in Australia, where he's filming a movie, and Kim's balancing traveling and working around the World all while raising her 4 kids in Los Angeles.

Kim recently flew Down Under to see Pete after some time apart, but it's not clear if that's when the two decided to pull the plug on their relationship or if it was more recent.


TMZ broke the story ... Kim and Pete were first spotted together back in October when they hit Knotts Berry Farm in L.A. with some pals. From there, Kim visited Pete in his hometown of Staten Island, where the two dined on pizza and pasta at one of Pete's local spots.

After that, the relationship seemed to take off ... the two took vacations together, and were constantly jetting coast to coast to spend weekends in NYC and in L.A.

It was in April when Kim and Pete made their red carpet debut together at The White House Correspondent's dinner.

While we hadn't seen them together as of late, Kim recently posted a set of flirty pics of her and Pete -- seemingly reminding the world they were still a thing.

Multiple sources have told us Kim and Kanye are getting along lately, though their divorce is still moving forward. We're told it's highly unlikely they'd ever get back together again ... but never say never.

D.L. Hughley Pete's Antagonizing Kanye With Kim & Kids Tattoo


D.L. Hughley thinks Pete Davidson is out of line for getting the initials of Kim and Kanye's 4 kids inked on his neck.

We got the comedian at LAX and asked him about Pete's new tat, which seems to read "KNSCP" ... a collection of letters many believe stand for Kim, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm. BTW ... the initials of their kids are in order of descending age.

It's still unclear whether or not Kim co-signed on the new ink ... or had any idea Pete was doing it at all.

D.L. says it's a troubling decision from the 'SNL' star, given all the hostility between Kanye and his estranged wife's new boyfriend, and he's taking it as a shot across the bow from Pete.

D.L. says it's not fair to Kanye ... in fact, he says it's downright disrespectful.

D.L. has his kids' names tattooed on his body ... another reason why he would be really pissed off if he were in Kanye's shoes, and would have plenty to say about it ... which is interesting, because Kanye has so far remained mum.

Bottom line for D.L ... the ink is on Pete's body and he's dating Kim, but those are still Kanye's kids.

Pete Davidson Covered in Blood For New Movie ... Not A Kanye Video


Here's Pete Davidson bleeding all over the place as he films for his upcoming horror movie ... an image that would probably garner a standing ovation from Kanye West.

Pete's filming scenes for the new Miramax thriller "The Home" in New Jersey ... and the fake blood is a case of art imitating possible life for Kim Kardashian's boyfriend.

@kanyewest / INSTAGRAM

Remember ... Pete and Kanye are beefing over Kim, and it's getting ugly. Kanye's already made his fantasies about Pete well known, writing rap lyrics about beating PD up and imagining Pete's death and burial in the accompanying music video.

So, you'd think seeing Pete with a huge gash on his head and blood splattered all over his clothes would seem to be straight out of the mind of Kanye ... but it's just not.

Bloodied Pete Davidson, at least on this Jersey movie set, is the work of 'The Purge' creator James DeMonaco. In "The Home," Pete's character is Max, a troubled guy working at a retirement home who discovers the old folks and caretakers have some serious skeletons in their closets.

Pete's trying to keep his cool with Kanye ... and he's easing his nerves here, smoking a cigarette as he takes some direction between takes.

Gene Simmons Kanye Needs A Bitch Slap & A Hobby ... Get Over Kim and Pete!!!


Gene Simmons says Kanye West needs to man up and back off Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson ... and he thinks a bitch slap might just be the wake-up call Kanye needs.

We got the KISS rocker Thursday at Kings Road Cafe and gauged his opinion on Kanye's repeated online attacks aimed at his estranged wife and her new boyfriend, and Ye's behavior since the divorce.

Gene says Kanye needs to get a hobby other than obsessing over Kim and Pete ... and he suggests a slap to the face to set Kanye straight.

What's more, Gene finds it pretty childish for Kanye to be waltzing around in Miami with a new girl who just so happens to look like Kim ... and he's got a message for Chaney Jones too.

While Gene is siding with Kim and Pete here, he does acknowledge the fact something might be off with Kanye ... and points out Ye has admitted as much in the past.

Bottom line for Gene ... Kanye's not a bad guy but he just needs to back off, let Kim live her life, and think about how his behavior is affecting their 4 kids.

Kanye West I'm Burying Pete Davidson Alive ... Bizarre New Music Video

@kanyewest / INSTAGRAM

Kanye West appears dead set on burying Pete Davidson -- or at least the cartoon version -- he just imagined the burial of his ex-wife's boyfriend in a music video for a song where he rips the 'SNL' star.

Ye just dropped the music vid Wednesday for his song "Eazy" with The Game. The track features the verse, "God saved me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass" ... and the video shows animated Pete being buried alive by Kanye.

The video -- interestingly debuting on the very day the judge declared Kim and Kanye single -- is mostly clay animation and at one point, Kanye's character is dragging a body tied up by ropes with a bag over the head. Kanye then pulls off the bag to reveal Pete's face and sprinkles some rose seeds over his head.

Later in the video, Pete's got roses coming from his head, and the roses are loaded into the back of a pickup truck. The whole thing is a creepy connection to the truckload Kanye sent Kim Kardashian for Valentine's Day.

Kanye's not done sending not-so-subtle messages to Kim's BF ... the last 3 frames in the video feature another jab at Pete.


Remember, Kanye's been attacking Kim and Pete on social media ... and Kim mentioned the posts had caused "emotional distress" in her bid to become legally single.

Kim & Pete Early Valentine's Day Dinner Sealed with a Kiss!!!

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson don't appear to be sweating Kanye's barrage of attacks on social media -- sharing dinner and a kiss together -- the night before Valentine's Day.

The couple hit Cipriani NYC Sunday for dinner, bundled up to brave the cold temps, but did their best to keep each other warm with a little PDA. While Pete and Kim have been together for several months now, the new pic is actually the first time we've seen them kiss in public.

We should note, the two kissed during Kim's appearance on 'SNL' ... but it was all in good fun for an Aladdin skit.

From dinner, we're told Pete and Kim joined some friends -- including LaLa Anthony -- to hit up a Super Bowl party.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, Kanye continued to take shots at Pete, who he's now nicknamed Skete, telling fans Monday, "IF YOU SEE SKETE IN REAL LIFE SCREAM AT YHE LOOSER AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS AND SAY KIMYE FOREVER."

Not only that, Kanye also addressed his thoughts on Kim, posting, "I DON’T HAVE BEEF WITH KIM I LOVE MY FAMILY SO STOP THAT NARRATIVE IM NOT GIVING UP ON MY FAMILY."

It also appears Kanye and Julia Fox have split, the actress removed all pics she had with Kanye on her social media page, and we haven't seen them together in more than a week.

Kanye West Allegedly Spreading Rumor Pete Has AIDS ... Confused Pals Calling Pete

Kanye West's bizarre behavior might be at a new low -- he's allegedly telling friends Pete Davidson's suffering with AIDS, and while the false rumor's gotten back to Pete ... people close to Ye are denying it.

Sources close to Davidson confirm what DJ Akademiks claimed earlier this week, "Kanye's been telling everybody within earshot" that Pete has AIDS. We're told Kanye's claim has made for a few awkward phone calls between Pete and mutual friends he has with Kanye -- who are confused and disturbed by the childish behavior.

Youtube/King Akademiks

Our sources say Kanye's brutal diss track, where he raps, "God saved me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass" ... diss didn't come as much of a surprise to friends of either man, as he's been known to take shots in song.

But, those close to Pete are disturbed by the fact Kanye would allegedly use such a serious health issue to try and lash out at Pete.

However, one source close to Ye tells us the allegation he's spreading the rumor is "nonsense."

Yes, Kanye's made no secret of the fact he wanted to get back with Kim ... as recently as December he said as much during his concert at the L.A. Coliseum.

So, while everyone knows he's not thrilled about Pete dating his estranged wife ... the AIDS rumor would be taking this to a new level -- one that has folks close to Pete very concerned.

Eazy-E Kanye Diss Song Lives Up to My Dad ... Says Daughter Ebie

Kanye West did Eazy-E proud with his new diss song aimed at Pete Davidson -- so says the late MC's own flesh and blood, who hears the "gangsta" coming through on the record.

We got Eazy's daughter, Ebie, in L.A., who told us Ye and Game's new track, 'Eazy,' gets two big thumbs up from her ... and a cosign on behalf of the EE family at large, it seems. The reason ... she thinks her dad's street vibes and spirit are reflected in the song -- thus, living up to his legacy.


If you didn't know, 'Eazy' samples Eazy-E's famous single "Eazy-Duz-It," which isn't necessarily a song aimed at anyone in particular ... but definitely dabbles in G things.

With that in mind, Ebie says Kanye paid proper homage to her pops ... 'cause she thinks the single is pretty damn vicious -- which seems to be the overall consensus. Ebie has a lot of love for Ye here ... telling us he can't do any wrong in her eyes, and that her father would've absolutely loved contributing to this if he was still around.

As you've probably heard by now ... Ye announced, through the new track, he wants to beat Pete's ass, but the bigger takeaway seems to be what he said about Kim and their kids. If anything, it's more of a Kardashian diss than a PD diss -- 'cause KW got a lot off his chest about his estranged in-laws.

He claimed the Kardashians take too much credit in raising their respective broods, claiming the kids are mostly being brought up by cameras and nannies ... instead of "real family."

Kanye also took some shots at his kids ... who, he suggests, are spoiled and raised to get everything they want. Whereas the Kardashians prefer to pamper their little ones, Ye raps about preferring an old-school parenting approach (Top Ramen reference FTW) ... and Ebie digs it!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ebie was young when her dad passed, but it sounds like she can see the value in Ye wanting his children to come correct as they grow ... even if it means a little tough love.

Pete Davidson Brand Ambassador for L.A. Deli

Pete Davidson has been a walking billboard recently, for a sandwich shop in downtown L.A. ... and while he's getting no coins, he's showing lotsa love to the deli and its owners.

The folks at Uncle Paulie's Deli tell TMZ ... Pete doesn't have a stake in Uncle Paulie's, he's just good pals with Paulie, with something in common ... they're both from New York.

Pete was rockin' an Uncle Paulie's hat this week at the Knicks game.

The deli definitely appreciates the support from Pete ... fact is, he's the most famous walking sandwich board in America, and the publicity is worth a fortune.

The Knicks game wasn't a one-off. Pete recently wore a Paulie's hoodie and hat at Nobu in Malibu ... oh, and he ran into Martha Stewart and they posed for a photo.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's good/great timing ... the deli's opening 2 new shops in L.A. in the next month ... one on W 3rd St., and another in Studio City.

No baloney.

Kanye West Takes Shot at Pete Davidson in Song ... I'll Beat Your Ass!!!

Kanye West doesn't sound too cool with Pete Davidson dating his estranged wife -- and on the heels of him allegedly punching a fan, he's got a pretty heated message for the 'SNL' star.

Ye takes the jab at Pete on his new track with The Game called "My Life Was Never Eazy"  ... a snippet leaked on the Internet ... and in it, Kanye goes right at Kim Kardashian's new bae.

Kanye raps ... "God saved me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson's ass."

The leaked clip sounds kinda rough -- it's supposed to drop Friday night at 9 PM PT -- so, it's possible Kanye removes the line from the final edit ... he's known to make last-minute changes. Fans are speculating the single will be featured on "Donda 2" and Game's "Drillmatic" album ... as both rappers posted the clip.

Now, even if Ye cuts the line ... the fact he even recorded it says a lot about his feelings about Kim, and each of them moving on after their marriage.

It's not hard to figure out why Kanye might have beef with Pete. As you know, Kim and Pete have been out and about -- most recently grabbing pizza in L.A. this week -- and seem to be getting much closer.

Of course, Ye's also been very public about his relationship with Julia Fox ... they were out Wednesday night in Hollywood, and even kissed in front of a swarm of paparazzi.


But, as we reported ... a few hours later something or someone put him on edge, and he allegedly punched an autograph seeker outside his hotel in DTLA.

LAPD is now investigating Ye for misdemeanor battery.

Kim K Living That 'Sweet Sweet Fantasy' ... First Island Vacay with Pete

From the looks of it, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's first bae-cation is off to a great start ... and she's celebrating in a teeny bikini.

Kim went into selfie mode, posting a shot of herself laying out in a brown two-piece, and included the caption, "Sweet sweet fantasy baby."

We're sure Pete will co-sign on that -- as we've told you, the couple arrived in the Bahamas yesterday via a private jet and boat ... and they were all smiles as they touched down.

So far, they're enjoying some good vibes and relaxation, despite their trip coming just as Kim's ex-hubby, Kanye West, has been on a string of dates with actress Julia Fox -- they were all over Miami last weekend, before hitting NYC for dinner, at Carbone, and a Broadway play.

It's hard to ignore Kim and Julia might have the same taste (literally) -- Carbone is Kim K's fave restaurant and Julia's been decked out in Balenciaga ... which has become Kim's signature over the last year. 🤔

If the jury's still out on whether Ye and Julia are a true romance or just-for-show-mance ... Kim and Pete have definitely gotten more serious. Remember, a few weeks ago, they rented out a movie theater to watch "House of Gucci"... and this was no ordinary theater. It was the Staten Island cinema Pete's been going to his whole life.

And now, the lovebirds are letting their hair down and enjoying each others' company ... island style.

Kim K & Pete Davidson From Late Nights to the Early Morn ... Breakfast in L.A., Post-NY

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are officially a bi-coastal couple -- doing date nights in New York and breakfasts in California ... as evidenced in new photos.

We've obtained pics of Kim and Pete taken Tuesday morning at the Fountain Coffee Room in the Beverly Hills Hotel and looking like they just rolled out of bed. We're told the pics were taken around 7:30 AM PT, so it would seem they're both early risers.

Even more interesting, Pete's in town with Christmas only a few days away. It's unclear what his holiday plans are exactly -- we've been told Kim is going to be with her kids -- but his presence suggests ... maybe he'll stick around for Santa???

Of course, he could fly back to the East Coast in a flash if he wanted, but the fact he dropped in, even if it ends up being brief, just goes to show -- these two are quite serious.

The breakfast outing follows their very public date on Staten Island over the weekend ... where Kim and Pete rented out a private theater all for themselves, but not before being spotted by a ton of other moviegoers, who were snapping pics of them like crazy.

We'll see what the holidays hold for the new couple.

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