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Kim Kardashian

I Will NEVER Date

Another Football Player

2/6/2012 5:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian isn't secretly dating Mark Sanchez ... she's not interested in Tim Tebow -- in fact, sources tell TMZ, the reality star is completely DONE with football players in general ... all thanks to Reggie Bush.

In case you haven't heard -- there were reports Kim and Mark were seeing each other on the DL whenever she was in New York. There were other rumors Kim came on to Tim Tebow because of his old-fashioned values. But we're told ... it's all BS.

Sources close to Kim tell us, her break-up with Bush in 2010 was so rough ... she has lost her taste for NFL players entirely -- and has no plans to play the field in the near future.

Now that she's moved on from NBA players too ... she's only left with baseball, hockey, soccer and golf. Hey, Tiger's available!

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No Avatar


She says "DATE" now that doesnt mean she wont suck them off!

928 days ago


Dear TMZ, I mean Diary, today we filmed the last of the re-re-re-editing of my fake marriage to Kris Humpries. I just don't understand, like, why don't people like me anymore? Why are our businesses all failing? Why aren't people buying magazines with my gorgeous pictures on the covers? I wonder if Donald Trump would boff/pee on me? Maybe Mitt Romney? Will have to discuss at the next family meeting to see who I can do to get back on top...

928 days ago


After taking on so many football and basketball players guys are getting a little scarce so it looks like kimmy needs to hire a beard. But this beard will have to be a gay guy because the straight ones won't come around anymore. He'll have to play two parts if he wants to be hired. One as a lap dog that will do her bidding and the other to pretend to be her boyfriend and do her bidding. Either way they will be on a leash, told what to do and what to say and when to say it. Oh yeah!the good news for this guy, No Sex, she saves that for the team.

928 days ago


She may neve DATE another football player, but she'll definitely f**k her fair share of 'em.

928 days ago


I'd be willing to bet she is saying this because these guys didn't want nothing to do with her. Yes sweetie, not everyone wants you! Welcome to the real world.

928 days ago


They saw what she did to Kris. She's no catch. Any sports figure with any self respect wouldn't touch her.

928 days ago


I think I have figured Kim out. This ordinary girl hung out with Paris Hilton in the beginning to get her name out there. She learned from the best how to use people to her advantage. She then had plastic surgery for all the wrong reasons. Some guys like big butts so Kim gets a big butt, Changes her nose and facial features to where she no longer looked like herself. That right there tells you she has problems if she isn't happy with herself from the start. She looks for that adoration from the men by dangling her boobs their faces. It's all a "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME" for attention. But no man will love her more than she loves herself now. Now that she has made herself into what she thinks is a sex goddess. More beautiful than all others. Her Tweet said it all when she posted that picture that said, "To sexy to Tweet?" Gag! She was believing her own hipe. She loves herself so much that there isn't room for anyone else. She's a stingy, self serving, lying, sucking blowhard. And it's time for her last curtain call. Let's hope that it comes down on her head as a final statement.

928 days ago


The white wedding dress that Kim wore at her wedding was the only white thing to touch her body since high school. Tebow? No way! No white man would touch that lard a$$.

928 days ago


I couldn't care less if she dug a hole and buried herself in it.

928 days ago


Who gives a darn KIM, your a fraud and would smoke the next ball player coming; football, basketball, hockey, tennis....but who really cares...

928 days ago


on behalf of the nft, nba, mlb, little league, girl scouts, and my reading club... we thank you, kim. please keep your word this time.

928 days ago


She won't date anymore NFL players because NONE of them want to be seen with her.

928 days ago


Eat **** and die Bitch!!

928 days ago


whatever!! STFU Kim!!

928 days ago


Whew..glad we got that out in the open, looks like she will continue to focus on the NBA. The K's are so desperate for a "win" in the PR column these days...just remember Kim..if all else fails you can always try the sex tape thing again.

928 days ago
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