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Gisele's BIG Mouth

Makes Her "Yoko Bundchen"

2/6/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gisele Bundchen's blasting of Tom Brady's teammates sparked a major debate -- should wives of professional athletes keep their mouths shut when it comes to the team? And is Gisele now the Yoko Ono of the Patriots?

Plus, M.I.A.'s middle finger could cost her big money -- but is everyone overreacting to one little middle finger? Most people didn't even see it!

Also, is it bad to adopt a 7'5" high school basketball player because he could make millions in the NBA? Harv doesn't think so -- you gotta hear his explanation.

(0:00) Important Super Bowl breakdown ... of Eli Manning and Tom Brady's looks.
(5:40) The Patriots dropped the ball in the fourth quarter ... literally ... and kissed their SB dreams goodbye.
(7:40) Gisele rips the Pats receivers after the game -- should she have kept her mouth shut?
(19:24) Madonna's halftime show -- Harvey didn't watch it, Charles wasn't impressed, and Kelly loved it.
(21:30) Evan loved one thing about the halftime show -- the crazy tightrope dancer ... whose genitals are fine, by the way.
(26:00) M.I.A.'s middle finger -- John calls it the cheapest Super Bowl commercial of them all.
(32:30) A 17-year-old basketball player from Senegal is 7'5" -- so the ridiculous question ... is it wrong to adop a future NBA superstar in order to profit of him later?
(36:01) There are no secrets on TMZ Live -- Harvey learns the hard way when trying to crack an offensive joke to Charles.


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Madonna, with special guest appearances by… relevance.

992 days ago


I would imagine that the conversation in the locker room by the coaches went the same way; "Why can't you catch the ball?" No, wait, how 'bout, "Why can't you catch the f*cking ball?!" Enemies of the Patriots? Please...I'm sure she couldn't care less. You don't want a woman's opinion...don't stick a microphone in front of her.

992 days ago

Cheryl A.    

The half time show was pretty non-eventful except for that pitiful finger. If Elton John or even Neil Diamond had performed they would have garnered a LOT more excitement, even though they are both much older then Madonna.

992 days ago


Oh Gisele, now,now, dont you worry your pretty little head about such important matters.

992 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

That's messed up that the NY fans dissed Gisele goading her into blaming the receivers. One thing Gisele should have known is that you win or lose as a collective team. How's Tom supposed to go into the locker room and face his teammates knowing what his wife said. This can easily cause internal resentment on the team.
Bag move Gisele. Bad move. Talk all the crap you want in private, but zip the lip in public!

992 days ago

Ghost Rider    

The be all, end all answer to Fridays question as to what band got better and soared to greater heights with a change in original singers is Iron Maiden. Max shouldnt argue with that one!

992 days ago


Gisele turned to someone who was with her and said it. She didn't turn and yell it at the guys who were saying that Eli owned her husband. If she had screamed it out, then it would matter, but for this to even be an issue is simply rediculous.

992 days ago


The Beatles ruined Yoko Ono.

992 days ago


She just internationally made Tommy sound like a sniviling little baby. That you keep to yourselves. You don't publically diss his team mates. They are upset enough without her crap.

Of course the Patriots were disapointed. This is a team sport and it takes the team to loose. They are really mad because it was the Giants who beat them again.

The Giants simply outplayed them again in a 2nd Super Bowl. That's the biggest ouch of all.

When these 2 teams play regardless of who wins or looses you can count on a hell of a football game.

992 days ago


I think M.I.A. should pay any fine but it doesn't really matter to her because the publicity she has received is worth it to her whatever the fine turns out to be. Madonna must be pissed that she was upstaged in terms of media attention today. Madonna has already been forgotten.

992 days ago


Is Giselle really from a Nazi family? Tom should have married Bridget Moynihan, she seems much nicer, and she wouldn't have ordered a 31 mil mansion.

992 days ago


Please on your "Who would Rather" add or NOT AT ALL thank you big (not fat) fan

992 days ago


Hey - why did you change the podcasts...the bestest, best part is the banter while getting ready for the next segment or talking about the last. Can you just let-r-roll please?

992 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Hmm. I wonder what ridiculously set-up 'BREAKING NEWS' rubbish Evan will interrupt with today.

992 days ago


Bundchen is a total self-centered narcissist. She was only upset because she couldn't bask in the glory of her husband's victory. Hence the odd and uncomfortable and staged photo opp where she horns in on the scene by going to her husband. All the while she's peeking out to make sure the cameras are on her.

She comes across as neither kind or compassionate. And please, I don't want to hear from Bundchen groupies who blather on about her humanitarian efforts. She comes across as a total uncaring bitch who is un-self aware. She needs therapy.

992 days ago
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