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Zsa Zsa Gabor!

Happy 95th Birthday!!

2/7/2012 8:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Recent photo of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Birthday is today.Here's a photo of Hollywood legend Zsa Zsa Gabor enjoying herself at her 95th birthday party in Bev Hills yesterday ... a party thrown by her hubby Prince Von Ahole.

Zsa Zsa stayed behind closed doors during the festivities ... while Prince and his guests enjoyed a bunch of German food, some champagne and some chocolate cake.

Von Ahole called the event, "A celebration of my wife's life."

During the event, partygoers belted out a rendition of "Happy Birthday" ... even though ZZ wasn't around to hear it ... because she was resting ... in peace.


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The prince really is an AHOLE

988 days ago


another poor taste article

988 days ago


She and her 2 sisters(Ava and Magda))were once stunningly beautiful actresses.She was very vain (take note Kim.K.)and would be mortified to be seen this way.Her face is so pulled from plastic surgery.Not kind to display this photo.Aging is unforgiving.Who wants to live THAT long?

988 days ago


That is awful that you posted this picture. Where is the respect for one of Hollywoods legends. Shame on you and your bad taste, especially since we all know how she felt regarding her appearance.

988 days ago


Really? This is just mean. Not cool.

988 days ago

Mary Zelinsky    

I wish you guys would not post such pictures as this one of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Do you have no human decency? Let's remember her as she was, a beautiful and sexy woman. Who the hell gives a crap about how she looks now? You guys could have just written the birthday story without her picture.

988 days ago

Pudding Tang    

it's the price you pay for fame, life under a microscope and everything about you is for sale

988 days ago


Once again TMZ, you are being disrespectful. Great example for the young people on your show. You teach them to have no respect for those who are sick and dying. What goes around comes around. Terrible......

988 days ago


What is heartbreaking is that Prince Von A-Hole will "celebrate" her BD with friends, yet not include Zsa Zsa. If ZZ is well enough to have her photo plastered all over the internet, then A-Hole should have included her in HER party. But then again, he's not interested in ZZ, just the $ she still takes in from residuals. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZSA ZSA. Thank YOU for all the good times you shared with us all.

988 days ago


Shame on you for showing this picture! Zsa Zsa, was a stunner back in the day, and would he HORRIFIED if she knew! Shame on you TMZ.

988 days ago


I think her so called husband is just evil. He knows that she would not want to be seen in hospital beds, looking like that. He has just mooched off her money for years, he's a pathetic excuse for a man.

988 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Those of you making jokes about her appearance should live so long. We all age (IF you're lucky)

I am happy to read that most comments are in favor of Miss Zsa Zsa.

988 days ago


its her birthday, and prince pig, is taking her picture ,then celebrating with other people, are you kidding me ,what kind of man does that? and who are the idots having a party with that ass ?she was a movie star that always looked beautiful ,and he thinks she would like this picture showing her to the public .I bet you she has no Idea what this pig is doing.remember he was anna nicole smiths ,baby daddy,he wants attention and tmz is giving it to him.anyway happy birthday zz.and if someone ever invaded my privacy like this,I would crawl to the nearest lawyers office,and have this moron removed from my home,where is her daughter?she should do something about this.

988 days ago

sweet Tee    

Why would you make fun of a 95 year old woman? Would you make fun of your own grandmother for being old? People should be ashamed... Zsa Zsa was a beautiful lady in her day, and has gone through hell the past few years with her health. I don't think there's anything funny about how she looks. What is a 95 year old woman SUPPOSED to look like in your opinion?!? God Bless her :-) Happy Birthday Zsa Zsa xoxo

988 days ago

not surprised    

Harvey, why don't you post a picture of your mother or grandmother at 95 (if they lived that long) and let the public make fun of them. This is a disgrace to a great Hollywood movie star. She is what we really are supposed to look like when we age naturally, not like these plastic filled youth seeking stars of today. You should be ashamed of yourself for displaying this picture for some heartless people to make a mockery of. You need to take this picture down and let this woman live out the rest of her life without darts being thrown at her heart. She is a human being with feelings, do you know what that means Harvey?

988 days ago
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