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Blue Ivy

I'm Ready for My

1st Close Up!

2/10/2012 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce and Jay Z have finally posted photos of Blue Ivy Carter
This is what the heir to a hip-hop fortune looks like ...

Beyonce and Jay Z have finally posted photos of Blue Ivy Carter .. which appear to have been taken at their pimped out suite at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC.

The Carters posted a note along with the pics which reads, "We welcome you to share in our joy."

Blue Ivy was born on January 7th.

It appears Beyonce color coordinated for the shoot with Blue Ivy ... check out her blue fingernail polish.


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18 years from now that little baby is going to write a hell of a "tell all" book.

924 days ago


I call BS on this, where is the baby's mittens that ALL newborns have on, look at that baby, come on, there is a reason they blurred out Beyonce's face. Beautiful baby though.

924 days ago


I think she looks like Jay Z! doesn't she?

924 days ago


You stupid, no-nothing people. First - black children are usually born with VERY light complexions - particularly if one parent is light. Second - black children almost always have straight or wavy (not kinky) hair when born (white babies are usually bald and asian baby hair sticks up). Lastly - some babies struggle to see, when born, others enter the world very wide-eyed and alert. Dumb-idiots - think you know what a newborn is supposed to look like...oh, and they all do not have cone-heads. Neither of mine did.

924 days ago


Def not a black baby... looks filippino or some asian/black mix baby. NOT Beyaawwnce's kid, a surrogate 110%. She looks done up for a fotoshoot --- both Beyaawwwnce and kid. Fake swagger jacker like her mom! #Truth!!

924 days ago


does it matter how old she looks?? jealous people get over it...adopted, naturally conceived or not its their baby, their business

924 days ago


I remember when I gave birth I could barley hold the baby my boobs hurt so bad because of the milk. I see no Iv's or no signs that she had one place in her arm or on her hand.( that still remained after I gave birth. Also there are a catheter in you so you can pee because you are so raw and sensitive. This is how normal women give birth but we all know she is superwoman.

This chick never had any weight gain that was noticeable and was able to wear skinny jeans. I would like to offer congrats to the surrogate who carried the baby and went through labor. She is one of the most photographed women in the world and throughout her 5 months of pregnancy there was not one picture of her going into a doctors office but that manage to catch her at every concert and fashion event. I will say that is a cute baby whoever the hell it belongs to.

924 days ago

Timmy Boy    

photo is fake. baby doesnt even look black. i expect these two to produce black babies. if you ask me, jay z is as black as they come. that baby does not look afro.

924 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Leave it to Beyonce to have a gorgeous ready-for-a-baby-modeling-career baby. It was really sweet of them to share their precious bundle with us and very classy of them not to sell the pictures to the highest bidder.

924 days ago


White baby!! White baby!

924 days ago


i still say a surrogate was involved....

924 days ago


Last time - to everyone who is NOT BLACK - you cannot judge what a newborn black baby looks like - since you have NEVER seen one. I am black, my kids father is black - yet one of my kids was the same complexion as Blue Ivy with grey/green eyes. Looks EXACTLY like the dad - only very light. Never got darker. STILL gets people asking every day: Are you mixed/bi-racial...answer NO!

924 days ago


That is definitely a black baby. Look at her lips. White people need to stop saying that's not her baby. I will inform you on a secret in the black community. All our babies come out pale. We can tell the real color of the baby by its fingers and ear color. It doesn't take long for the babies to get darker. A few weeks. The hair will stay straight and smooth or with loose curls a few weeks too. It will either eventually get kinkier or retain a loose curl. Beyonce's sister''s baby was light skinned and he looks like a little peurto rican. That comes from beyonce's mothers lineage. She is a very fair skinned black woman. Beyonce's baby's ears are golden color like beyonce. She will be a red boned baby girl.

What makes me an expert- Been black all my life. Seen alot of newborn babies black and mixed ones too. They all were pale. But, the ear trick is a giveaway for telling babies true skin color.

924 days ago


That baby is looking at her like who the hell are you.

924 days ago


thats not his seed all hell bout to break loose

924 days ago
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