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Gabriel Aubry

Custody in Jeopardy

2/10/2012 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gabriel Aubry has been orderd to appear in Dependency Court because authorities are concerned about his ability to safely care for his child ... TMZ has learned.

Aubry is in court right now and the appearance was triggered by the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services' investigation into allegations that Aubry is guilty of child endangerment.

Sources tell TMZ ... the DCFS investigation goes beyond an incident in which Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny who was holding 3-year-old Nahla.

We're told DCFS is concerned about Nahla's safety in the care of Gabriel and that is why he was ordered to appear in Dependency Court.

We're told no ruling has been handed down ... yet.

10:48 AM PST -- TMZ has learned ... Nahla now has legal counsel that has been appointed by the court to represent her in the hearing.


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New Orleans    

Is your proof reader on vacation? Jeez, TMZ. This is yet another evil Halle trick. Stop getting your info from Team Berry and support Nahla and her dad. She's lucky to have him.

895 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

This guy is a no good gigolo.

Also, a "hot white", per that Jersey Shore trash.

895 days ago


Halley Berry is trying so hard to strip that poor of of custody od that lil girl. When the child grows up and hate her for it thaen make excuses for her action....Didn't knew she was such a B%tch!!!!

895 days ago


Obviously, the public don't know everything about this matter.

895 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I honestly hope Halle Berry goes to Hell for this.

895 days ago

Keyser Söze    

So it has started...

Whatever he does, Aubry cannot win - the whole system is set up so fathers always lose. When there's clearly huge issues with Berry's overall stability - mental and otherwise - as a parent/person, DCFS just disregards her and solely focus on her ex. I mean, do you realize that Halle's team actually acknowledged this week that she has huge security issues and a bunch of psychos going after her (hardly believable, that last one, but let's go with it), yet the DCFS doesn't seem to think that HER ability to care about the safely of her daughter is a big deal?

I'm telling you, he can't win... and the biggest loser out of them all? Nahla, of course. Way to make sure your baby turns out just as screwing as you are, Berry.

895 days ago


Goodness. Halle would have never allowed courts to treat Gabe this way before. Now that she's finnished with him, he's like dirt under her feet. Just like all her other love interests, and all the rest to come. Scarey Berry?.?.

895 days ago


Other sites reported days ago that DCFS recommended Gabriel lose unsupervised visitation but the judge has yet to rule - is this what you're talking about? That wouldn't mean he'd lose joint custody (though Halle has asked for that), but could be required to have supervised visitation.

895 days ago


Berry should burn in hell for this. She's not protecting her kid she's persecuting the father. Let's see the nanny is in Berry's employ and no one else witnessed this assault. Berry is desperate to move to France which again she says is ultimately for protection of her child. Berry has a French boyfriend but we are expected to believe that has nothing to do with her desire to live in France. Put the pieces together and you have an opportunistic bitch willing to use her daughter for her own vindictive ends. Aubry loses custody on the word of her employee and Berry is free to run to France. Let's hope the judge is smart enough to see through this set up.

895 days ago


This poor little girl is being deprived her father.
Shame on Halle!!
Just because Halle has decided to switch partners the little girl has to do what ever Mother wants?
Nahla LOVES her father I doubt Nahla judges him.
Nahla is daddy's little girl!!

895 days ago


Haven't we seen quite a few pictures of him coming out of his house sober and looking after his daughter? suspect that Halle is going to put him through the wringer. A damn tight one. As a victim of a 5 year divorce with custody at stake, the vindictive ex can outspend you, but the truth is always seen. Unfortunately, he will have to jump through all of the hoops.

895 days ago


Wow!...they could atleast give this guy some vaseline to ease his pain...because we all know what they are doing to him!...if Halle Berry didn't want a baby daddy, she shoulda went to one of those clinics and paid the fee...not use this guy for his good looks and then try to dump him off like garbage!

895 days ago

Cheryl A.    

More Hellish Berry BS. Always on a Friday too so Mr. Gabriel can stew about it all weekend. That child certainly never looks afraid of her daddy, always has her head on his shoulder. I hate Helly a little bit more every day.

895 days ago


it is just sad when a child is in the middle of this - being treated like property where 2 people are fighting over and wanting a judge to declare who owns the kid. so sad ! no winners in these cases.

895 days ago

tracy davis    

I'm still not buying it. Maybe Gabriel is not a saint and may have some issues (most likely brought on by Halle's own mental issues), but I think he has been set up to fail. There are too many stories floating around about Halle for some of her craziness not to be true. I also think Halle has some powerful handlers (people who can make things or people disappear) who are helping to pull strings in this case. Best of luck Gabriel!

895 days ago
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