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Gabriel Aubry

Custody in Jeopardy

2/10/2012 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Gabriel Aubry has been orderd to appear in Dependency Court because authorities are concerned about his ability to safely care for his child ... TMZ has learned.

Aubry is in court right now and the appearance was triggered by the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services' investigation into allegations that Aubry is guilty of child endangerment.

Sources tell TMZ ... the DCFS investigation goes beyond an incident in which Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny who was holding 3-year-old Nahla.

We're told DCFS is concerned about Nahla's safety in the care of Gabriel and that is why he was ordered to appear in Dependency Court.

We're told no ruling has been handed down ... yet.

10:48 AM PST -- TMZ has learned ... Nahla now has legal counsel that has been appointed by the court to represent her in the hearing.


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Halle Berry is behind all of this.What a CUN?. I thought she was different ...guess not.

956 days ago


Abby DCF can't intervene unless someone (Halle) makes a complaint or accusation against him. Do you really think Halle, or someone in her camp is above making a phone call with false or exaggerated accusations against the father? She certainly wouldn't be the first ex to do such a thing. Don't be so naive as to think that obviously the involvement of DCF means this guy is unstable or a bad parent. Especially bad enough to lose custody or even be saddled with supervised visitation. I've had family who have done the same thing, one even lied about abuse and sexual assault. It's a good thing that Nalah has been appointed her own counsel by the courts.

956 days ago


The child's SAFETY is important here. CA cannot let this little girl down. Look what happened to the innocent little boys in Washington state.

956 days ago


It is so nice to see so many medical and legal professionals take time from their busy schedules and without collecting their normal high priced fees to give their opinions on such weighty matters as who is crazy and Child and Family welfare. Good on you. Good grief people. Shakes head.

956 days ago


Did Halle buy children and family services, like she did with the nanny? Halle always the victim, broken foot, roof leaks, people are after me, my babys daddy, is a mean man, I'm getting married to a French man!! But Gabriel, is investigated by DCFS!!Nahla needs to be with her daddy!!!

956 days ago


He already has supervised visitation duh!!!

956 days ago


So now a 3 year old is going to be coached by her crazy mom to hate Dad. Way to go Halle, you are a classy gal.
It will be important for her to appear at the academy awards, though...before leaving for France, of course.

956 days ago


I'm sure the nanny has all sorts of stories now. And TMZ you are really pushing the stalker story too. I hope the beach house she's buying is safe.

956 days ago


What kind of legal system even allows money and celebrity to tap dance on a father's parental rights?
Halle's treatment of the father and her child is sad and inexcusable. This Gabriel fellow needs to get a psychiatric assessment of Ms. Berry.
How can she slander him repeatedly and get away with it?

956 days ago


Charging her sperm donor and wanting to get away to France. LOL. Hittin' and runnin' Halle has not changed. And yeah why is it safe for Nahla to be with a mom who has 2stalkers and some kind of serious house problems?

956 days ago


Wut ?? Not quite sure what this story is all about. He is now in Dependency Court ? WTH does that mean ! He was currently being investigated, he had/has supervised visits, and was not striped of any joint custody, and now suddently DCSF is concerned about Nahla's safety ? Is this another sad attempt at Halle trying to rip the child from Gabriels life ? Did her and Oliver pull their funds together to pay DCSF off ? I call BS ! If the child was in danger while in Gabriels custody, she would not be hugging and loving on her father. It is clear the child loves her father.

This entire story is just BS. We all know he is doing what he has been ordered to do by the courts, now why dont they let it all play out, and wait to see what the outcome is, after parenting classes, after anger management counseling. FFS, give the guy a friggen break, and the chance to do what he was ordered to do, and has agreed to do !!

Halle Berry Sucks Ass ! And so does the DCSF for that matter !!!

956 days ago


What a crock!. She evidently loves her Daddy and does not appear afraid of him. Just Halle wanting to get Gabe out of Nahla's life.

956 days ago


this is just wrong, this is what the justice systems does when there is a high power actress pulls her weight. the person i feel most for is the daughter. she wants to move to France w/bf and her daughter.surprising not too long after the judge order counseling for all of them not just daddy. no one finds that a little to early for her wanting to move. she is afraid what her daughter will say in therapy. something she wont have any control over. which drives her nuts. daddy had no problem to go to angermanagement classes which means he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep seeing his daughter that you can clearly see he loves with all her fault. as for the nanny i don't believe for a second he would have pushed her while she was holding his daughter. if you see all the photos from the paps. he is always holding onto her tight and trying to shield her from them. unlike mommy, she loves the attention. makes her like she is a doting mother which she isn't. i used to like her, but the moment she got all nasty to the daddy and wanted to control the visits wanting to have the last and final say on the nanny's that told me right then and there she wasn't really wanting the best interest in her daughter. she has done everything in the play book to keep daddy away from her. i really hope he judge sees this for what it is and rules against her. it would break this child's heart if she couldn't see her daddy on a regular basis. funny though how she doesnt want to daddy to have anything to do with his daughter unless it is convient for her. when she is out vacationing with her b/f or out to dinner with b/f then when she wants to act like a "concerned" parent then she is all over him like fly's on crap. Nahla does have a voice and i am sure can speak up for herself in something isnt right with mommy or daddy. which i will go back to the counseling that they were required to do. Mommy doesn't want that. i really hope they don't take his visitations away.

956 days ago


Are you people insane? Do you personally know this guy? So how you can ASSUME he's this great parent? Just because he's not treating his daughter badly in PUBLIC, doesn't mean he's a great father. You're defending this guy, and forming a lynch mob mentality against Halle, but YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT GOES ON BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. I would say that the only mentally unstable people are the ones on this board. You're accusing Halle of being mentally sick, but look at the vitriol and hatred you spew toward a woman and blindly defend a guy you don't even know...That's not being mentally sick in the head? Pot calling the kettle black.

956 days ago


This woman who we can loosely call "actress" seems to have no shame at all. She is trying everything she can think of to obtain single custody of that little girl. She has enough money, power and press connections to most likely get away with it too. Absolutely disgusting.

956 days ago
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