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Gabriel Aubry

You Can't Be Trusted Alone

... With Nahla

2/10/2012 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gabriel Aubry
is being watched ... watched by a monitor whenever he's with Nahla ... 'cause a judge ruled he can't be trusted with the child alone, at least for now.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle Berry's baby daddy was ordered into Dependency Court today after the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services concluded its investigation. As we reported, DCFS not only looked at an incident in which Gabriel allegedly pushed a nanny while she was holding Nahla, but other incidents as well.

We're told DCFS had information that Gabriel had yanked the baby from the nanny's arms on at least one occasion and screamed at Nahla multiple times.

We're told DCFS had extensive information that it had reviewed and then recommended a monitor for Gabriel when he has Nahla.

We're told .. the judge agreed this morning and put the monitor in place after a hearing.


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Halle won't rest till she removes him from Nahla's life.

986 days ago

right straight    

She's not safe in the car with Halle either...I hear even Asian people honk at her.

986 days ago


This is what happens when you have indiscriminate sex.You get a milk chocolate baby to fight over!!!

986 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...poor lil girl..all this drama in such a young life..and sounds like it will go on forever with her parents! sucks!

986 days ago


And how many children in LA County are being beat right now?

986 days ago


Can you lock nannies up for exaggerating in order to please their rich and powerful employers ?

986 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I don't know if the Autism angle I read about today is true, but it would help make sense of this whole thing. Initially Gabriel and Halle agreed to the presence of a nanny whenever Nahla was with her dad. Maybe that had to do with her being a special needs child. As for what TMZ is reporting about Gabriel, we can't believe that because it is clearly coming from Halle's people whose full time job is to make Gabriel look bad. If he were actually an abusive parent Halle would surely have him stripped of visitation in no time.

986 days ago


I believe Halle, and in any event it's not worth taking ANY chances when it comes to a child.

986 days ago


Hally has been married and divorced three times - twice to serial cheaters, a third time to someone with apparent anger issues, among other things - and now she's engaged to yet another (legendary) womanizer. Too bad there isn't a judge who can restrain Halle from making her endless, incredibly stupid life choices. Poor Nahla...

986 days ago


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986 days ago


Jeez. Halle's life this year sounds a lot like one of those soap operas like "Days of Our Lives" or whatever. Plenty of drama.

At least they caught that crazy stalker that was after her. I'm sure that's a huge relief. Maybe she can sleep without that shotgun under her bed tonight. Her state of the art security system should do the job of keeping the bad guys out.

Now she has to deal with her ex-boyfriend who appears to have violent tendencies. I bet Halle is getting sick and tired of having to worry about people hurting her in some way ... inside her house OR outside her house.

Halle probably needs to see her therapist 3 times a week these days. Can't blame her for wanting to move somewhere else where she can feel safer.

986 days ago


....I am willing to wager the lives of all you pathetic peasants that if the man in question were to be black--- all you would want him hanged from is probable humongous black testicles.

Memo to the stupid and/or retarded:

Many white men have been known to have raped, molested children, and have even murdered a few folks. For those amongst you who believe that white men are immune and exempt from such human depravities....Artofwar

986 days ago


Injustice!!!!Nahla, should be with her daddy, Gabriel!!!Halle bought DCFS!!!

986 days ago


hogwash.....they went by the nanny's testimony......I seriously doubt that Gabriel screamed at his daughter...He probably bossed the nanny around out of frustration of having her around, like he's retarded or something...No doubt he probably has been hitting the bottle pretty heavy, dealing with Halle......I call BS.......

986 days ago


so money wins again nothing new in fear the kid riding in a car with halle she may do a hit and run again.

986 days ago
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