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Bobbi Kristina

Denied Access to See

Whitney's Body

2/11/2012 11:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina got into an angry shouting match with police officers outside the hotel room where her mother was found dead ... TMZ has learned.

According to law enforcement sources ... Bobbi Kristina showed up on the 4th floor of the Beverly Hilton several hours after Whitney's death. We're told when officers informed her no one was allowed to see the body -- BK screamed, cursed and demanded to see her mother.

Ultimately, she was not allowed into the room and left. We're told Whitney's cousin Dionne Warwick also showed up later. She too was turned away by officers.

As we reported earlier ... other family members and friends -- who were in the room when authorities arrived -- identified Whitney's body.


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Such a talent and one gone too soon. If reports are true perhaps it would have been more troubling for her daughter to see her and that is why they did not want her to see her right then which to me is fine/It may have been too much for her we don't know. She was someone's daughter and Mother and I hope many remember that in the coming days.....

992 days ago


This was inevitable. Remember kids - DRUGS ARE BAD!!!
It looks as though her daughter is on the same track.....sad.

992 days ago


It is inexcuseable that Bobbi Christina was not allowed to see her mother in that hotel room!!! WTF is wrong the the GD Los Angeles Police Dept????? I'd be screaming and cursing if it was MY mother too! Another one of the MANY reasons that L.A. SUCKS! RIP Whitney.

992 days ago


Whitney Houston was murdered
Madona ritual sacrifice
Whitney blood sacrifice
REST in PEACE Whitney! Jesus loves you!

The Ritual Sacrifice Of Whitney Houston
Posted on 12/02/2012
A few days ago, I posted an articleLondon Olympics 2012 Ritual Sacrifice in which I wrote :
“So who will be the sacrifice ? The theme for this year appears to be Goddess worship, with Madonna channelling an Egyptian pharaoh at the Super Bowl and the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth on 6th Feb, so I imagine it will be connected to the feminine . It may not even be an individual but will be linked in some way with females . If it is an individual, she will be a big name .”

992 days ago


Her precious daughter should have been allowed to see her mother, also Dionne as well. Police could have been present with the family "if" there was a question of what their intentions were.
When my Daddy died suddenly at age 53, in his sleep, the paramedics tried to stop me from seeing him as well. I went ballistic on them and they stepped aside. It was some closure for me and I was not grossed out by seeing him that way, I had to actually see him to make my mind understand the sudden and unexpected way he died. The police were wrong in my opinion.

992 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"We're told when officers informed her no one was allowed to see the body ...BK screamed, cursed and demanded to see her mother."----- Cops were too busy raiding the room pocketing the drugs not needed for the investigation, ya know, stray cash laying around, gold chain here, gold ring there...Pooof Gone.. ;)

992 days ago


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Whitney AND Bobby and Im just really sick of u idiots blaming him!!!!!! For one he has moved on and has a new wife and family!!! Therefore he IS NOT obligated to Whitney!!! Did her mother show up???? NO! Bobby's new wife helped him to better himself! Whitney was NO SAINT! She was from the projects and like others, had a hard time recovering! Ppl always want to place the blame! Bobby had some hard times but overall he is a really cool and sweet guy! Get a life and make sure your demons dont overtake u while ur judging someone else!!!! Wonder what ppl would see if the media followed u around!!!!!!!!

992 days ago


of course they want into the room.someone got to p/u the pill bottles.History will be corrected.

992 days ago

Margaret Franz    

Whitney was a superstar, a beautiful, gifted singer and let's remember all the joy she brought to us with her gift and pray for her family right now when they need it the most.

992 days ago


She was so beautiful. I'm not really attracted to woman of African descent (dark skinned - I am NOT racist); although there are a few in particular which I'd love to get to know intimately, but she was an exception. Even at 48, she still looked stunning.

Being a former drug addict myself, and knowing first hand how hard it can be to stay clean when you're in full withdrawal from a strong opiate/opioid such as heroin, hydromorphone, oxycodone, etc. - I understand the impact such a habit can have on your health, career, relationships and finances (to name a few).

RIP Whitney - you were taken from us way too soon :-(

992 days ago


They believe Whitney drowned in the bathtub, and as badly as her daughter wanted to see her body, I think if she was swollen up and had been there a few hourt, it would have been cruel to grant her that wish. She was not going to see the mother she knew. I'm not sure the police were wrong in this case. I don't think they would show the body of a victim of violence to a child, I am pretty sure the sight of her mother's body would have been very hard on the girl. And, yes, someone must intervene, Bobbi Kristina has taken on dangerous habits.

992 days ago


How horrible they wouldn't allow that girl to see her mom. Some folks are saying Ray J was with her at the time of death. It wasn't CNN cleared it up it was acutually her bodyguard who's name is Ray.. bobbi chris wasn't near by at that time

992 days ago


I am in tears as i write this. Such a tragedy, on so many levels. We are fortunate to have had her voice in this world, if even for such a short time. There will never be another Whitney...

992 days ago


Her dad called her and told her to hide the evidence. This girl is her daddy's girl, no damn good crack smoker.

992 days ago


1999 Sopoty
Whitney with her daughter in Poland

992 days ago
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