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Whitney Houston

Autopsy Scheduled for Today

2/12/2012 7:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The autopsy on the body of Whitney Houston will be performed today, but we're told any results will be deferred pending a toxicology report. 

Although the cause of death is unknown, it is increasingly looking like Whitney may have fallen asleep or lapsed into unconsciousness in the bathtub and drowned.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Beverly Hills cops retrieved approximately a half dozen pill bottles from Whitney's room ... including Xanax. No illicit drugs were found. 

Whitney had been drinking the night before and authorities believe a combination of Xanax and alcohol could have fatally sedated her -- although our sources say it is simply too early to draw any firm conclusions.


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So sad that nobody could prevent her from destroying herself.

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While I agree that mixing Xanax and alcohol is very dangerous, I also can't see how alcohol from the night before would still be in her system to the point of her being drunk. She had slept and it was afternoon. As for Xanax, I have been on it for many years. I take 3mg XR twice a day. I have never fallen asleep ANYWHERE I shouldn't let alone the bathtub. If Whitney really did take it for anxiety before a performance, she wouldn't have taken it before she went to take a bath. Xanax wears off in 4 hours and works very quickly so she would have taken it right before she left the hotel IMHO. If she took the XR type, it is released slowly over 12-18 hours and doesn't help with immediately anxiety. I'm not saying she didn't die the way people are assuming. I'm just saying she would have had to take a lot of medication to fall asleep, slip under water, and not even attempt to fight drowning. I think there was more in her system than Xanax - or it could have been something health related. An aneurism, heart attach, several things strike and render one unconscious. Let's all wait and see what the autopsy says and not ASSUME. RIP Whitney.

986 days ago


"Cuz everywhere we live...
there's always a 1,000 ways to DIE!"

986 days ago


Here we go again TMZ with speculation again. Yes, she has had her issues but until the autopsy and toxicology reports come back, their is no need to guess. And if it does turn out to be true of having drugs involved, its a crying shame that we still have these doctors who will prescribe the drugs that the actual person had been addicted to in the past. Until the law starts coming down hard on these doctors, we will continue to see deaths that could be prevented.

986 days ago


I hear Whitney's new movie is entitled "The Bodybag." yuk, yuk, yuk!

986 days ago

who cares    

How freaking stupid are these people you dont let someone who has been taken Xanex and drinking and that can barely walk take a bath in a tub full of water... Stupid people...It is obvious the people these stars choose to have around them dont really care about the person but only care about their own agenda. Any real friend should have seen that she was to high to be taking a bath

986 days ago


It is sad to hear that Whitney Houston has passed. Just remember this...there are people out there right now who are not rich and famous who are sick and suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. There are many who will die tonight...who will die their homes, in their vehicles, and on the streets and little babies who didn't have a choice because their mommy has this disease that does not discriminate! Rich, poor, famous or not...untreated addiction and alcoholism not only affects the addict or the alcoholic...but it ruins the lives of those that love them! My prayers go out to ALL the families that have lost and will loose someone tonight because of drugs and/or alcohol! And to the addict or alcoholic who is still suffering I pray that your able to find a way out other than death tonight!

986 days ago


Well I guess Crack is Whack. Another doper bites the dust, and good ridence.

986 days ago

who cares    

I sure wonder why Ed Winters the cornor is always in front TMZ cameras when a celeb kills themselves but yet doesnt get in front of mainstream news interviews. He has to be on TMZ payroll for TMZ to get all this early info that no one but those withing the investigation is getting. Who do you think the public offical is that is being paid by TMZ for info in stars deaths. Onlytime TMZ is way ahead of mainstream media is when the person dies in LA.

986 days ago


i take alot of perscription meds, including xanax
and I drink. I have taken note however of all of these
celebrities dying on these combinations and realize
i have a problem and need to change. Sorry, very
sorry about all the deaths and sorrow, but, thank you
for the wake up call. i am gonna slow wayyyyyy down the
drinking, and not mix it with meds, ever. hopefully I
can just drop the meds, i don't REALLY need them, just liked
them and that has gotten stupid.

986 days ago


UNIMAGINABLE TRAGEDY her family says! What is unimaginalbe is a family would sit back and watch her destroy herself with little intervention. Not saying it's their fault but as a parent it doesn't matter if my child is 50 and I am 80 I would do more to help them fight their demons. UNIMAGINABLE is a copout because the public has watched her on the front of tabloids destroying herself and they didn't see it. SAD my heart breaks for her she was a victim of fame who was trapped inside and the only thing she thought that made her feel good was a drug that lies to you. Sucks when everyone around you only wants something from you.

986 days ago


just saying

986 days ago


I always make sure to take my benzoids AFter i have taken a bath, and perferably after a shower, especially if i had taken one earlier in the day.

986 days ago


Sure it's a tragedy no one is to blame things happen everywhere this time it happened to a celebrity It's unfortunate and truly a loss for the world Pray for awareness that these situations can be avoided in the future

986 days ago
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