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Whitney Houston's Daughter

Family Fears

She Might Be Suicidal

2/12/2012 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0211_whitney_bobbi_c_getty_3_exIn the wake of the death of Whitney Houston, family members fear that her daughter, 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown, might be suicidal and are considering getting her help ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Bobbi Kristina was taken to the hospital once last night and again this morning. We've been told she was "hysterical, exhausted and inconsolable." 

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... the family believes she might try and take her own life. According to one source, the family feels Bobbi Kristina needs help and they are considering rehab as an option. 

Bobbi got into it with cops last night after she was barred from seeing her mother's body.


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Unfortunately, I have seen this before. Bobbi Kristina should not be left by herself. She is in shock.
With her not being able to sleep, that is only going to make her mental condition worst.
Someone in her family, PLEASE get this girl HELP ASAP!!!!

986 days ago

Nicki Howard    

o may god help heal this child heart i know it's hard babygirl but plz don't do anything to hurt you or your family anymore than they are already hurting right now.. this child is going through so much right now losing her mother is a hard thing for anybody

986 days ago


I feel so bad for her, so young with out a mother is going to be hard since they were close. I just hope the family really be there for her to help her get through this...

986 days ago


I hope Bobbi Kristina Brown does not pass away like her mom Whitney Elizabeth Houston did yesterday. From George William Gockel.

986 days ago


It is devastating to loose someone and then when they keep you from seeing them it is even worse. That happen to me when my son was murdered, they say it is because the coroner has to see the body first and release it, in the case of an investigation. But that does not help, I was very angry and it took therapy for me to get over it.

986 days ago


Whitney's mom cissy and Dionne need to come get Bobbi Kristina.

986 days ago

Lindagail Sanders    

You, STUPID SOB's your'e just like these hollywood wanna be's whose need for self importance is so desperate,that you feel qualified to judge, and ridicule, you sorry ass parasites make me sick. Everyone trying to make a dime off someone else's misery. Well, the good thing about Whitney's passing is that she does not have to breathe the same air as you do, she no longer has to smell the stink of meanness, and condescension, that has grown in Hollywood in the last twenty years. You no longer inform; you outright lie just to get attention or make a dime or two. For Bobby Christina, i hope what has happened to her will happen to YOU. I hope you don't love someone, because what misery you help create, or support will find it's way back to you. Perhaps society will be rid of you all.

986 days ago


A motherless child feeling abandoned & nothing to live for because her hurt is too much to bear is a danger to themselves.

I pray she finds a source of strength because its going to get worse before it gets better. Does she even know what to do with herself other than partying and drinking. No career etc. Her mother is her mother regardless.

986 days ago


WHy were they in a hotel to begin with? Whitney doesnt have a house in the area to live in with her child? At the Prince concert it became obvious Whitney was partying with Bobbi K and probably providing her with drugs and alcohol. Now that she's gone I bet Bobbi will be in a conseravtorship and in and out of the hospital. It seemed like they had an unhealthy parent/child relationship. No excuse for it since Whitney had a proper upbringing. Hopefully Bobbi will be able to cope with the pitfalls of having 2 very narcissistic and self-centered parents.

986 days ago


This young woman needs help. If all of the rumors of the past few years are true, Bobbi Kristina was heading down the same path. As tragic as this is, I hope Bobbi K uses this opportunity to learn from her mother's mistakes, to get clean and follow the road her mother never could. RIP Whitney.

986 days ago

REGALWILSON best whitney tribute ever

986 days ago


so sad ,how can you be so cruel to a child that just lost their mom,,,,you dont know wat went down or how....dont judge or u will be judged....such an idiot whoever you are @ justme...wat a name that is....moron more like it....

986 days ago

John Jameson    

Bobby Brown will destroy people.

986 days ago


My heart goes out to her! Hopefully the family gets her some counseling and help to get thru this tragedy.

986 days ago


Poor little loser. She's a junkie just like her mother and father. Grow up, get off the drugs, and deal with the pain like an adult.

986 days ago
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