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Whitney Houston's Daughter

Family Fears

She Might Be Suicidal

2/12/2012 6:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0211_whitney_bobbi_c_getty_3_exIn the wake of the death of Whitney Houston, family members fear that her daughter, 18-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown, might be suicidal and are considering getting her help ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Bobbi Kristina was taken to the hospital once last night and again this morning. We've been told she was "hysterical, exhausted and inconsolable." 

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... the family believes she might try and take her own life. According to one source, the family feels Bobbi Kristina needs help and they are considering rehab as an option. 

Bobbi got into it with cops last night after she was barred from seeing her mother's body.


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I can't say if they should have let her see her mom's body, but I would say that I would probably feel and act the same way if I were her right now. It is so very hard when you lose someone this close to you. It seemed like her mom and her were inseparable. This is just so sad all the way around. My heart goes out to Bobbi Kristina right tears to see this lovely girl lose her mother so suddenly. If you follow Bobbi Kristina on twitter than you know how sweet of a girl she really seems to be..Whitney had her own turmoil she was fighting, but she raised an amazing daughter that seems to have the best of Whitney inside of her.

985 days ago

get real    

She may be suicidal.... She cant be left alone for 1 minute. Who is going to keep an eye on her? Her Crazed Druggie Father.? Maybe Whitneys Entourage? They did a great job keeping an eye on Whitney! Especially the Two Body Guards in the room. LOL. SAD... She needs to be on 24/7 watch..

985 days ago


These comments are mean, I hope Bobbi K is NOT reading these awful comments. I have prayed that she will come to grips with what has happened.

RIP Whitney

It would be a better world for us ALL with RESPECT,LOVE and KINDNESS for others.

985 days ago


I hope she does kill herself..... that will be a nice two for one deal.

985 days ago


Why are they talking like that the girl's mom died yesterday give her time to get over it. She needs to talk to Jennifer she knows what she is going through and Teena Marie daughter give her some insight. Cissy is in new jersey put her on a plane back to new jersey to her grandmother why is she still in LA anyway. She is not strong like Jennifer she can't identify the body somebody else did that she can't do anything spending the night in the same hotel her mom died in people really why is she not at somebodies house in LA.

985 days ago

PRO US    

Of course she wants to commit suicide because she is only worth millions of dollars, never has to work a day in her life at some menial job and can loaf and take drugs or drink alcohol all her life and complain about how hard she has it. She is nothing but a punk. And her mother was a drug addict. Love it how the politically correct left wing lunatic press tries to make Whitney into a hero. Sure, she was super talented and had an angelic voice before she destroyed it with her drug taking. Thousands of coal and metal ore miners go underground every day to work hard to bring those resources up for us all to use. They have it tough. Whitney had a God-given gift and she used it, then squandered it. Her daughter is spoiled and f-ed up. If someone gave you millions of dollars, would you make the most of it or go to the emergency room trying to commit suicide? No sympathy for her unless you're a sucker. Too many suckers in America. Stay strong.

985 days ago


It's called GRIEVING. Some people take death harder than other's. This was her MOTHER. She was close to her. Naturally she would be inconsolable right now, but as for the suicide, she needs to get help for that.
Bobbi Kristina: Girl, you are going to be alright. Don't let people rush you into acting "normal". People grieve in their own way honey. Taking your own life is NOT the answer. Your mom would not want you to do that. Get some therapy and PRAY. Pray like their's no tomorrow. He will lift this from you if you rely on him. You have a world of support out there for you dear. Tap into that. Stay close to your family and your dad.

985 days ago

PRO US    

Loved how her ex. Bobby Brown, sang and danced on her grave. Real classy, that guy. Where was Dionne Warwick at the Grammys? How come she didn't say something? Bunch of trash that family. Did you see Dionne Warwick (Whitney's aunt) on that Apprentice show? What a miserable creature she was! She had a wonderful voice in her prime, but her personality is poison. They say Whitney was a "Diva". That's politically-correct-speak for "Be-otch".

985 days ago

PRO US    

Went to see a Whitney concert in Vegas. She showed up one and a half hours late. Then, she sang only gospel songs for the whole concert even though no one had indicated she would do that on her program. She didn't sing even one of her hit pop songs. How much coke do you think she snorted before she hit the stage 90 minutes late? And everyone was mourning her at the Grammies? What a joke! She abused her body, misused her life and disrespected her fans. She was trash. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Even her ex-husband decided to sing and dance on her grave to make a buck last night with his New Edition band. That says something. Bunch of crackheads they were. The real heroes are the American fighting men who served in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Not this Witless Whitney Houston bimbo.

985 days ago


The police had to secure the room. It was an investigation, so there's no way anyone would get in that room. But, honestly, it was the best thing for her not to see her mother like that. Hopefully, they will make the decision to have her embalmed so that Bobbie Kristina will get to see her then. Sometimes people just have to have that closure. Then, should they want to cremate, they can still do that. My heart goes out to Bobbi, and if there's anything I can say that might be of some comfort to her, it's that there are so many of us out here that care and are lifting her up in prayer. Your mother was so loved, dear. So sorry for your loss.

985 days ago

Peter Sc    

In a lot of countries the authorities would have intervened a lot sooner. Not because her parents partied or if we should believe some stories took drugs.

No the authorities would have intervened because this young girl simply hasn't stepped out and rebelled as every other teenager should do. Her relationship with her mother was symbiotic and this puts the daughter in the risk of suicide.

Bobbi Kristina needs first and foremost an adult counselor she can trust. Once she has been stabilized she need to go to a college far away from Hollywood and if possible attend this college under a different name.

She needs an independent life where she sets another goals than hanging around the party environment being invited due to her parents name.

I will pray that she succeed creating a life for herself.

985 days ago

PRO US    

If she commits suicide,how will that hurt the USA? It will not. She has no skills, no talents and has never made any worthwhile contribution to this country. She is taking up space. If her mother wasn't ultra-rich, she would have to work for a living. With her inheritance, she will never ever have to work to make a living. She is a parasite on society. What a shock that a drug-addict singer died! LOL Like, Amy Winehouse didn't show us what can happen? LOL Everyone knows that drug-addicted singers and actors are going to OD one day. Then their drug-addicted associates will honor them on TV. They should be ashamed. Not honored. What a sad, pathetic joke they are.

985 days ago

PRO US    

Isn't it pathetic how everyone knew she was a drug addict but no one intervened in her family to try to save her life while she was alive? No one is shocked she died from taking drugs but so many people are pretending to be shocked. What a farce! Same thing with Michael Jackson. Everyone knew he looked far from healthy. But no one in his family talked to him much less tried to intervene with his behaviors.

985 days ago


This isn't supposed to be a joke but give her some Xanax or Klonopin. It'll calm her down a lot. Especially Klonopin because it stays in the system longer compared to Xanax, a quick fix.

985 days ago


It's a hard thing, losing a parent young, and billions of people throughout history have faced it. It's normal to be completely distraught, but if she is suicidal that is not normal and her family needs to find her help. This is a young woman who grew up with two substance abusing parents and her vision of reality and normality is skewed to begin with. I hope she finds peace.

985 days ago
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