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Whitney Houston

Few Pills Recovered

at Death Scene

2/13/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple medicine bottles were found in the Beverly Hills hotel room where Whitney Houston diedLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ ... multiple medicine bottles were found in the Beverly Hills hotel room where Whitney Houston died ... but we're told there were NOT a lot of pills at the scene.

Among the pills ... ibuprofen (painkiller), Xanax (anti-depressant), Midol (for menstrual cramps), amoxicillin (for treating bacterial infections) ... and more.

We're told the amoxicillin was prescribed recently because Whitney had been suffering from a sore throat.

We're told some of the pills were old ... some issued in 2011 ... but some of the bottles were from 2012. We're told the bottles that were recovered at the scene did not contain a lot of pills.

Sources tell us ... some of the prescriptions were filled at the infamous Mickey Fine pharmacy in Beverly Hills ... where Michael Jackson had numerous prescriptions filled for Demerol and other drugs.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... it's possible Whitney suffered a heart attack caused by an adverse reaction to her medication, but it is simply too early to make an official call on the cause of death.

We're told the L.A. Coroner's Office has removed the hold on Whitney's body ... which means her family can now have Whitney transported back to Atlanta, where the singer will be laid to rest.



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I hope all the love and Support Whitney has received from friends and fans will continue for Bobbie Kristena.

894 days ago



ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and NOT a pain killer. You should really correct this false statement.

As well, Xanax is NOT an anti-depressantit is a benzo (sedative)

894 days ago


The love and support will contiue as long a bobbi K has the KASH.

894 days ago


Very sad :(

PS: I'm SO GLAD I don't have to read donkey semen stories anymore! UGH

894 days ago


This whole article is a mess. "Whitey's" and calling Xanax a anti-depressant? Fire your editors and research team TMZ.

894 days ago


Midol and Ibuprofin are over the counter drugs. Xanax and Amoxycillin are commonly used. None should have caused her death and if they did, that is the story. She cleaned up her act from crack and cocaine etc, yet people are relegating this to drug addiction. The story is the common use and dangers of prescription drugs and alcohol..combined. RIP Whitney

894 days ago


I hope all the love and support that friends and family have given to Whitney will continue for Bobbie Kristena!

894 days ago


Since when does a prescription filled in 2011 qualify as "old?" That could have been issued as recently as two months ago.

894 days ago


Tells us nothing about how many pills she may have swallowed.

894 days ago


Until doctors are held accountable for giving all these really bad drugs to junkies and alcoholics then this is going to continue to happen. Doctors are turning Americans into zombies, anti depressants anti anxiety. Anti this, anti that. Deal with your problems,

894 days ago


First, nobody travels with empty pill bottles. 2nd, "old" pill bottles from 2011? That is only 6 wks ago.3rd,it almost doesn't matter how she died specifically because she has a long, public history of drug abuse and she's now dead. I only hope that some good comes out of this and some people stop partying like they will live forever.

894 days ago


Who gives a flying #X%# what pills were left and what was downed by her. Whitney was a fullblown alcoholic and drug-addict. It was her life and that's what killed her. Someday we will see 'the last 24 hours of ....' and we will all be stunned how a beautiful voice ruined herself with able help from her surroundings.
Let's not forget that addiction to prescription drugs (often combined with alcohol) is the number one killer in the USA. Who's to blame for that?? Well, let's follow the money and you'll end with BIG medicin and their lobbyists in congress. They are to blame for her death and countless others.

894 days ago


and this is a tragedy? let me tell you what a tragedy is,imagine yourself DRIVING going to see your son graduation, then out of nowhere a semi truck hits you on the side, you lost control of your car and smash a barrier and u end up handicap, now that's a tragedy bcause u didn't asked for it.

now this Crackhead death isn't a tragedy, it is a Suicidal act, She killed herself, she knew the consequences of doing drugs, taking pills and mixing them with some Alcohol, No tragedy here, just a moron that she tough her life was miserable, bcause she made so much money that she didn't knew what to do with it, so she spend it all in drugs.

894 days ago


FYI- Xanax is for anxiety. NOT depression

894 days ago


Xanax is not an antidepressant. Just saying. Who doesn't know that?

894 days ago
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