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Lindsay Lohan

One of My Movers

Is Selling Me Out

2/12/2012 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the movers who helped pack up Lindsay Lohan's mountain of crap in her Venice home is now trying to sell photos of the actress' personal belongings ... TMZ has learned.

According to sources, the mover in question took photographs of Lindsay's stuff while he was piling it into storage -- and is now trying to sell the pics ... as well as information about the storage facility Lindsay is using ... and even where she eventually plans to move.

Sources tell TMZ, Lindsay's camp is aware of the situation and is currently working to find out who's behind the leak attempt.

Lindsay's people are especially freaked because the actress has made it a priority to keep a low profile the last few weeks -- following a trespasser scare on her Venice property New Year's Day.

We're told Lindsay is also afraid people might try to track down her belongings in storage and try to steal things. So far, we're told police have not been involved.


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How bored can you possibly be to create a bunch of monikers and then pretend to be other people?? At least when FUTMZ does it he's funny and its all supposed to be taken as a joke. When you do it, its just pathetic.

981 days ago


Go ahead and keep disliking my comments. I get a perverse glee out of it ^.^

981 days ago


New playground,guess cause we blew up the other tread,not enough memory storage. Anyway,Dr Drew was at my job the night whitney died. everyone was blocking the hallway to get pics with him. I approached him to see if he needed assistance to get out of there and he said "No im ok,thankyou you are to kind"...funny.

981 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Wow, has anybody seen Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated cover? Looks like LL is going to be losing a lot of modeling gigs to this girl. Oh wait, she can still pose for Uncle Terry and Tyler Shields for their own perverse pleasure

981 days ago

help this young woman    

I'm taking time off from the bench to step back into private-practice civil litigation. I represent both moving and storage companies in the defamation suits they plan to file for one million dollars. Each. And I'm doing it pro bono.

Good times.

981 days ago

AGENT smith    

Madisyn appears to be a delusional paranoid person suffering from acute schizophrenia.

981 days ago


Oh super freddy I am way scarier than you can ever hope to be.

981 days ago


Five wil get you Ten the next move out of Halle Barre will be the child abuse one .....she didn't get what she wanted out of this one still can't leave the country so shes going have to go for the big guns hope he's lawyered up and taken the precaution to have Nada seen by a unbiased child docter and had everything do***ented....My nephew had that one tryed on him in his custedy battle for his son...she pulled that one but we had already advised him to get his on experts ready just in case.and sure enough she tryed it...and the judge was so disgusted by all her accuations and antics my nephew got full custudy...She cares so much she hasn't bothered to see the boy in a year now....

Lohan Inc are going have to come up with something really good because they are facing complete blackout in hollywood.......They have called Wolf once to often....and its about all I can say....

981 days ago


Rouge Wearer Rouge Wearer
Where are you today?
Did you lose your “******** Hater Badge”?

If you troll your way back
I’ll try hard not to quack
But I’ll cheat cuz you’re just such a vaj

981 days ago


I can't believe lindsay tried channeling Woody Allen with those hideous black rim glasses....LMAO!

981 days ago


Some guy at the magazine party tried returning his tux back to the rent-a-tuxedo store and is claiming,he only has the shirt and pants,cause someone at the party stole the blazer...hahahaha

981 days ago


She always looks better in black and white,i wonder why?

981 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

What's up with all the inbred degenerate H8rs today???????????????

981 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

You H8rs need top evacuate broke back mountain and head to the nearest bus stop!!!!!!!!!!!! The driver will take care of the rest.

981 days ago


God I hate trolls.

981 days ago
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