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Bobby Brown

Distraught After Hearing

He's Unwanted at Funeral

2/15/2012 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Brown is "extremely disappointed" after hearing that several members of Whitney Houston's family do not want him to attend the singer's funeral ... sources tell TMZ.

Sources close to Bobby tell us ... people connected to the Houston family have reached out to Bobby to warn him that he shouldn't attempt to attend the funeral because the family isn't fond of him.

However ... we're told Bobby has not received any OFFICIAL word from the family about his invite status.

Sources tell us ... Bobby WANTS to attend the funeral so he can support his daughter Bobbi Kristina, but he hasn't decided on a plan of action yet.

Bottom line -- we're told Bobby is hoping the family will be able to set aside their differences so they all can focus on mourning the loss of their loved one.


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Whitney Houston obviously loved Bobby Brown....To stay together for 15 years or so, by Hollywood's standards is a long time.....i understand, even though they were divorced they still kept in touch, and feelings just don't disappear overnite when you love someone....i feel as though Bobby Brown should be able to mourn her, and go to the funeral and stay with his daughter....the drugs she and he did is irrelevant....Have a tribute to her at her funeral, and discuss the drug situation after she is buried....ENOUGH ALREADY...................

960 days ago


Done in very poor taste,
1. The daughter is an emotional wreck.
2. Her only other parent is still living
3. It would make sense for him to be there to support her.
4. Whitney is responsible for herself, she didn't die while married to Bobby Brown, she died in the care of her own family. Are they going to ban the Aunt who left her to die?
You can't tell me that they had no clue she was doctor shopping and doing prescription drugs.

960 days ago

Real Talk    

People should stop trying to point the finger at Bobby for the mishaps in Whitney's life. Whitney was a grown woman, free to make whatever choices in life as she please as with everyone. I believe she made her peace with herself, bobby, and the Lord. There is no need for blame...It will not bring her back. If you believe, the Lord just called her was her time.

960 days ago


I think he should start dating Kim K, the two most hated ones out there. They both know how to use people, they are both out for themselves.

960 days ago


I used to think TMZ was a reliable source for celebrity stories BUT with the recent Whitney Houston headlines I found out you guys are simply making things up or not checking your sources stories before you post.

960 days ago


You think!!! Yeah, let's invite the man that invited drugs into Whitney's life in the first place. He may as well have killed her himself. Even if she wasn't on drugs when she did die, he certainly did a number on her. Poor Bobbi K doesn't need that in her life either.

960 days ago

Shepherd Boy    

This is why Families never heal. What is most surprising is that the Houston Family are God believing Christians, but I guess they do not understand "Love your enemies as yourself". Operative word is Love.... in spite of

960 days ago


He should be allowed. He was married to her plus he is the father of her only child and has every right to mourn the loss of a woman he loved. Whether or not he is a 'druggie' is irrelevant. Whitney is an adult and made HER choices as well.

960 days ago

Junetta Dunn    

Since when do you have to have permission to attend a funeral?....he was married to her for many years, has a child with her....he still has some type of love for her, I'm what, they both used drugs together all those years.....I read the book...Bobby introduced weed into her life....she's the one that brought cocaine into their lives....and when it's all said and done Whitney is a grown ass woman.....nobody MADE her get high!.....she wanted to and enjoyed it!....stop dwelling on her drug use....stop pointing fingers as to whose fault it is.....RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON!!!!!!

960 days ago

C Low    

If this horrible accident happen when Kristina, was between the age of 13-17,…and Boobi Brown want his child. You can write a will etc… Hands down, DNA wins every time. Celebrity or not! No matter how hard life gets…or how bad your parents were with parenting skills, you only get one mother / father and they can never be replaced. As for Kristina, she truly could never deny who her father is. She’s is a female version of her father. My thoughts and prays goes out to the Houston and Brown family. It’s only far when you have a child involve.

960 days ago


every body blames bobby but he needs his kids its to late to lay the blame on anyone a mother has died rip witney

960 days ago


People on here can stop talking about god fearing and she is a christian because if it were your mom or sister and this bomb did alot of dirt in fromnt of this girl everyone on here would feel the same way and be mad and if you say you want you are lying. You can tell he was never much of a father because i'm quite sure his daughter told the grandmother i don't want him their you have to be a sorry sack of s*** for your child to not want you to be by her side.

960 days ago


And celine dion can shut up nobodys checking for her these days celine go sit down because i heard your interview with gma you were very negative you weren't speaking on a personal level whitney was not your friend you idolized her most of these washed up singers and celebrities are talking just to get their crusty feets back in the limelight.

960 days ago


Ridiculous! Bobby should be allowed to attend. Get over it, folks, he was not her problem, she was her own problem. He should be able to pay his respects and be there for his daughter. The family is being very selfish.

960 days ago


Proud2bBlack: 19 hours ago

He doesn't belong there. He bought Whitney a ticket to hell in her life on earth. She said she kept telling herself something was right. I'm glad Whitney left him, I don't blame her family. Stay away you loser. Poor excuse of a human being. Shame on you. Go back to your new wife & son and cry a river. I don't believe you ever loved Whitney you loved what she could do for you.
Yeap, he sure did. These druggies will try to get ya hooked, or get you hooked on it, so it will be no problem when they use themselves. Looks like in this case, her with money, he knew if she gets hooked, she will buy it, and he can get some too. In other words.. the drugs will keep coming in, and in a mind of a druggie, he thinks he has scored big time.

960 days ago
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