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Lindsay Lohan

Did I Forget to Do My Taxes

... Again?

2/14/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seems LiLo has given Uncle Sam the slip one more time.Lindsay Lohan and tax liens go together like Lindsay Lohan and arrests, probation violation hearings, lawsuits, mug shots and see-through shirts ... that is to say, very well.

Seems LiLo has given Uncle Sam the slip one more time. According to docs filed yesterday at the L.A. County Recorder's Office, Lindsay never paid federal income taxes for 2010 ... to the tune of $140,203.30.

As TMZ previously reported, Lindsay never cut the government a check for the $93,701.57 she was supposed to pay in federal taxes for 2009 either.

So far, no comment from Lohan ... but she previously blamed her accountants for the 2009 debacle ... so it's probably safe to say they're gonna get the blame for the 2010 screw up as well. 



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Of course Lindsay has to pay her taxes and I think she will.
On taxes the US revenue service is due a staggering 350 billion $$ (mostly from big incs. too busy lobbying republicans for tax relief!!) so all those liens on celebs you read about today hardly make any dent. The biggest 37 incs. in the US pay NO taxes at all (not even one dollar).
Next item: Harvey in hospital. He OD'd on reporting about Whitney.

950 days ago

Good riddance!    

Another day, another crime. Hopefully, they give her the Wesley Snipes treatment and then some! A good couple of years in the federal pen should do the trick.

950 days ago

AGENT smith    

I'm wondering how TMZ automatically logs me in, what I mean by that is all I have to do is click on their site and I am logged in. It doesn't matter what location or ISP address I am at and I delete my cookies. It saves me some time and I don't post under multiple names like John Smith used to do. When you click on TMZ do they ask for your name and password? I haven't tried it on this laptop but on my old laptop when I switched internet browser's it didn't log me in automatically. Is this a virus?

950 days ago


hahahaha here come the slugs squirming outta the dirt! What she owes is less than she's paid for a photoshoot, its peanuts. Stop rubbing your hands haters, this will get paid, the only problem Lindsay had was is a bad finance manager.

950 days ago


I wished she would of croaked and NOT Whitney!!! So unfair!!

950 days ago


The Lohans are back from NYCWF and look whos back here poasting again...gloday1 and Susan. Haven't heard from them since they left for FW. Delmar should be joining soon too

950 days ago


Lindsay Lohan has already pulled this before.

Lindsay Lohan still has no problem blaming 'financial managers' she never had, accountants she never had. Oh, thats right Lindsay Lohan still trying to play stupid. It's all their fault. I didn't know anything.

950 days ago


Not surprised by this, she thinks she shouldn't have to pay taxes, cuz she is Lindsay Lohan. She will blame someone else for this, nothing is ever her fault. We all have to pay taxes, even a low life like Lilo.

950 days ago


OK, this states that she didn't pay her taxes AT ALL. How do you NOT know that you didn't pay your taxes at all? I could see if the accountant did the taxes, but they were done incorrectly, and the person doesn't know, because they don't understand tax laws. But to not pay them at all??? THAT is on Lindsay, and no one else!

950 days ago

Good riddance!    

Since Whitney Houston's death, the Lowhans have been freaked out over the loss of attention. Well, they certainly got more attention again today. I bet they don't like the taste of it. Not one bit!

950 days ago


ok haters, it was entertaining playing. Sometimes I think haters don't hate anyone but themselves and that is the problem.

Lindsay will get this paid if she hasn't already, after all, its not exactly a life changing amount. Don't forget between 2008-2010 and early 2011 Lindsay wasn't exactly with it, she depended on others doing their jobs, people she had trust in but she'll get it all sorted.

Show me a person who hasn't made mistakes and I'll show you a failure.

I'll be back later, I know you want to hear from me again LOL

950 days ago


This person is no longer relevant.

950 days ago



950 days ago


Didn't work for Wesley Snipes.

950 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I'd rather be reading about all the H8rs redeeming qualities in the obituaries!!!!!!

Lilo allegedly owes more in one year of taxes than you all will make in 4 years losers........

Now would be a great time for you all to stop breathing!

Gotti roll...

950 days ago
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