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Playmate of the Year:

This Is What Domestic Violence

Looks Like [Photo]

2/14/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bruises 2011 Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair claims she suffered at the hands of Marston Hefner
You're looking at the bruising damage 2011 Playmate of the Year Claire Sinclair claims she suffered at the hands of Hugh Hefner's son during a violent rampage this weekend.

TMZ broke the story ... 21-year-old Marston Hefner was arrested Sunday night after allegedly kicking and punching Sinclair during an argument in their Pasadena, CA apartment.

Now, 20-year-old Sinclair tells us ... the Playboy heir has physically abused her on SEVERAL OCCASIONS ... but she's still willing to forgive the guy.

"I don't condone domestic violence, but if one ounce of good can come from this bad experience, then I can live with it and move on" ... Claire says.

"That is why I will not press charges against Marston Hefner if he keeps his word to give a public apology for physically abusing me on several occasions, and seeks psychiatric help for his anger issues."

Hugh also released a comment on the situation ... saying, "If they care about each other, they'll patch it up." 

So, we gotta ask ...


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Damn, she's ugly as ****! How in the hell did she get Playmate of the Year?

945 days ago


this hooker is so thrilled to have some publicity, since she has no talent except sleeping with hef

945 days ago


Hugh also released a comment on the situation ... saying, "If they care about each other, they'll patch it up."
Uh huh ,way to teach your Son his actions have consequences there Hef! I used to have respect for ya but now ,in light of your being Ok with DV ...uh not so much now. Go kick rocks Hef

945 days ago


Cute but not smart! Get out while you can. It it on you now. You let it happen more than once. Forget the fame and money-worry about your life.

945 days ago


What good could possibly come from getting your ass kicked by some spoiled brat of a man? I hope she isn't dumb enough to go back to him, but then again, she probably will. It's a shame that these women let themselves be treated that way. She's a beautiful girl, and she deserves a guy that will respect her. Not some punk who beats the crap out of her every time something doesn't go his way. Also, I have no respect for Hugh Hefner after reading his "statement". Treating the whole thing like it was just some minor "lover's quarrel". Pfft. If that's his attitude on domestic violence, then it's no wonder his son turned out to be a woman beating piece of sh_t.

945 days ago


um.. she looks like she is 12 years old (minus the boobs) cannot believe she is the playmate of the year. Im sure she DOES want to stay with him, ya know get married THEN divorce him therefore raking in tons of money ...I can see why she wants to forgive him (for now)

945 days ago


I'm guessing she wouldn't be so willing to forgive him if he wasn't the heir to the Playboy fortune.

945 days ago


I dont understand how any mother or farther could be proud of thier daughter for being a sex object for an gross old man and his creepy son. Now amount of money would ever allow me to let my daughter be a whore. gross gross

945 days ago


This is complete and total bull****. Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna THREE years ago and you racist *******s still give him **** about it. But when a RICH WHITE GUY beats on a woman, you blame the victim! Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson...the list goes on and on. You cut all the slack in the world for one of your own, but you'll never let us live it down. #whitedevils

945 days ago


if theres proof anywhere money can get you laid its this. That kid is hideous.

945 days ago

Nakai Intl    

Rule #1 - you don't hit girls. (hang the creep)

945 days ago


She isn't very pretty for a porn princess. Anyway, police decide whether to charge people with domestic violence, not the assaulted.

945 days ago


Hummm.... Hopefully people treat this guy like they do Chris Brown. Abuse is abuse... its wrong period! So what if she posed for playboy and Rihanna is a pop star. NO woman deserves to be hit that way.

944 days ago


This resemble's OJ Simpsons's early work. Claire- They (PB) don't own you. Run away now and don't look back! This will only escalate over time. Don't sign anything either.

944 days ago


bruise looks old and NOT like any kind of punch or grab i've ever seen...........wonder what the hand that feeds her is gonna do now. does anyone remember barbie benton from back in the day? no? my point exactly.

944 days ago
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