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Kobe Bryant and Vanessa

Reconciling ...

With Their Mouths

2/15/2012 5:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa shared a kiss in the tunnel on the way into the locker room.Another come-from-behind victory for Kobe Bryant ... sucking face with the woman who has now taken all of his homes, Vanessa Bryant ... and now TMZ can confirm the two are working on a reconciliation.

Vanessa showed up for the Lakers Valentine's Day victory over the Atlanta Hawks. The two shared a kiss in the tunnel on the way into the locker room.

TMZ broke the story ... Vanessa filed for divorce in December, and they have already sealed the property settlement deal in which Vanessa got all 3 Newport Beach estates.

But sources told us at the time Vanessa filed ... don't be surprised if she goes back to Bryant.

And, although Kobe and Vanessa have submitted all the necessary docs to divorce, it doesn't become final until mid-June, so there's plenty of time to withdraw the papers.

FYI -- we're told Kobe and Vanessa are NOT living with each other ... yet.


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Chick wants to stay relevant to the people! If she actually goes through with the divorce, once its done, she'll be a nonfactor!No more being at the games getting attention! She LOVES the spotlight and doesn't want to lose it! Gotta give it to her, pretty smart cunning Gal! If he likes it, we should love it!

949 days ago


Go away little girl, if your children needed father in there
life you would have tried to work your marriage out!

949 days ago


...What about all of you broke-a$$ females on here with broke-a$$ husbands who have cheated or you, or are unaware that he is cheating on you----what do you all have to say for yourselves???

At least Vanessa Bryant doesn't have to worry about bills, mortgages, college funds, or where her next meal will be coming from.

Vanessa Bryant suffering from low self-esteem??? Please!!!

Vanessa is not suffering from low self-esteem. What Vanessa is actually suffering from is reality, and many of you other "vagina owners" are suffering from naïveté.

Many of you so-called women seem to still believe in the fairy tales you were told as little girls---- "one day Prince Charming will come along and all your troubles will just vanish, and he will make it all better and you and he will live happily ever after."

Bullsh#t!!! Prince what's his name doesn't exist.

So women, here are your options: Trade in your current man for another man that will eventually cheat.

Give up on romantic relationships altogether and adopt five or six cats from the animal shelter.

Become a lesbian (and I have known quite a few lesbians) and guess what??

Lesbians cheat at the same rate if not more than men cheat on women.

Those are your options ladies, this is real life---"read um and weep"-- STFU and deal.

If your husband or boyfriend is not cheating on you it is because you are the only one that will sleep with his ugly broke a$$---or it's not other women you need to be worried about him banging--- (if you know what I mean)

This sentiment is a principle cold, hard, fact of life;

No "one" woman holds the Holy Grail between her legs, there never has been, and there never will be such a woman.

But real grown-up women already know this.

It is the little girls that believe to the contrary....Artofwar

949 days ago


She must didn't get as much money as she thought she would. It could be a set up for him. He better watch himself.

949 days ago


Yes, Kobe is s***, a repeater cheater, but for Vanessa it's not about the money, it's love. Vanessa has the 3 houses & half his money, but still wants their marriage to work. Vanessa has his heart, but he just can't keep it in his pants when he's away. I really wish Kobe can control himself this time. I like Kobe & really hope he can behave. Don't know if I'd be as forgiving as Vanessa.

949 days ago


Ohhhh, I SWEAR I will NEVER even LOOK at another woman AGAIN!!!!! I hope they get back together. And I also hope he cheats with another dozen women, which he will. What is wrong with some of you women? It's like you are addicted to the heartache. I don't get it. Move on with your life lady.

949 days ago


both of these morons are stupid... she is stupid for thinking he loves her or will change and he is stupid cuz she just took half ur **** dumbass... so now Kobe is tricking? lol

949 days ago


So much hate in your hearts people. haha

949 days ago


And they said it would not last...

949 days ago

Zach Swan    

Looks like someone misses having the flow to "live the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed." Time to put on a short skirt, fake a smile and go back to the well. To a woman like this, there is only one thimg worse than having a husband who cheats, and that's to have to work for your own money.

949 days ago


EPIC MOVE YO MAKE HER CANCEL THAT DIVORCE SO YOU CAN KEEP YOUR MONEY DAMN IT. LOL After that try to find a solution to prevent her from making that move again or keep your movements on the hush lolol

949 days ago


My goodness... how do you ever cheat on someone that looks that good?

949 days ago


Wonder how big the ring was this time...

949 days ago


She's putting women back 100 years. Doesn't she have any self-respect and self-esteem? Who would want to go back AGAIN with someone who continuously screws and has relationships with other women? Please Vanessa, do something good with your life and set a good example to your daughters. Would you want them acting like you do?

949 days ago


well I see the kobe haters are out. Kobe I'm happy for u. If she makes u happy go for it...and get that money back. All these haters wanna bring up Colorado, which was bull because he didn't rape her...no need to cause he's kobe bryant. She even took a settlement so what does that say. Kobe and Vanessa ignore the haters and do what makes u happy.

949 days ago
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