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Bobby Brown

Officially Invited to

Whitney Houston's Funeral

2/16/2012 4:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's family has finally reached out to Bobby Brown ... and have formally invited him to attend Whitney's funeral in NJ on Saturday ... TMZ has learned.

Houston family sources tell us, "At the last minute, the family felt that it would keep the peace at the funeral [to have Bobby there] ... even though some family members were against it."

As we previously reported, several Houston family members were strongly opposed to inviting Brown to the funeral because they blame him, in part, for contributing to Whitney's downfall.

Sources close to Bobby tell us family friends had warned him not to go to the funeral ... but now, with the change of heart, Bobby will definitely be there.

Brown has agreed to perform at a concert at an Indian casino in Connecticut hours after the funeral ... and we're told he plans to leave NJ on a private jet so he can make it to the show on time.



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I think he was always invited. you guys just made the story up about him not being welcome.

981 days ago


Let the world see firsthand the man that spat on, beat her, bought drugs and did drugs in front of their children. He will be the poster child for giving women strength to leave their abusers. RIP Whitney prayers for the daughter. Awful. Way to go to the family for showing extraordinary grace.

981 days ago


As it should be.....

981 days ago


ENOUGH ALREADY! Stop reporting all of these stupid stories and just tell the facts. Sheesh...

981 days ago

Mike L    

Good. He deserves to be there. This is not his fault regardless of what her mother and various other closed minded people think. She was a druggie before him, and a druggie after him.

981 days ago


So, he can get a private jet to fly to a performance, but couldn't be bothered to do the same to be with his daughter. Right, I believe everything he says. Do I believe he is at fault for WH drug habit, NO.

981 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

It's ridiculous to blame Brown for Whitney's downfall. She'd been an addict for nearly two decades. Her family was just as much of enablers as Brown ever was. Hell, Whitney and Brown had been broken up for like 6 years and she never felt the need to get her act together during that time.
Besides, her family was with her in the room the day she died. Not Bobby Brown. She was a grown adult who was capable of making her own decisions and she alone is responsible for her demise.

981 days ago


i bet they read all the bad press and comments towards whitny's family for not inviting bobby, they were shamed into it

981 days ago

who cares    

TMZ you dont know what your talking about other "real" news outlets have all along said that he is invited. So this isn't a "EXCLUSIVE" in fact you been telling everyone unverified rumors that he isn't allowed. Bunch of morons working at TMZ. So much for 100% verified paid info.

981 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Good! His daughter needs him and he WAS married to her for a very long time. I'm sure he feels sadness at this time.

981 days ago


i wonder if ray j is coming to funeral???

981 days ago

Silverado Mom    

I respect their decision. I'm sure it weighed heavy on their minds. They want to do right by what Whitney would've wanted, what they as individuals wanted, what they feel is right in God's eyes, and what the fans would've wanted. It's a no win situation. But they won't have the burden of a guilty conscience in allowing him to attend. I support their decision. They did what they may have felt Jesus would do. Perhaps looking at him as a lost sheep instead of a sinner as we ALL are. But having said enough that he knows his place staying behind lines that are drawn. They don't have to associate with him, but he knows the boundaries. Perhaps this will help him to learn from their behavior. They can share in their grief. I don't doubt he will feel more guilt attending than not. Perhaps they can help bring him back to the fold by being a part of his life rather than not? I hope together they can help young Bobbi to stay clean herself.

981 days ago


You know I gte the fact that the family doesn't like him due to all the problems that they had when together, but this man was once her husband and is the father of her child. I think its completely disrespectful to Whitney that they even considered not inviting him! She loved him and he loved her and had a right to be able to watch her laid in rest. Glad they finally got their heads out of their azz and realized its not about the family...its about Whitney.

981 days ago


The blood starts at the outer calf of her leg in photo, why hasnt it occured to anyone that the blood could have been transfered to the leg from crack needle injection in the arm (spurting out on to the leg) in a sitting position like a bathroom stall.Whitney was wearing a black dress with 3 quarter length sleeves at the club.I BELIEVE the final blow was secured in her bra before leaving the club, to be self administerd the night of her performance after clearing her sobriety with her mother Cissy and her cousin Dion. the CRUCIAL EVIDENCE flushed down the toilet after self admin. a lethal possible dose. Why has the DEA not been included? i wonder if the drug vial has two legs servicing the clubs and streets walking freely in particapation to murder

981 days ago

Hanging to da lef    

If my ex-wife died, (should I be so lucky), the last thing I would do is go to her Fing funeral! I would wait till she is buried and piss on her grave!

981 days ago
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