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Bobby Brown

Officially Invited to

Whitney Houston's Funeral

2/16/2012 4:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Whitney Houston's family has finally reached out to Bobby Brown ... and have formally invited him to attend Whitney's funeral in NJ on Saturday ... TMZ has learned.

Houston family sources tell us, "At the last minute, the family felt that it would keep the peace at the funeral [to have Bobby there] ... even though some family members were against it."

As we previously reported, several Houston family members were strongly opposed to inviting Brown to the funeral because they blame him, in part, for contributing to Whitney's downfall.

Sources close to Bobby tell us family friends had warned him not to go to the funeral ... but now, with the change of heart, Bobby will definitely be there.

Brown has agreed to perform at a concert at an Indian casino in Connecticut hours after the funeral ... and we're told he plans to leave NJ on a private jet so he can make it to the show on time.



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TmZ please!!!! He deserves to be there. It's ridiculous to blame BOBBY Brown right now PLEASE!!!!! His daughter needs him and he was married to her for a very long time. I'm sure he feels sadness and stop sending messages about him. R.I.P Whitney Houston

980 days ago


Will Bobby B attend the Private Viewing? I sure hope so, he needs to be their for his daughter. RayJ -- stay away. RIP Whitney..

980 days ago


I can't understand why these Bobby Brown haters can't let go of the fact that he wasn't even there when it happened or that Whitney was a grown woman who was capable of making her own decisions. She decided to continue with the drugs and alcohol.Bobby's been sober for quite a few years now, hasn't he? Bobbi Christina has her demons...which parent was she closest with again??? WHITNEY. Monkey see, monkey do? Her talking about Jesus and quoting the bible and wanting to meet Jesus were not premonitions, they were the ramblings of a woman who was extremely boozed up and drugged out. Nothing more. Nothing less. What did her entourage give Bobbi Christina when she broke down? A freaking sedative. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here? You can point fingers at Bobby Brown all you like but the truth still stands that Whitney was in rehab in May. She was doing well during the production of Sparkle and was getting her voice back. As soon as production was done she fell off that wagon hard an not one person in her life intervened. If you can connect the dots between all of those incidents, including her death, back to Bobby Brown maybe you should step away from the whole Whitney thing, stop worshiping at the alter of Whitney and really see her for what she was. A boozed up, druggie has been who put her addictions ahead of her own child. Bobby=SOBER. WHITNEY=DRUGGIE BOOZE HEAD OF HER OWN MAKING.

980 days ago


Why wouldn't he be allowed to go. No matter what happened when they were married, he is NOT responsible for the choices she made in the 5 years since they separated. Any one who has a problem no matter what it is owns that. He has been out of her life for quite some time now so why is he still to blame for the problems she has had recently. They need to realize that any decision she made is on her....I will miss her voice but bottom line an addict is responsible for themselves.

980 days ago


Bobby Brown is nothing but a piece of garbage, the only thing he deserves is to be spat on.

980 days ago


Bobby Brown was strung out on heroin before he even met Whitney, she didn't introduce this ugly thug to drugs but of course that's what he claims. POS.

980 days ago


Bobby Brown is not a man, instead of helping Whitney he brought her down. She was on top of the world and he was jealous, nothing he could ever do could match what she had accomplished in such a short period of time and I am sure he had very low self esteem and needed to keep her high off drugs to be able to stay in the relationship. What a low life snake in the grass, you can't get any lower than a snake. I can't understand someone like Whitney (drugs and all) marrying someone like Bobby Brown, or Heidi Klum marrying Seal. Yuck

980 days ago


To all Bobby Brown haters! Whitney was on drugs before Bobby came along! And remember......their lives were a "reality show" everything private and public was a script! So did Bobby spit on Whitney......or did Whitney spit.We will never know,It was all a script!
But in reality........Bobby and Whitney have been apart for years......why blame him for Whitneys dumbass move?
Again she was a druggie before Bobby Brown. And have a bit of respect...he was her hubby they had love and a child...all those years together? Why make this 1 person feel reasponable for **** he had no control over? Bash her damn family that were there by he side every waking moment of her life and knew she was doing this ****!

980 days ago


DEAD MAN is a set up...if you know blk people in NJ.....The family is going to take care of your back bro...ha ha are going to get it good....RIP BOBBY

980 days ago


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980 days ago

sherrymurph posted pics of Whitneys apartment and how she made Bobby K live in filth....but they never got Bobby K outta there just made money on pics they took.......never did they once contact Bobby Brown to ask him to get Bobbie K out of that situation. Nor did her own family that is pointing their high and mighty 1 damn thing to see that this did not happen! Seems to me they wanted it to happen! They won't blame themselves....
Bobby Brown has not been with Whitney for over 5 years...Her family has! Now who is responsible?
Bobby had no idea what she was doing....hell after 5 yrs of divorce would you know what ex is doing? family says they were in Whitney's everday life. Who is responsible?
Still....only person responsible is Whitney. You pay! Bad time in my book to point fingers and make Whitney look like a saint! She was far from it before Bobby brown

980 days ago


Creepy death connection six degrees of WhitneyH (dead unknown how)...Mom Cissy H...background vicalsElvis P (dead drugs/heart attack)...Elvis girlfriendLinda Thompson...once married toBruce KimKardashian married to kris Jenner...once married to R Kardashian (dead /cancer)Lawyer to OJSimpson...Johnnie Cochran(dead/brain tumor) was his lawyer as well as Michael Jacksons (dead/drugs...longtime friends with Whitney.
What kind of creepy and dead connections can you create?

980 days ago


Firstly in a recent interview with Chaka Khan she said that Whitney was into drugs before she met Bobby, and it's not right to completely blame and judge Bobby as Whitney made her own choices that with her choices made her downfall sadly!

But this is good choice of letting Booby in especially for Kristina! Poor girl is going through a lot as is. Sometimes we might not get along with someone or dislike, but when love is involved, it's something that we have to do like it or not.

980 days ago


Creepy death connection six degrees of Whitney H (dead unknown how)...Mom Cissy H...background vocals Elvis P (dead drugs/heart attack)...Elvis girlfriend Linda Thompson...once married to Bruce Kim Kardashian married to Kris Jenner...once married to R Kardashian (dead /cancer)Lawyer to OJSimpson...Johnnie Cochran(dead/brain tumor) was his lawyer as well as Michael Jacksons (dead/drugs...longtime friends with Whitney.
What kind of creepy and dead connections can you create?


980 days ago


WRONG, that PRENASAL SYNDROME HAVING REALITY SHOW REJECT WAS NOT INVITED BY THE HOUSTON FAMILY as a WHOLE. .ONly BOBBY CHRISTINA WANTS HIM THERE because at least he stuck around long enough during her childhood when he wasnt out ****ing the latest hott ramshacked ***** that came his way to allow her to have somewhat of a relationship with him since he is the only one left. I SINCERELY WISH WHITNEY had met someone else.

980 days ago
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