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Chris Brown

I Would NEVER Joke

About Beating Women

2/16/2012 1:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown is adamant ... he does NOT hit on women by joking about hitting women.

There are reports that Brown approached a hot brunette chick at the Lasio Professional Hair Care suite Grammy gift lounge on Feb. 10 and dropped the line, "Can I get your number? I promise I won't beat you."

Now, Brown has released a statement to TMZ ... saying, "That is absurd and absolutely not true. I did not say that nor would I joke about that."


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Of course not, he would just do it!!!

978 days ago


I'm very sure that Chris Brown would never (EVER~!) joke about beating women.

He seems to take the topic very seriously. As evidenced by what he did to Rhianna.

(censored) jerk.

978 days ago


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978 days ago


YEAH RIGHT keep talking & please!!! CHRIS listen up here!!! Next time YOU beats the living hell out of her she'll get no sympathy from anybody PLUS ME ok! Well....OK! You beat the crap out of her and now this. LOL Rihanna is a poor excuse for a female. What a dumb b!tch... I hope he beats the fvck out of her again AND Please!!!! DON'T CALL 911.

978 days ago


He doesn't have to "joke" about it, coz he has been there and done that!

978 days ago

Fat Mike    

He should see a chiropractor to get that permanent tilt in his neck looked at.
He's looks like he's either deformed or just really likes ceilings.

978 days ago

Teresa Joerger    

That shows that he is still mentally sick. Making a comment like that is not funny. Once a beater always a beater unless he is in therapy everyday. It's like being an alcoholic. He has a disease and unless he is getting treatment and going to meetings he will not get well. The joke proves it that he is not in treatment.

978 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Of course he wouldn't. Pimp handin' be serious bidnezz, son! Keepin' da bitches in line ain't no joke!

978 days ago


OK so if I see a black guy hitting a black women I won't do anything, but if I see a black boy hitting a white women you will be seeing Whitney very soon.

978 days ago


Remember, when you judge others so relentlessly is the same way you may be judged when your time comes. Don't condemn people for the rest of their lives unless you want to one day be condemned in the same way! Remember, no one is perfect and the same way you are offended and angry at what this young man did that you continue to condemn him by your words and in your actions, some or many of the things you do...whether its looking down your nose at the homeless, turning a blind eye to those in need, cursing, swearing, racism, judging etc.... may be just as offensive and anger God! For your own sakes, one can only hope that you have thoroughly cleaned out your own backyard no matter what it may be, before you so judge and condemn others. I think at the very least, people make mistakes in their lives, some more than others, and one would hope there is forgiveness for the mistake or mistakes we make whether from the public but most hopefully from God above rather than continue to be judged and condemned for the rest of ones entire life. While you are looking down your noses at others who make mistakes, in your own back yard may be many mistakes that maybe you don't consider horrendous, but may possibly be an abomination to your father in heaven!!! Stop hating for goodness sake. Hate has no place in God's kingdom. You are one Demon Seed generation if I've ever seen one. Just read the hateful, evil comments you people post. Its quite sickening. I will say this for whoever has an ear to listen, "Hate" has no place in God's kingdom. You can hate what a person does, but to hate the person is to hate what God created. You've been enlightened, the choice is up to you!

978 days ago


HAHA that is way too funny! and you guys are way too harsh on the man. yeah he beat the girl down years ago, but isnt he human and entitled to learn from mistakes, and only be JUDGED by God and not imperfect humans like you?...ijs!

978 days ago


i doubt he said tht. but either way its none of our business. he's not looking to date anyone you knw so dont worry yourself about his personal life.

978 days ago

Thee louisiana Baddest    

People these days can take your ords and turn it into a totally different thing (shaking my head)

978 days ago


Wow. He screwed up by what he did to Rihanna, definitely. He has taken appropriate measures to make sure that doesn't happen. However, Rihanna can make a song about SNM and how much she LOVES it and that's alright. Great role model...

978 days ago


How people have the audacity to judge another man is beyond me! The hilarious part about it all is NOBODY was there when the situation occurred in the first place, so how can you even comment? It is also funny how people are so harsh and cold hearted towards "women Beaters" but have nothing against the women who put themselves in a situation/relationship like that continuously. If the Chris actually did it, he did all that was asked of him by the justice system. For the record I am a Chris Brown Fan!!! But that has nothing to do with it, facts are facts and in this situation no one has the facts so stop being so jealous of the man and let him breathe and live his life. Now if see him beating a chicks ass in real life then you can have something to say but until then be quite please, its annoying really!!!

978 days ago
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