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Whitney Houston's Family

Arrives for Private Viewing

2/17/2012 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0217_cissy_houston_splashnewsonlineCissy Houston (above) and several other members of Whitney Houston's family just arrived for the private viewing service in Newark, New Jersey -- one day before the singer's funeral.

The service is for close friends and family -- as we previously reported, the guest list is extremely small ... Dionne Warwick has also arrived (below).

0217_dionne_warwick_tmzBobbi Kristina just arrived as well (below).

0217-bobbi-kristina-infdaily_labledClive Davis briefly attended (below), but has since taken off -- leaving shortly after the services were scheduled to begin at 5PM EST.

4:08 PM PT: It looks like things are wrapping up -- limos are starting to pull out outside the Whigham Funeral Home.

According to sources, Whitney's casket is platinum from top to bottom with gold handles.


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Yunona monroe,/?action_memberexists_view=redirect:

946 days ago


So sad and pity. What a great lost.Always be remembered. YOU, WHITNEY E. HOUSTON

946 days ago


In TMZ fashion I hope you truly post what the common folks really think, you know those of us, that wake up each morning, go to work, take care family and kids without the title celebrity attached. "FACT: There is nothing "beautiful" about the word celebrity. These people have it all and still find little happiness. Instead of reaching for the positives in life, they prefer the negatives. And every year when a celebrity collegues dies from substance abuse, it becomes a celebrity event!? When will you guys get it that you are "Entertainment" to the common folks and your **** stinks! Get it together and live your life with purpose. Tomorrow will be a celebrity event with Jay Z and Beyonce? Are you kidding me,I dont believe Whitney cared for Beyonce and should we dare question how Mr. Illuminati will step foot in a church? ENOUGH already...I am so sick of Hollywood and celebrities! God bless Whitney,I pray for her Mom and daughter B.K.

946 days ago


No ticket takes for Clive, I guess.

946 days ago


I would never have dreamed of wearing jeans and a tank top to my father's funeral...disrespectful if you ask me. And for those of you who are saying that she's too distraught to even think about what she's wearing...I'm pretty sure she thought about having her hair blown out and putting on a full mouth of lipgloss.

946 days ago

batisa clark    

I graduated from high school in 1986 and Whitney's song, "The Greatest Love" was our "theme" song. I can't believe that she's(Whitney) is really gone. batisa

946 days ago


TMZ needs to back off these people and let them alone. Stop being greedy money hogs and let them bury Whitney in peace.

946 days ago


its just a terrible loss.Iam praying for her family,thats who suffers most.Bobby was her choice for a husband, they shouldn't exclude him

946 days ago

Kim Battocchio    

Bobbi Kristina, I pray for you to stay strong

946 days ago

E. Stone    

Who was the white woman wearing a black suit (Blond Afro) sitting at the beginning row with the choir at Whitney Houston funeral?

946 days ago

Debra Martin    

Sending my prayers of condolences and God's comfort to Bobby and his children. Let us remember that Bobby Brown and his family loss someone to. The love he and Whitney shared was evident. So Bobby be strong, God will see you through.

946 days ago

tina bolton    

I will always love you Whitney prayers go out to her family....we love you....

946 days ago


Let us take the stake out of our own eyes first. Much too much self rightousness and bitterness here, I'm afraid to say. Wouldn't it be nice if we all took the message of the spiritual services today and celebrate life and the good in others and rise above all else. Celebrating life is so much more life-affirming and centers the soul. How can we, as individuals, ever speak for another or judge their hearts. Just remember when it has happened to us...and how we have been misunderstood or judged wrongly. I wish you all love.

945 days ago


bobbi with dungarees??????? whaaaaaaa??? all the photo show her a short little gal..this is the first photo of her being 18 wow.....

945 days ago

Mignon Mallon    

Er,..Did Bobby Kristina wear jeans to her mothers funeral or was this prior to the service? Please say she didn't!

945 days ago
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