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Michael Jackson's Ex-Manager

The Estate Is Screwing Me

2/17/2012 5:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson's former manager has filed a lawsuit against the MJ Estate, claiming he saved Michael Jackson after the molestation trial and in return he's been stiffed to the tune of millions of dollars.

Tohme Tohme says he was Michael's Manager from 2008 until shortly before his death.  Tohme claims he rehabilitated MJ both financially and personally after the trial, by coordinating media releases and shooting down false and malicious news stories about Michael.

Tohme says he saved Neverland by arranging refinancing, for which he was entitled to $2.3 million.

But the big thing -- Tohme takes credit for suggesting that MJ's final tour would be called, "This Is It."   According to the suit, during a discussion with Michael and AEG, Tohme chimed in that Michael selling the name, "This Is It" in a "high-spirited tone" would be a smash.

In addition to the $2.3 mil, Tohme wants 15% of the money Michael made from July, 2008 until the present. 

The Estate has already rejected Tohme's claim and even filed legal docs today, claiming Tohme took advantage of Michael and did nothing for him.


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Dr. Tohme Tohme is full of crap just like Dr. Murray and Dr. Chandler. All these pseudo doctors ruined Michael Jackson's life.

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"He would only briefly discuss Jackson's finances. During his time with the superstar, Tohme said, he was paid nothing but was able to negotiate lucrative business deals that would secure the future of Jackson's children. He followed a long line of business managers and spokespeople who had come and gone from Jackson over the years. In the final year, he said he played a pivotal role in turning things around.

His negotiations for Jackson included a Broadway show with the Nederlander organization, an animated TV show based on "Thriller," a line of clothing including "moonwalk shoes," and more. He said he was working with others to renegotiate the terms of Jackson's main assets, his share of the Sony-ATV Music Publishing Catalog — which includes music by the Beatles — and the catalog of Mijac, the company that controls Michael Jackson's own music.

"I am not in the music business. I'm a stranger to this business," Tohme said, noting that he had stiff competition from others who wanted to take over Jackson's finances.

"I built a fence around Michael to keep people out," he said, acknowledging that he cut costs by firing many members of the Jackson staff, including security guards. And he twice fired the children's nanny, Grace Rawaramba, on Jackson's orders.

"I was trying to do what we could to maximize his profits and minimize spending. I wanted to find a way to reel in all the loans he had.

"We had an agreement," Tohme continued. "I would never interfere with his creative decisions and he wouldn't interfere with my business decisions."

947 days ago


Smackdown Part 2...
So the SNAKE strikes back, eh? Guess Tohme has to TRY something since the Estate has him by the tail.....
And now that they have him, they need to rattle his cage so ALL of his skeletons fall out of the closet--like his part in KILLING Michael....
And yes, Human Nature, Tohme DID say he was working for Michael FREE OF CHARGE. He said he viewed him as an "Institution" and after Jermy introduced him to Michael and he spoke to him, he felt he HAD to help him....
More like he saw his GOLDEN opportunity to LITERALLY bleed Michael dry...
Thing is, Tohme is yapping in this suit about all of the things he CLAIMS to have done for Michael: Re-packaging the "Thriller 25", Refinancing Neverland, et al, but there were several others who claim to have done those same things--Google Raymone Bain and the late Peter Lopez. Problem is, there was a point when these 2 and a few others were involved with Michael's assets, the only difference between Tohme and them is he was watching the details...just like the Devil. He saw Michael's good heart and the fact that he had NOBODY at that time who was down with him, no PURSE strings attached. So he convinced Michael that he just wanted to help him as a friend for free. Of course, it seems Michael should've seen him coming in hindsight, but we have to remember what Michael's REALITY was during these times--he really had noone he could TRULY count on other than his Children, and the Media had pretty much turned most of the Country against him after the allegations so Tohme APPEARED to be his only about looks being DECEIVING....
And so began the campaign to boost Michael's brand (read "institution") which actually an exercise in DECEPTION when you clear up the smoke and mirrors:
-Jermy introduced Michael to Tohme after Neverland was being threatened with Foreclosure from Fortress Bank...
-Fortress Bank is a subsidiary of Colony Capital owned by Tom Barrack
-Tohme introduced Michael to Tom Barrack who bailed out Neverland and turned it into Sycamore Valley Ranch, LLC. So Colony Capital owns 75%, and he allowed Michael to retain 25% of the property. Two guesses WHY he allowed Michael to retain a TOHME could retain HIS percentage....
-Part of the conditions of the Neverland deal with Barrack as that Michael agree to Tour again so he referred Michael to his PARTNER-IN-CRIME, Randy Phillips--Tohme's ex-brother-in-law, and the SAME person who had been stalking Michael for YEARS to do a Tour with his company. Around 2006/2007, Raymone Bain was trying to put a deal together with Phillips and AEGLive for Michael to Tour, but Michael bailed on them before the deal was inked. Phillips himself admitted that he was dying to have Michael Tour with him. Remember his "the Mountain had to come to Mohammed" statement whenever he talked about the 02 Concerts came about after Michael died?
Funny thing is, when the deal Bain tried to set up was shut down, about a year went by and all of sudden Neverland's days were numbered. They KNEW that the property still meant a lot to Michael despite the Raid Nightmares, so they used it to get him to do what they wanted. Of course, Michael had to agree to it because it was part of the deal and they convinced him how great it would be for his career and finances....
Thing is, Tohme had his finances tied up to the point where nobody including Michael knew what his true financial picture was. I'm convinced that it was nowhere NEAR as bleak as Tohme made it appear...and of course, the Media just took that ball and ran with it, leading their DUPED sheep right down the path where Tohme, Barrack, Phillips, et. al wanted them to be...Oye.
Bottom line, the Estate is totally right to file suit against Tohme, but you can bet that whatever they THINK they know about his activities are merely the tip of the iceberg. As someone else posted, Tohme CLEARLY has some deep connections. What other excuse is there for the fact that he essentially got away with MURDER?
And in case anyone is still trying to figure out how Murray fits into this, I have one answer MONEY! But not the way most people think. Yes, he was supposed to get paid $150,000 per month for supposedly being Michael's personal Physician, but I'm taljking about the fact that Murray was up to his eyeballs in DEBT--and not the kind of debt that people tried to say Michael was in while having BILLIONS in ASSETS, Murray was YEARS behind in Child Support payments--and that's only the children we KNOW about. Meanwhile, his clinics were also floundering financially and his home in Vegas, Red Rock Country Club went into foreclosure right before Michael died....
And who OWNS Red Rock Country Club? Sun Colony, a SUBSIDIARY OF COLONY CAPITAL owned by Barrack, Tohme's friend.....
Stay tuned......

946 days ago


by coordinating media releases and shooting down false and malicious news stories about Michael.


How exactly did he do that? By saying that Michael had no money in his bank account prior to his death(murder)?


About naming the tour This is it Kenny Ortega told Michael to call it that because as Ortega claims Michael kept saying this is it.

946 days ago


What a farce. Tohme has done nothing but illegally enter Michael into bogus financial situations, hoping to gain for himself in the interim. Tohme is a loser. If he hasn’t been screwed, I hope when he gets to jail he will be. Royally!

946 days ago


MJ never converted. He died a Christian. Why would MJ convert anyway?

941 days ago


Tohme if your job was to shoot down bad publicity for M.J. after his trial, you failed. Opps you shouldn't get paid!

868 days ago


Kenny Ortega said that Michael said that this would be his last tour. This is it, MJ said. Ortega said that is what he should call the tour. Not Tohme Tohme!
MJ said himself he did not like Tohme and his "ways". That Tohme overstepped his boundaries and would not leave when he was fired by letter in May of 2009

832 days ago


tohme tohme is the devil. MJ fired him!! what the hell does he think he is owed for something he didn't do? he also claimed that he and MJ were best friends.....yea, right

711 days ago


You guys should think twice about all the stuff spread in the internet about Michael Jackson & his family. Most ppl forget how loving & caring Michael was, what his true message was. And mostly what he all gave to us! We should be thankful - and not abandon him. Always think about him as a true humanitarian with a pure heart! Not weird, not wacko!
Since his passing this crap became worse. Leave his family alone; stop judging in a false way. It’s painful & it’s disgusting. For reading the truth about the trial check following links. Then make your conclusions. Thank you! L.O.V.E. <3


507 days ago
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