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Terrence Howard

My Wife is Ruining My Career!

2/17/2012 4:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Terrence Howard
says he can't get work because everyone is scared to hire him after his estranged wife alleged he violently abused her.

TMZ has obtained new documents in the nasty divorce between Terrence and Michelle Howard.  Michelle has accused Terrence of smacking her in the face and chipping her tooth with his wedding ring, slugging her in the face and neck and threatening to throw her off a balcony ... the list goes on. 

Terrence has denied all the allegations, but he says, "I am gravely concerned that her actions have had an incredibly negative effect on my career and my ability to obtain future work as an actor."

Terrence's agent, Jim Toth -- Reese Witherspoon's hubby -- submitted a declaration in which he says Terrence has not received any "suitable offers" since the allegations were made, and he only pulled in $60,000 for his last project which ended in September.


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From the looks of it, she's gotten a restraining order and has cut him out of her life. If he were just this great guy, then why did both of his wives not only leave him, but get restraining orders against him? Boohoo Terrence. You're an abuser and you deserve everything you get.

981 days ago


Got a little "jungle fever" and now you suffer from the "Tiger Woods syndrome" .....

You made your bed.... Now lie in it.....

981 days ago

The Legend Rayford Faulkner    

If what terrence howard is saying is true that" s horrible that when something bad happens to an artist it could stop that artist from attaining work , a lot of this business depends on what others thinks and DAM IT that"s not right

981 days ago


Terrance Howard is ruining Terrance Howard's being an A-hole and no one really wants to work with you.

981 days ago


I'm pretty sure that Terrence Howard had paid someone to bury news of him beating a previous girlfriend or wife many years ago, so it's not a surprise he's at it again. I'm just surprised that Resee Witherspoon's new husband is a douche bag that is protecting a wife beater...I thought better of her and him.

981 days ago


On one of your shows you said how you guys can't get an answer/reaction from the kardashians, well I found online a pix where kim is flipping off the paparazzi.the article was more focus on how she is all covered up and her sister khloe has a bright orange tan. Lol they missed kim cleverly holding her cell phone n at the same time flipping them off...

981 days ago


Wet naps.

981 days ago


Well he got dropped from the Iron Man franchise before his wife came forward with her allegations. Is that her fault too? Rumours about Mr Howard's, uh, 'temper', have been around for ages. Seems that in that case, where there's smoke there's fire.

981 days ago


This is a preparation for divorce settlement, he has to sound broke, to give less to her. But I honest don't feel sorry for any men, successful in particular, that turns a prostitute into his wife. He knows who she is better than anyone else.

981 days ago


Let's not forget that this guy's dad killed a man for calling him out for... wait for it..... CUTTING IN LINE. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

981 days ago


Maybe now he'll leave the white women ALONE!!!!

980 days ago


No, let the white women have him, he's damaged goods.

980 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Terrence plays the role of an real nasty "n" who don't respect women too tough. I hope he ain't like that in real life. And hanging out w/ Chris too. Keep on bushh--iting. And she's gonna get you locked up. Women are real good at that. They are women, they don't mind telling. And screaming on a "n" for things he may be doing or have. And you'll be in jail, just like the rest of them incarcerated Rappers.

980 days ago


Terrance you're ruining your own career.

Besides didn't you recently say white women representing freedom? Enjoy the freedom to have your career destroyed. LOL. Buh-bye.

980 days ago


He can get a movie as a abusive husband,,,it is HOLLYWOOD where the turn real human problems into BLOCKBUSTER's...write a movie about a husband being set-up for Domestic Violence and how he flipped it back on the ungrateful wife

980 days ago
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