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Zelda Kaplan

Runway Models UNFAZED

as Fashion Icon Collapses & Dies

2/17/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

File under the category: The Show Must Go On.  As a fashion icon collapsed and died at a show during New York fashion week, the runway models didn't miss a step as they pranced past her.

TMZ obtained footage from the Joanna Mastroianni Autumn/Winter 2012 show on Feb. 15 ... which shows three men rushing to Zelda Kaplan's aid after she lapsed into unconsciousness in her front row seat.

Some of the lights were turned on ... and people can be seen crossing over the runway to help out ... but the ultra-focused models continue their walks without ever breaking stride.

Eventually, Zelda was carried out by 4 people and taken to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead a short time later.

FYI -- models are usually given strict orders to ignore EVERYTHING that happens in the crowd when they're on the runway. Clearly, these models took their instructions to heart.



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Models are paid to walk the runway. That is all. They are not paid to look after anyone. They step over others models that have fallen on the runway. They (should) have security and paramedics to take care of some in the audience. Sorry.

980 days ago


The headline to this story is sleazy, especially in light of the last sentence.

Those models probably had no idea there was anything going on, or if a few did, they didn't know exactly what it was. It isn't fair to lead this story off with making the models look like they are didn't care about what happened.

The death of this poor lady was enough of a story without dragging the models through the sleaze.

She was a fashion icon and elderly, she probably went out just as she would have preferred, viewing a show and she would be the first to understand what happened with the show continuing.

I know TMZ does not have the balls to do this, but it would be nice if these stories had a real byline, like the name of the person who wrote it instead of "TMZ Staff". But, obviously this generic byline has a purpose.

980 days ago

Ms. Scarlet    

May she RIP.

Somehow I get the feeling that because she was such a fashion icon that the models did exactly what she would have wanted them to do.

980 days ago


All I can say is someday these "models" will grow old and lose thier looks. Then they will simply be empty half human shells... How disgraceful of them all...

980 days ago


These models collapse all the time. They are probably thinking, just give her a banana and she'll be fine.

980 days ago

Your Momma    

What were they supposed to do? If they are in the back preparing to come out, they do not know what is going on outside and the lady was not pronounced dead til later. Why stop the show just because some one may be ill.

980 days ago


Holy crap! What does that say about our society that someone can die right under your feet, and you are supposed to act like you don't notice. Not the world I want to live in...

980 days ago


When your time comes, this old gal went where she was surrounded by what she loved. This fashion icon, most likely had a massive stroke and didn't utter a sound. As for those around her, most, likely didn't hear a thing, other than an old woman 'fainting'. Even in church, if someone 'faints', they are taken out quietly, as to not disturb the service.

980 days ago


What did she die from?

Visit my YouTube channel for BF3/MW3 videos please!

980 days ago


What were they supposed to do? Stop power walking and render aid? I have to imagine your average runway model is not moonlighting as an EMT.

980 days ago


The models can barely see with that strong light in their eyes.

980 days ago


No emotion, no feeling, just strut and don't fall down, that's a runway models life.
That's what they get paid THOUSANDS of dollars for.
A little break would of been courteous though! Poor woman!!

980 days ago


So what wasn't she like 95 or something Please she has a good innings

980 days ago


What a bunch of trolls...Americans are so uptight.

980 days ago


"oh darling this show is just to die for!" famous last words.

980 days ago
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