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'Terminator 3' Star's Wife

I'm Scared My Hubby Will Be

On Drugs Around Our Kid

2/18/2012 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Terminator 3" star Nick Stahl's wife is tightening the reigns on her estranged husband -- asking a judge to limit his visitation rights with their daughter to 8 hours per week ... with proof he hasn't used drugs in the 24 hours beforehand.

Nick's wife Roseann filed the docs in L.A. County Superior Court, claiming she no longer lives with Nick as of last month -- and things must have ended badly ... because she now wants Nick limited to a mere 8 hours a week of "monitored visitation" with their daughter.

According to the docs, Roseann is willing to let Nick see their 2-year-old only while under the supervision of a professional visitation monitor ... "without Nicolas having used drugs in the past 24 hours."

Roseann is serious too -- claiming she wants "proof of a negative result for a test for drugs and alcohol within the 24 hours prior to his scheduled visitation time."

Roseann says she also wants child support because she has no job. According to Roseann, Nick raked in approximately $500,000 in the last year. A rep for Nick had no comment.



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My Big Salami    

This lady is crazy! He only made $500,000 last year. Leave the guy alone!

976 days ago

Fat Mike    

Wow, I read that and almost though she might be a decent, independant woman. But no, there's the line that makes her intentions clear "Roseann says she also wants child support because she has no job"

976 days ago


Hey TMZ, what's with all the spammers? I came here tonight to leave a comment, and 4 out of 5 comments were from f*cking spammers selling their knockoffs. Can't you ban their IP addresses?

As for Nick Stahl, he must be an idiot. One, for doing so much drugs that he drove away his wife, and two, for marrying a woman who has no job & wants to leech off of him while not allowing him to see his own kid. Bogus...

976 days ago


TMZ yuou really need to keep an eye out for all these spammers. It's so annoying and pisses me off. Anyhow, this woman is obviously out to make a financial killing and also wants to keep her child away from its father which is so lame. Unless she has do***ented proof that the dad has a drug problem I can't imagine any judge granting her sole custody & agreeing with her demands. I don't know anything about these 2 ppl but she sounds like she's just in it for the money. That's kind of sad.

976 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

I don't memba them, but, if he is using drugs, then ARREST HIM!

976 days ago


Just give the kids, some drugs like Whitney's kid!~!!

976 days ago


what's the drug he's supposed to test clean for? if it's weed, she won't be getting a negative test in 24 hrs.

976 days ago


It's spelled "reins"... not "reigns", in this context. I really wish that whoever writes the copy for TMZ on the weekend would get his or her mother to check it before it's posted. Every weekend, there are at least 3 or 4 egregious spelling errors.

976 days ago


Another gold digging star f**ker. She has no job? Get one! If he wasn't a "star" she wouldn't have given him the time of day or marry him or have a kid. The guy may smoke pot, who cares, but she is making a big deal out of it and trying to get more money out of him. Total BS

976 days ago


He was in the Locke & Key pilot that NBC passed on. That was most likely the source of the $500k. It is sad when you have all this talent and then flush it down the toilet with drugs. Now that it is public, he won't find work. I love how these wives like to publicly flog their husbands. Then cry poverty when the husbands can't get work to pay for your lifestyle. Because they feel empowered to punish them in public. Go get a job lady.

976 days ago


@observer999 I think it is a little too much to expect that the writers of TMZ have journalist degrees. They are there becuase they are so cute!

976 days ago


Another reason to always get a prenup and to remember you cannot turn a ho into a housewife.

976 days ago


You want the man's money, but you won't let him see his child and you drag his name through the press. It's good to see yet another classy divorce proceeding.

976 days ago


To everyone who thinks its just weed, you don't know that. Maybe he is doing more then just that. Plus you also don't know that situation with not having a job, maybe she had one before they got together and she quit to be a full-time mom. All I'm trying to say is no one here knows the situation, so people shouldn't pass judgement or take any sides.

975 days ago



975 days ago
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